Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Ahoy hoy. Today's Choose and Defend Wednesday comes to you inspired by Churlita. She mentioned teaching her daughter to drive and that got me to thinking. Yes, it doesn't take much to set my impressive brainage in gear! So...let's talk about gears and how you like 'em. Make a choice to fulfill the Choose part of Choose and Defend Wednesday. And even the barest of reasons for your preference with serve to Defend your choice for Choose and Defend Wednesday. You're the driver, it is your dream car. How are you rolling?

Manual Transmission


Automatic Transmission

...put the peddle to the metal
And burn rubber on me, Charlene
Oh, no, no, no

This Gap Band moment is brought to you by another car-azy afternoon in the Children's Room and Choose and Defend Wednesday. Drive!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sadly, She Found That She Looked Forward to Her Favorite Televsion Programs Most of All

I'm like a pig in, um...mud, right now. There are so many good things on TV. I go for a number of months feeling like I don't need TV. Sure, I watch, but it is no big deal. At this time of year though...oh mama...all bets are off! It is like a tragedy, but less compelling.

Things I HAVE to Watch

1. Mad Men
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. Dexter
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Bored to Death
6. Californication
7. Dancing with the Stars
8. House, MD
9. So You Think You Can Dance
10. Glee
11. Modern Family
12. Ugly Betty
13. The Office
14. Grey's Anatomy
15. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
16. Lie to Me
17. Secret Lives of Women

I think that is it. There might actually be more that I am forgetting. Um. I look at that list and I am torn between embarrassment and excitment. Story of my life.

Do you have must see TV...or are you one of those, you know, people who don't get the fascination? Tell me about it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yeah, kind of like a Pixie's song. My Saturday was quiet...almost...too quiet. haha! I did a couple loads of laundry and bit of grocery shopping, but other than that I was taking up space on the livingroom floor in front of the cooler. I had some very important tv shows to catch up on, plus I watched the first disc of Freaks and Geeks. I'd call it a full productive day in it's own way :-)

My Sunday was LOUD. I cleaned up the joint in the morning for guests. My dad and stepmom hadn't even been to our new place yet, so I wanted it to look as lovely as it can. They came down to take us all to lunch. That turned out really, really nice and almost every member of the family was able to make it today. No one was working or being difficult, so there were 15 of us at the table. Only my sister and nephew blew us off, but that is kinda how she rolls lately, so whatever.

After lunch my mom, dad, and stepmom, plus Kick Back Dude and family came over to my house. The place was suitably impressive and I even provided snacks :-) WTG and Kick Back Dude decided to undertake a manly ritual and took Little Prince off for his first haircut.
Here he is in the chair. I guess the guy was very excited to do a first haircut. He used a soundless clipper that just sort of vibrated Little Prince into a quiet trance.
Here he is with his fresh, little man haircut. Aw!

The haircut somehow took forever. All the greats had tried to wait and see the new Little Prince, but gave up as the afternoon dragged on. The KBD family stayed on into the to the point where everyone needed to be fed again, so off I went for the $5 Little Caesars pizzas. We got to watch the season premiere of Dexter together, which was very cool...and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Is there some saying about the family that eats and watches tv together?

At some point during the festivities, Miss Personality found Handsome Lad's very special costume. She was very excited with the new look and called herself "Cashy...because she looooves money!" My kinda gal.

They finally rolled out about 10 pm. Long day. But fun. All in all, I'd count this a good weekend. Hope yours was too. Tell me about it?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Literate and Stylish, Kissable and Quiet

This week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word is, on the surface, pretty straightforward. NoRegrets choose the word JERSEY. The first thing that came to mind was New JERSEY. Then, I considered the sports JERSEY...and JERSEY, as a fabric. JERSEY cows occured to did The Channel Island of JERSEY. So, plenty of ideas to play around with! The problem is that I don't have pictures of any of these things! Well, I probably could dig up a picture of Social Animal in his football JERSEY, but I didn't. Instead this is what you are getting...

