Thursday, June 30, 2005

Long Time No Blog!

Ah, nice to be here blogging. Haven't been neglecting the blog through lack of desire, but rather lack of time and, possibly, energy. I've been thinking about you, though, I promise.

SNAFU, you know? Work life is a whirlwind of activity. Home life...mostly good, with one big, fat bad part. Not much I can do to really change either environment right now, so I'm just gonna ride, ride, ride.

Hey! I went to a concert on Sunday evening! I had so much fun! It was at the Hollywood Bowl and we had these good seats. Its such a cool, casual venue. You are just sitting outdoors on these benches. Everybody brings food and wine and stuff. I was with my little bear friend and her pretend parents the S's. The show consisted of Si*Se of NYC , The Arcade Fire , and David Byrne . All I can say is Damn. It was a party. I had, like, half a cup of wine and that got me all happy. Danced my butt off (don't I wish).

Friday, June 24, 2005


I am one of the many enthusiastic fans of the movie Sideways. When I saw it at the movies, I just loved it. It held up to a dvd rewatch. A real sweet little picture that did very well. I don't know how it was that I hadn't read the book before...and when I did, it was only because I had happened upon it here at my place of business. I am about half way through at this point and really enjoying it. The movie followed along with the plot, at least thus far, fairly closely. The characters are, appearance-wise, very different from their on screen selves. As I am reading, I picture them as I saw them, but then there will be some detail that comes up that doesn't match. Nothing wrong with that, as how the characters look is the least of the casting director's tends to be more about capturing their essence, which is totally cool.

Hmmmm...what else? Looking forward to the weekend, somewhat. Not looking forward to the fight I am facing with the baby daddy @$$hole, but that is an old fight that will probably never end. I am looking forward to a concert on Sunday evening with my best bear friend and a couple of her cool friends. It is officially called KCRW World Music Festival, but we are mostly going for Arcade Fire. I'm so excited! (I have tipped my hand, no doubt, that I don't get out much...)

Last, but not least, I will cryptically report that the lunchtime mission came off beautifully yesterday. Thanks again to Team C for your endurance and impeccable timing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Not a whole heck of a lot that is of any interest to anyone, including me. Let me show you what I have been reading...
Last weekend I finished Joe College I had actually read this before, but it is one of those eminently rereadable books. Tom Perrotta is just awesome. I also highly recommend Election and Little Children. Right now, I am reading a book of short stories called Eating Naked
In other news, there are plans afoot for another lunchtime mission. Will it come off? Stay tuned. Yeah, right.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Living La Vida Loca

Yes, it is one crazy, crazy life. haha! Or at least it is a very busy life at the moment. I had some days off last week, but they were crammed full of activity. Last Wednesday, my second oldest son graduated from High School. That was so cool and the best thing was seeing him so excited and happy. After some down time, off to the salt mines for him! bwahahahaha! Saturday was my third son's 16th birthday and he had a HUGE party. I was actually at work that day (where it was ridiculously busy) so I missed the actual party. I did do the shopping and stuff and apparently it was a great success. Rah! Sunday was Father's Day. We kept it low key as my childrens' father had been involved in the other celebrations, so was happy to just be left alone with his telephone and television...the joys of his life.
After making it through all the family parties, I was almost relieved to be back on my regular schedule this week. However, when I walked in the door today it was all madness. Ugh. Eight more weeks. Tick tock.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pervasive Exhaustion

Thats the weather in my body and mind. Glad to be having a couple of days off coming up, but suspect (really, know) that they aren't going to be even slightly rejuvenating. Boo hoo hoo :-]

Onward...I am reading Enduring Love
A year or so ago, I read another of Ian McEwan's novels and enjoyed it quite a bit. I like this one even better. I know that it was also made into a movie, but I haven't yet seen it. Perhaps after I finish the book I will seek out a DVD and see how the two compare. I rarely like a movie more than a book, although there has been at least one instance I can think of, wherein the movie seemed richer than the book. The one that comes instantly to mind is The Hours. I actually saw the movie first, then read the book. Usually when you do that, you find out things that you could never have guessed at from the things that had to be cut out of the plot for time and story arc. In this particular case, though, the book felt almost like there was less going on. The exception that proves the rule, I suppose.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Nine Weeks and Counting...

Today is the first official day of SRP, our big deal at work. Everyday for the next nine weeks is going to be sheer torture. Um, okay, I am exaggerating. Let me say, more realistically, that the next nine weeks will be very busy. Sometimes busy in that drive you mad repetitive way. Sometimes busy in the WTF could possibly happen next way. I can get through it, though. I have done it for the past five summers and I can do it for the next *gulp* twenty five or so, if need be. Send good thoughts my way, please.

