Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birfday

I guess I am still celebrating winter. Here are the 2 A's on our snow adventure earlier this year.

Today is my son Audie's Kick Back Dude's 24th birthday. I can't believe it! My first baby, my oldest son...father of my three gorgeous grandchildren, partner to the fun and challenging Princess Diva, hard worker, provider, nuturing and incredibly humorous soul.

Kick Back Dude and I have always gotten along especially well. Possibly it is just that he is so good natured...who wouldn't get along with him? Okay, so if you are in a hurry to have something attended to, he might not be the guy to call on. But he is steady and dependable. Just keep asking. He's around. He'll get to it with some persuasion. He is about as good at math as I am...but he also loves to read almost as much as I do! I say how funny he is all the time, but part of that is probably because we find the same things funny :-) I mean, if we are both laughing, it must be hilarious! I've never had any serious worries about him. I was a little surprised by his decision to start a family at such a young age (well, decision might be not quite the word...you know how these things go!) but oh my goodness, it turns out he is a wonderful father and husband type. Not like he had any real role model for that! That is all him, and it is such a pleasure to see.

Happy Birthday, Kick Back Dude! Never stop texting me random quotes when the mood strikes :-)

Thanks for stopping by, y'all, to celebrate with me. And don't forget my post from earlier today, wherein I show off my new de-luxe apartment in the sky-y.


cornbread hell said...

it's your birfday?

well, HappY wishes to YoU!

MrManuel said...

A nice little tribute to him!

AlienCG said...

Happy Birthday, Kick Back Dude. What a nice tribute, Laura B.

Ananda girl said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Kick Back Dude!

Of course he had a role model... you!
Some of the best dads I know parent the way their moms did. ;) They just do it with that wonderful, natural male style.

Tara said...

That's such a cute photo of the two of them!

I hope you had an awesome birthday, Kick Back Dude!

laura b. said...

Cornbread Hell: Nah, dawg! It was my son's day...to send happy wishes my way, you have to be here on Valentine's Day :-D

MrManuel: Thanks, he totally deserves it.

AlienCG: I thank you, on my behalf and his :-)

Ananda: Aw, thank you, Ananda Girl! Not to boast or anything, but his parenting style (relaxed) is a lot like mine. Again, probably why I enjoy watching it so much. So egotistical of me.

Tara: Isn't it sweet? Love Bug looks the most like KBD of any of the kids (well, it would be kind of weird if Miss Personality looked like him...although she does sometimes!)
I think he had a good day, thanks Tara!

crazy4coens said...

Wow - great work Laura - your first born made it to age 24 - and gave you 3 wonderful presents, as well. Pass on the birfday greeting to him from me.

Churlita said...

Happy Birthday, Kick Back Dude. I hope he had a great day.

Sebastien said...

Happy birthday to Kick Back Dude! Wonderful joy to have 3 grandkids I bet :) All the joy and little responsibility. I wish I could skip the parent stage and go straight to grandparent, hehe...

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: It does sometimes seem like getting them to adulthood more or less in one piece is an accomplishment. Thank you :-)

Churlita: He had a whole birthday week, you know how that goes. Thanks!

Sebastien: Grandkids are a pleasure, but as I have said many, many times I would have appreciated at little more time off between kids and grandkids :-) I'm a complainer like that. Kids are fun too, though...you won't want to miss that!