I have had JERSEY on the brain, so when I saw this Facebook entry I photographed it. I think there might be something wrong with me....Anyway, in case you can't read it, it say: The Most Interesting Man in the World has over 270 retired JERSEYs, tuxes, and lab coats hanging throughout the world. And, yes, I "Like"ed it.

Allow me to present my fall back option :-) I can find books about almost anything as a last, here I give you...New JERSEY. Perfect for that 5th grade state report you've been meaning to do.

Ah, well....we didn't get to meet The Boss or Bon Jovi. We didn't get to milk any cows, make a touchdown, or travel off the coast of France. But we did work our way around to a JERSEY or two after all. We can call this one JERSEY: the slightly lame edition :-)

Now, all that is left to do is look around at everyone else's JERSEYs and find out who NoRegrets will tag for next week! Seems like even I can manage that...and you can too! Remember, this gun's for hire, even if we're just dancin' in the dark.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday 5 - Getting To Know You

Here is the background story found on this week's Friday 5: Some friends and I were talking one night about smalltalk and how what most of us want is to get past it and to find out what people really care about. We figured that if you could come up with the kinds of questions that don’t violate social conventions (taboo subjects, for example, or questions that are too personal) but give you an idea of what really matters to the other person, you could jump past smalltalk and get right to the good stuff. Here are five that we thought might work!

I invite you to play along with Friday 5 and with me. Or simply enjoy my answers...see if you feel like you know me any better :-) I wouldn't hate it if you commented, you know?

1. What are the titles of the last three books you read all of? Love and Other Near Death Experiences by Mil Millington, Morgan's Passing by Anne Tyler, and Consider This Senora by Harriet Doerr.

2. What are the titles of between three and five magazines you subscribe to or used to subscribe to? I don't subscribe to magazine anymore, but some that I read online are Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, and Paste.

3. What’s on your night table? (we figured this one was borderline, since it involves the bedroom, but if the vibe is right and you preface the question with the background story I told above, you could make it work) Books. My cd player / radio. My plugged in cell phone at night. Usually a water bottle. Geez...that is not at all personal! Just maybe don't ask what is IN my night table drawer....

4. What are the three best things that happened to you in the past seven days? I found out the Drifter was quitting. I got to see Little Prince taking his first steps. I had a couple of really good talks with DR.

5. What was your senior yearbook quote, and what would your yearbook quote be this year if there were such a thing? I might not have had a Senior quote...if I did, I honestly don't remember it. At that point in my life it would probably been something Shakespearian, as I was operating fairly heavily under the influence of my English teacher. This year? Hm. Tough. It would change from day to day. However, since it is today I will go with -

I'd like to run away
From you,
But if you didn't come
And find me ...
I would die.
~ by Shirley Bassey ~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Read Books to Know That I Am Not Alone

This was a rather crazy Choose and Defend Wednesday here at the job site. But I WILL bring you Choose and Defend! And it occurred to me that I could use this whole busy library phenomenon to my advantage and question you...

You are readers, obviously! I mean at the very least you read blogs...I suspect a great many of you of reading more. Where to you prefer to get your reading material? Choose and then Defend your know the drill!

The Library


The Bookstore - Real or Virtual

You can tell me...I'm in the business...I understand. Choose and Defend, because it is Wednesday and because we can!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Me Like Pretty Man

Just a quick post, as it is almost time for me to go set up for storytime. I'm sorry...I know I'm the only one interested, but I have to say that Dancing with the Stars was fun last night...and it will be fun tonight and the next night too! The "stars" (and like anyone else, I use the term loosely) are always so happy to be on this show. Their delight is delightful. It just is.