So out of touch with Long Distance Boy. It makes me feel sad and also slightly irritated for some reason. Not with him...just a general feeling. Maybe just a reaction against the sadness, which I sometimes just cannot bear.

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife on Saturday. Couldn't believe I read it so quickly, but I was very into it. Definitely one to recommend. Now, what next?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fridays Rule

Friday tends to be a good day here. It is the one day that tends to be a bit quieter than the others. Kind of the same at home, as the teenagers stage a mass exodus on Friday afternoon, and tend to make only sporadic appearances until late Sunday evening...and even that will be changing with school ending this next week! I may never see my 16 year old again :-0

Oh, man, I have to tell you how much I am enjoying The Time Travelers Wife. It manages to tell a complicated story in an understandable way. The whole thing makes perfect sense thus far and is quite lovely. I've been doing soooo much reading lately and while most of it has been good enough, I have to say that this is one I would really be comfortable recommending to others.

Lately I have been listening to more CDs than radio. It gets like that occasionally, even with the XM. Sometimes you just want that much control over what you listen to, you know? I am playing old and new favorites. Most recently "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" by Nina Gordon. My honey sent it to me, it has our song on it, and I love it! I've also been listening to that Decemberists one I mentioned before, and Billy Bragg's "William Bloke", which I enjoy and has some pleasant associations for me....Oh, and the "Ray" soundtrack (which is the only Ray Charles I own, so I guess I am a pretend Ray Charles fan!) No, I love it. Very hot and sexy stuff.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

It's a Hard Knock Life For Us

Okay, maybe we're not exactly poor little orphans, but we have our share of troubles! No, no mouse on my shoulder. When I say we here, I am thinking specifically of me and my sweetie. He is there and I am here. Due to extenuating circumstances, we can't really be in touch as much as usual for the next couple of weeks. However, he has cleverly arranged make me feel like he is with me at all times. I'm so in love! *sigh*

What else, what else? Haven't been feeling all that spiffy the last few days...just allergies, I think. Today, I am feeling somewhat better and have high hopes that the worst of it has passed. Since I haven't been well, I have not really been reading as much. Too tired. However, I do have a book on hand that I anticipate starting with tonight. It is called The Time Traveler's Wife . I made note of it when it came out and turned up on Best Sellers lists, but am only now getting to it. Let us see how it goes...

Monday, June 6, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday

Howdy. Well, another week begins. Wish it were bringing something exciting my way. At least I have my rich inner life :-) It is just that sometimes I feel so weary and discouraged. Possibly this is but a simple mood swing that will pass quickly.

I finished a book over the weekend called O My Darling It wasn't quite what I expected, but kept me busy...mentally I mean. I have plenty to keep me physically busy.

Okay, think good thoughts that this tired feeling will pass. I need my strength for the weeks ahead both at home and at work! Summer amps everything up to some degree.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

S. S. @ da Liberry

Saturdays suck at the library. Not that I would be doing a wealth of fun things if I were at home. It is just that it is always particularly crowded and chaotic here on Saturdays for some reason. This is the day when the people tend not to be regular libary users, so they seem to require extra help...and there are so many of them to deal with! Of course I understand that it is the only day some people can go. People are busy.

Yesterday was okay at home. I am off every other Friday and my oldest son and I often go out to lunch together, as he gets home from work fairly early. I really enjoy that time with him. Since he has a good job these days, he even buys lunch! I appreciate it after a week of feeling like an ATM machine for the rest of the kids.

Looking for something new to read. I thought maybe another 331/3, since I enjoyed the one so much, but apparently they are not created at all equal. I picked up one about Radiohead's OK Computer, written by some Music Professor somewhere, and it was as dry as dirt. After the first page I kind of uh-oh'ed...flipped through it a little more and decided against wasting my time. The Replacements one was so charming. I often do enjoy a bildungsroman. Music Professor wasn't doing anything so lovely. He appeared to be analyzing each song and not in a cool interesting way. So, be careful with the 331/3's, brothers and sisters!

Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Bored Leading the Bored

I so wish that I had something juicy to talk about. Work is more or less proceeding with the usual small bumps and bangs, but nothing of note. Home is fine...all chillens are doing what they should be doing and acting how they should be acting. At least as far as I, who am only their mother, knows. I'm sure there are plenty of secrets, but since grades are good and behavior is reasonable, I am willing to let the secrets remain secrets. After all, everyone, even kids, deserve to have their secrets.

Let see....I am reading, of course. Just getting into How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets And, duh, the title explains why I must have secrets on my mind! I was starting to wonder there for a moment!

I think I will go have a bite of lunch. Maybe I will feel more inspired after a delicious meal. Okay, after a meal. I'm not counting on deliciousness....