I couldn't let this moment pass without saying that I found I still harbor a deep, abiding love for Donny Osmond. He was one of my first big crushes and you know, that shit doesn't just die! It is, like, imprinted on my soul! But oh my new major DwtS crush is on this guy:

Mark Dacascos is foyeen... You may recognize him as the Chairman from the American version of Iron Chef. I see that he is an actor, musician, action star, gymnast, and world renowned champion martial artist. I just think he is beautiful. *sigh*

Okay, thats it. Enough blather. Time to go set up and work out my description of autumn for tiny kids who have never seen a leaf that wasn't green :-) Hope you are all having a good week thus far.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I CAN Be a Glass Half Full Kind of Dweeb

Another week being served up, all fresh and hopeful. I think at heart I am an optimist, but sometimes it takes a little extra work to build that frame for my thoughts, you know? But let me try...

- I had a really good weekend. Saturday was a very solitary day for me, but that is not such a bad thing. I like a bit of alone time, as long as it has an end to it. I slept in later on Sunday than I have in I don't know how long. I suppose I needed it. It was a really pretty day and we all hung out at the park for the afternoon, which felt great. I did have some trouble with a timely shut down that night though. Oh, that wretched extra sleep :-) Weekend bonus, I am starting to get a bit better at Literati, which is how DR and I amuse ourselves on those long weekend nights. But he still cleans up virtually ALL the time. Way too clever.

- For those who didn't suss it out in my comments, allow me to announce that the Drifter is no longer in the employ of the city. She called and gave her two weeks notice Friday morning. Those two weeks will be run out on administrative leave. I am not sure how to adequately convery my relief and deep satisfaction. I've never worked with anyone in all my born years who bothered me as much as this woman did. One of my best friends suggested a purification ritual for her desk area, so as not to attract the same type again. Seemed brilliant to me and I am currently gathering the necessary supplies. Of course, that position will remain vacant, we anticipate, for several months. Hiring freeze and all that. But being down a 40 hour position trumps working with Miss Nutjob, so I still feel like a winner.

- Dancing with the Stars begins again tonight. You all know what that means. Yes, I'm sorry, but I am compelled to chronicle it for you in the sidebar. Okay, maybe not for you...but for me. It is the most cheesiest and injury riddled fun that I know of. Bear with me, because you like me in spite of this minor fixation. Also in the sidebar, you will note that DR will be here in a mere month. I really, really can't wait. Yet I am :-) But not for so very much longer, really. Yay!

So how are you all doing? Feeling optimistic? Not so much? Tell me about it. Let's share our feelings, shall we? Come on. Its fun. Wait, come back! ...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

And Pass the Time with Wicked Rhymes

I think that this week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word, chosen by the minty fresh Crazy4Coens, is particularly appropriate for this game. I mean...what are all these photos but a way to spin a YARN? There, you see it? That is the word...YARN. Let's see what I can knit together with found YARN.

Nothing too surprising here, eh? Lots of YARN, located in the Creative Center at work. What shall we make?

Well, honestly...what our YARN mostly gets used for is name tags. I'm sure it dreamed of finer things...

Just for fun, I threw this one in. Love Bug is making a few calls. If you pick up, she will spin you a YARN. You'll even understand some of what she says!

Hey...are you YARNing? Um, I mean yawning? Fine, fine...let's see what you all did with your YARN! And don't forget to check with Crazy4Coens to see who she is tagging for next week :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Meme - Thanks Tara

Stole this off Eclectic Spaghetti. I can't match Tara for the funny, but you know how I love me a good meme :-)

1) My mother once: fell for a much younger man.

2) Never in my life: have I gotten high. Uh, no, natural highs don't count here...

3) When I was five: I was easier to manage, because I started school and had something to do with my mental energy.

4) High school was/is: a fun, happy time in my life.

5) I will never forget: how it felt when my kids were small and I could keep them all in one place :-)

6) I once met: Whoopi Goldberg. She's nice!

7) There’s this person I know who: seems to have a new pair of shoes for every conceivable occasion.

8) Once, at a bar: I danced with a guy who made me feel like I could actually dance!

9) By noon I’m usually: ready for a little nap. haha!

10) Last night I: had wings and fries while watching The Office with Kick Back Dude and Princess Diva.
11) If only I had: a slightly larger salary.

12) Next time I go to church/temple: will be for someone's wedding or funeral.

13) Terri Schiavo: is at peace.

14) I like: reading...a lot.

15) When I turn my head left, I see: the pictures on the wall of my cubicle.

16) When I turn my head right, I see: the pictures on the wall of my cubicle.

17) You know I’m lying when: I talk a little is pretty obvious.

18) In junior high: everything seemed larger than life and sometimes confusing.

19) If I was a character written by Shakespeare: I think I'd hope to be a male character because they seemed to have all the fun.

20) By this time next year I: have every hope that I will still be working towards more self-confidence.

21) A better name for me would be: Whiny McWhinerson

22) I have a hard time understanding: some people's mercurial mood changes.

23) If I ever go back to school, I’ll: finally get my MLS.

24) You know I like you if: I try to get you to read books I've read or watch shows I like.

25) If I won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: my mama and gawd!

26) I hope that: the next 33 days or so go quickly.

27) Take my advice: go ahead and say yes.

28) My ideal breakfast is: fluffy waffles with plenty of syrup and maybe some bacon.

29) A song I love but do not have is: "Shoop" by Salt n Pepa...why don't I have this?

30) If you visit my hometown, I suggest: that you plan to be busy...there is lots to see and do!

31) Tulips, character flaws, microchips and track stars: are all subjects featured in songs by Belle and Sebastian.

32) Why won’t anyone: learn to use the library catalog?

33) If you spend the night at my house: we can stay up all night talking...and there may be snacks involved.

34) I’d stop my wedding: when I woke up screaming, I imagine.

35) The world could do without: shoes for infants.

36) I’d rather lick the belly of a roach than: um...other parts of a roach?

37) My favorite thing is: feeling understood.

38) Paper clips are more useful than: paper cuts.

39) And by the way:... it's NOT that common, it DOESN'T happen to every guy, and it IS a big deal!

40) The last time I was (really) drunk: was in the last millenium.

41) My grandmother always: kind of scared me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Bullet Points for You

  • Yesterday evening, my neighbor from downstairs came up and complained after Handsome Lad made a loud thump dropping his skateboard. If that had been it, I would have just apologized and explained. But he went on to say stuff about us running around in the middle of the night up here...WTF? Well, he 9 or 10 at night...still WTF? No one up here runs around, um, EVER basically. I told him that we are just walking around in our house and if that was a problem I wasn't sure how I could help him. He didn't leave happy, but he left. Anyway, as I tweeted last night, I can only assume the once or twice a week late night shish kabob barbeques with his extended family are finished. I mean, certainly if that was still going on he'd see the need to be understanding of neighborly noises...ya think?

  • Oh, to go back a bit further and to mention Twitter again, yesterday morning Drifter had me cornered and wouldn't stop her combination boring / insulting talking. I was reduced to sending desperate tweets asking for response. haha!

  • This morning before work I was watching the series finale of Six Feet Under on dvd. I'd seen it once before, when it was actually on the air. I knew what to expect. This morning, because I'm all emotional and such, it totally made me cry. And it was one of those things where when I started it became crying about every single bad or sad thing I was feeling...and sometimes that is what I am afraid of when I cry...that if I start, for whatever reason, I may never stop. But of course I did. Stop that is.

  • Now, back to Drifter again! This afternoon she had a confrontation with our supervisor, which lead to a confrontation with the Director, which lead to her being told that she was suspended, without pay, until Monday. All I could think was how peaceful it will be tomorrow without her. Today was one ugly scene after another. I was only involved in as much as I could hear most of what was going on, although I remained determinedly hunched over my keyboard or, alternatively, hiding out in the stacks.

Okay...I think I've fired enough rounds. Kind of a negative post, but it's what I had on my tiny mind. Thanks for letting me put my little worries to rest, sort of.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You're Like Schoooool In Summertime.....

...School in summertime? No class. Oh, Fat Albert and the gang slay me! But they don't have to slay you for you to be able to participate in this week's Choose and Defend Wednesday. All that is required is some familiarity with school! Did you go? Then you are so in. We all have our childhood memories, good and not-so-good and on down the sliding scale. Now, cast your mind back to your school days and tell us which part you enjoyed the most, if forced to choose...which of course, you are.

Did you love....

Elementary School

Middle School / Junior High

High School

Make a choice and tell us about that choice. Choose and Defend. It's fun and you won't gain an ounce! So go ahead...indulge. Choose and Defend. Because it is Wednesday, and because you are here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey Kids! Let's Put On a Show!

Still a performer. Sort of.

When I was growing up, back in the day, we loved to perform. Me, my sister, and our best friend might spend a morning rehearsing, making tickets, and setting up the venue. In the afternoon we would go hand out tickets to the lucky neighbors, make up programs, and finally perform. Yeah, we weren't union, we did it all. This went on probably from the time we were six or seven, until we were maybe eleven or twelve and the self-consciousness set in. Also, these tended to be summer events...what with all that time to kill and the backyard being our staging area. Our performances generally consisted of just a song or two. We'd simply sing along with a record and perhaps work in a few dance moves. Mostly it was all three of us together, although there was the occasional duet or solo piece for variety. The neighbors, both other kids and grown-ups, were extraordinarily kind as far as I can remember. They came when they could and sat there nicely watching and applauded at the proper time. Sometimes my mom provided some popcorn and Kool-Aid for our guests.

Did anyone else ever do this? My own children did not, so much. Although perhaps this was because I had mostly boys. They didn't dance and sing for the neighbors, but there were impromptu wrestling matches and things, often done for my benefit I assumed. Perhaps those displays of strength and power from their skinny little bodies were their way of expressing themselves. Also, one time, when Social Animal was in second grade, he had washers on an old pair of shoes for the class' River Dance performance. He taught some of the moves to Girlie Girl, who was about four and happened to have tap shoes at the time. I still remember them dancing on our tiny porch, the porch light their personal spotlight. Handsome Lad loves it when someone will watch him skateboard. He's getting very good and I guess for him that is also a kind of art.

Are you now, or have you ever been, or will you ever be...a performer? We should talk about it :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Office Space

Peter Gibbons: Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday and you're not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you, "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays"?

Lawrence: No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.

Maybe I need to go work on a construction site or something, like Lawrence. I swear, I never had to deal with office stupidity the way I have here in the past few months.

I had such a nice relaxing weekend and I came in today feeling quite refreshed and prepared to make that feeling last out into the week. I like my job! I have always liked being here. The resolution didn't last long, as the warring factions wore me and my good intentions down alarmingly quickly. Buzz kill. And still four more days to get through....

The weekend was very nice though. I had plenty of good family time and me time and even some DR time. So there is that. And another weekend will be here eventually. Um...four more days. Yeah.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You Want It All, But You Can't Have It

I can't believe it is Saturday again. But after the week I've had I am so, so glad. This week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word was chosen by one of my blogthing twins, Ananda Girl @ Oodles of Funch. And the word is...EPIC. A challenging one for me! When I hear EPIC now, I just keep thinking of those internet jokes...EPIC fail! You know? But then I thought some more....what do I have to show you that is EPIC. And it came to me. I give you...the EPIC journey of the little hamster who lived in the library.

When he first came, Camper disguised him as Abrahamster Lincoln, an EPIC historical figure. He has a stove pipe hat and a serious beard.

Next, GCPS designed this fabulous costume. Behold this member of the EPIC band, Flock of Hamsters! He gets to carry a guitar, an iPod, and rock a totally tubular new wave hairdo.

Most recently, Milly and I decided to move in a darker direction. Don't be frightened, as you must recall he is only in costume. I give you....Honey Baked Ham-ster. Wouldn't that be an EPIC feast? hee hee!

I hope you have enjoyed the EPIC adventures of our little hamster friend thus far. He has a long way to go.....

I'm looking forward to your EPIC photos with And who will Ananda Girl tag for this next week? If I am not mistaken, it will be the two year anniversary of this little amusement! Can't wait, can't wait. And if you are looking at this and not playing...why? It is fun. You can play too :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday 5 - Bottles

This is an anniversary of sorts, but not one I particularly care to observe. I just want to chill the fook out with a cool beverage. So please join me in a little Friday 5! It's fun, I swear.

1. When did you last drink something out of a glass bottle? Last Sunday morning when I had one of those yummy Starbucks Frappucinos in a bottle. Mmmmmocha.

2. Whose energy would you like to bottle for those future listless days? Oh, no question. I will take my oldest granddaughter Miss Personality, bottle up that energy, and nothing will stop me then!

3. How many plastic bottles are there in your shower, and what’s in them? Well, you'll either be proud of me or find me sad...your call...but I went and counted the plastic bottles in my shower. Turns out there are seven. Shampew, conditionair, two body washes, a body scrub, a very nearly empty bottle of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap...and another completely full one. An embarrassment of riches! Or just an embarrassment?

4. Who in your life could be described as lightning in a bottle? I wanted to be sure just what "lightning in a bottle" means, so I looked it up. The full expression is “like trying to catch lightning in a bottle”, sometimes “to keep lightning in a bottle”, and it describes something that’s extremely difficult, perhaps bordering on the impossible. Under that definition...I guess the more difficult person I know right now is actually three people. Three of my co-workers are working my last nerve. And I am working my own last nerve as I gripe about them to anyone kind enough to ask about my day. I swear though, they are seriously DIFFICULT, perhaps bordering on the IMPOSSIBLE right now.

5. You’re playing Spin-the-Bottle with your sixth-grade classmates. When it’s your turn, to whom do you want the bottle pointing? Sixth grade, eh? I am going to have to go with, I don't even remember his last name. Aw, he was so cute though... All us girls thought he looked a lot like David Cassidy :-)

Thanks for participating and have a loooong (neck) weekend!

Oh, and guess what? I was counting back and apparently last Monday's post (Happy Extra Day Off) was my 1,300 post. Damn, right? Damn.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Think....

...that I need to focus on other things besides the things I am focusing on. I am getting way too....needy, I think might be the word. And tense. And needy, tense laura b. is not a gift to the world. So. Deep breath and reeeelaaaaxxxxx.

What Beatles Song Are You?

You Are "All You Need is Love"

You are compassionate, kind, and giving. You truly believe that love can heal the world.

In some ways, you are a bit of hippie. You think that peace is still very undervalued in this world.

You feel like people make life too complex. Happiness is often as simple as just allowing yourself to be happy.

There isn't much people really need in this life. If you're truly loved, then you're lucky.

Yeah, I think I recognize that as me :-) All you need is love.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wanna Play a Little Game?

Choose and Defend Wednesday is here! Choose and Defend Wednesday is here! Thought I'd try to get folks a little pumped up about it... but hey, I will take a teeny tepid response over none at don't be afraid to play along.

Time for a big ol' Fresh Hell slumber party! Let's roll out our sleeping bags, brush each other's hair and play a little party game. There is a choice involved and some defense of that choice involved. Everyone has a reason for their choice, lame or mighty. Tell us about it! My question for you is...



What will it be? We are all giggling and whispering and waiting... Choose and Defend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That's Good / That's Bad

Do cattle with human baby faces freak you out, man?

It really has been a roller coaster-ish these past few days. Well, maybe not as exciting and dramatic as that. More like a little bumper boat ride where you are floating along and occasionally you get and little thunk as you come up against something. Allow me to share. Um, please? Okay.

The Saturday Goods: All of our storytimes filled up very quickly. It is nice to feel that you are giving the peoples something that they want. It was a very reasonable Saturday at work. Steadily busy, but not as crazed as it can be. I was able to have a nice little online visit with DR, although he did kick my ass in Literati.

The Saturday Bads: All of our storytimes filled up very quickly. Some people were somewhat angry and/or hurt that they were unable to gain admission and it isn't fun to disappoint people. Um, it was a Saturday and I was at work, so....

The Sunday Goods: I had decided that I was going to have a genuine day off and I really did! I didn't have any chores or any pressing engagements. I got to totally slack off and just read and catch up on my tivos. Also had a nice dinner out with Girlie Girl and the Kick Back Dude family. Best of all, I had a very long, involved phone call with DR that went late into the evening.

The Sunday Bads: I spent a goodly portion of my very special quiet day feeling sick of my own company. That is not usual for me, but I was very unsettled and didn't enjoy myself as I should have.

The Monday Goods: This was an all food, all family visiting day. We all had lunch together at McDonalds so the babies could play and we could all eat unhealthy food. Then, just a few hours later, Kick Back Dude and Princess Diva hosted a dinner time Labor Day barbeque. More good food and visiting. Seemed like an ideal way to celebrate Labor Day. Or at least as good as any other.

The Monday Bads: I finally got that awaited phone call from my landlords telling me how much they were going to require to cover my post move clean up in the vacated apartment. $300. I know that is a dishonest number, but am going to try and just pay without saying anything. I still have to live in their building after all. I was surprised though. Had a nasty little argument with Girlie Girl about a straightening iron. I chose the $25 one, she was holding out for the $65 one. Not gonna happen. We made up though. As a topper to the day, Handsome Lad's backpack was stolen right out of the back seat of my car when we were at KBD's house. Unfortunately, I left the top down. But who the heck takes a kid's math homework? Trust me, though, I know it was my lassaiz-faire attitude that lead to this and I will definitely be paying the price in the form of replacing the math text he had in there.

That last one looks like a long 'bad', but don't be fooled. All in all, I'd say it was a balanced weekend. The good probably even outweighed the bad. I hope your good outweighed you bad as well. Tell me about it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Extra Day Off

You are off today, aren't you? I hope so! And I hope you're having a great long weekend. I will look forward to hearing what went on with all of you. xo

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Musical Message is For the Boys in the Hood

PS- Here is the original if you're a real O.G.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

And We Know They'll Do Their Best, Somewhere in the Golden West

Time to get all Saturday Scavenger Hunt-y again! My, how the weeks fly by. This week's word was chosen by Dmarks, who always brings some very interesting little tidbits to the table :-) The word this week is WAVE. If I were a good Californian, I would no doubt be able to pull out a shot of a WAVE sailing onto the beach. I don't seem to have anything like that lying around though, and I knew I wasn't going to somehow make it to the beach this week. As an alternative, I had to get lamecreative.

As you will note, my hair has a bit of a WAVE to it.

Um. I wanted to create a sort of WAVE in my water bottle. It didn't exactly work out so well, but I gave it the old Saturday Scavenger Hunt try.

*sigh* I tried :-) I can't wait to see how y'all WAVE. Also can't wait to see who Dmarks tags for next week. Now, WAVE to the crazy lady and move along...nothing more to see here...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday 5 -More Less

I like doing the Friday 5, because they give me a tool with which to say things I want to say anyway. I can sort of put together random thought in a way that at least makes some sort of sense...more or less.

1. In what way this week were you reckless? I am not a reckless person by nature. (The exception would be having kids wily nily and the long, ill-advised marriage). This week, my most reckless act was probably going ahead and ordering the Seafood Sensation at Subway.

2. In what way this week were you shameless? I blogged every day, shamelessly talking about me, myself, and I.

3. In what way this week were you fearless? I am also not fearless by nature. I sometimes think that even ordinary interactions seem to require some special leap on my part. Everytime I am able to be honest with someone it is because I made a conscious decision to be fearless.

4. In what way this week were you thoughtless? Maybe sometimes, that fearless honesty is also a bit thoughtless. I like to imagine that I am a thoughtful person, but that might be stretching it a bit.

5. In what way this week were you doubtless? Every time I talk to or think about DR, I am without doubt. Our feelings are doubtless and that is incredibly comforting and satisfying. Is it foolish to be doubtless? Perhaps. But I'd rather be foolish than bitter and jaded.

I was surprised this one didn't come into play. How often am I clueless? Yeah, almost always as it turns out.

Thanks for participating. I mean, please participate! Smack down my answers or give me some of your own. I love hearing the talk back. Have a great weekend, more or less!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Greeting Are You?

You Are "How Are You?"

When you ask someone what's going on in her life, you truly want to know. You are very genuine.

You are a compassionate and empathetic person. You want the best for everyone.

Your life is an open book, and you appreciate it when other people are open with you.

Once someone is your friend, she'll be a friend for life. You value friendship that much.

Of course I just had to have the answer to this question burning in my heart. Ah, Blogthings, you've done it again....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Junk?

Once again it is Choose and Defend Wednesday! Yay! Big shout out to The Alien for his help in choosing a topic for today's game. Let us begin...we all have a certain amount of stuff that travels through our lives. There is all that existential shit and then there is the real stuff that we either acquire puposefully or have thrust upon us. And of course there are many ways to deal with this stuff, these things, the objects. But here, there are two ways. Are you surprised? Nah! Okay...are you...

A Hoarder

A Discarder

Choose, s’il vous plaĆ®t and then be sure to Defend your choice. You know you want to. You know you need to. Come on....just do it. (note: Don't sue me Nike)

Oh, a fun PS for you...I first wanted to put Hoarders vs. Tossers...but thought of my British friends :-) Hi Daffy! Hey there Furtive Wangler! Um, so Discarders seemed better... Choose and Defend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who's a Poor Sport? Me.

Today, I am outing myself as a poor sport. Maybe you already gleaned this from just getting to know me here. Maybe you never would have guessed. In any event, let me confirm...POOR SPORT ON BOARD.

Let me give you some background. I am one of those people who don't like those practical joke shows like Punk'd and countless others of that sort. I don't laugh...they make me uncomfortable. I don't like seeing people get upset, worried, scared, even though I know it is all in good fun and moments later they will be laughing with relief. I am not against all practical jokes. Like...oh, wrapping my cubicle in foil, say. That would be funny. But I don't like to be scared or things like that on purpose. She is not amused... I guess it is just some weird personality quirk.

My family knows this about me. In fact, on Sunday we had an actual discussion about it as we had our lunch together. The kids were talking about things they'd seen on YouTube and how heeelarious they were. My notorious dislike of pranks like that was giggled over. And given all of this...maybe I shoulda seen it coming. After lunch we came back to the apartment for a visit. Kick Back Dude gave me the baby's bottle and asked me to rinse it out, nicely. I went into the kitchen and turned on the water and was immediately sprayed with that hose attachment thingy. They had rubberbanded the handle down so that it was on when the water came on.
Quiz time. How did this joke go over? a)I laughed and laughed and then we all laughed together. b) They laughed and after I dried off I had to laugh a little too. c) I got seriously pissed and pretty much ruined the evening by yelling at everyone and telling them they KNEW how much I HATED stuff like that. Yeah. You got it.

Afterward, I felt awful. They all apologized to me. I apologized to them. It's fine. But I can't help but wonder why I react like I do. Maybe I am repressing some horrible humiliation from my past. Or I don't know...maybe I am just a poor sport, can't take a joke, beeyotch. I usually ask not to be judged :-) But I think this time it may be unavoidable. Guh.