Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've Been Hit Enough to Know Why

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday!  How about indulging in a little risky behavior here at Fresh Hell?  For me, either of these choices would be a fresh hell.  Maybe for you too...or maybe they both look like a little slice of heaven!   Either way, if you were compelled to do one of these things, which one would you Choose?  Please feel free to Defend your choice with as much force as you can muster up :-)

Will you  be...

Deep Sea Diving


Sky Diving

Choose and Defend and have a great day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They Call Alabama the Crimson Tide

It has been one of those days, but I wanted to give you some quick Talk Talk for this Tuesday.  Who can I turn to for words when not just anything will do?  My boys, Donald and Walter...Steely Dan.  Talk Talk, guys.

My back to the wall
A victim of laughing chance
This is for me
The essence of true romance
Sharing the things we know and love
With those of my kind
That stagger the mind
-Steely Dan lyrics, Deacon Blue (Aja)

I was fully feeling some of their most bitter and sarcastic lyrics, but opted instead for some that are almost romantic.  Almost.  Trying to shake a bad attitude.  I will have to think of something super fun for Choose and Defend Wednesday to keep us amused :-)  Talk Talk!

Monday, June 28, 2010

One Down, Five to Go

That is....weeks in our fabulous Summer Reading Program.  So far things seem to be going very smoothly.  *knocking on wood* 

I had Friday off, so me, Girlie Girl, and Handsome Lad went out to lunch at the Golden Dragon, which is kind of our place.  Then we hit the thrift store.  I really needed a new comforter for my bed.  I have one that I love, but it is seriously about to fall apart.  I found this light weight quilt for only $4.99 - 

What do you think?  I really like it and I couldn't pass it up at that price!

After that, we went to the movie and saw Grown Ups, which was about what you'd expect it to be...a nice diversion. 

I worked on Saturday and it was a really, really busy day.  We had a magician come do a couple of shows and they were very well attended.  In spite of the crowds, it was a fine day and the public seemed pleased. 

Sunday the kids and I joined Kick Back Dude and his lot at the park.  The weather was so nice.  It was hot, but pleasant in the shade.  In the morning, as I was trying to get my laundry going, I finally got a picture of one of my little friends.  They live in the ivy in front of my building and come out to sit on the sidewalk and warm up in the heat of the day. 

I think of them as my little no frills pets :-)  Hi Sparky!  haha!

I am, of course,  missing DR a lot and it is worst on the weekends, but I am trying hard to keep my mind occupied.  And I'm so glad to have a free mobile to mobile plan.  I do love our phone talks. 

So, how about you guys?  Any great new purchases?  Seen any good movies lately?  How's your lizard population?  When the phone rings do you get a little excited or a little annoyed?  Do tell.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday 5 - Breakfast

Happy Friday!  Happy for me, because I am not working.  I will be able to repent at my leisure work.  Good with the bad, right?

Up to some Friday 5?   Sure you are :-)  Let's get together for some breakfast talk, m'kay?

 1. Oh my goodness! You have to run out the door right now and you haven’t eaten! Before dashing out, what do you grab to wolf down on your way?  Usually a bottle of water and either a baggie of cereal or a couple of cookies.  Breakfast of champions, man!

2. What’s a popular breakfast you dislike?  I can't think of a standard breakfast I actively dislike, but I am particular about my eggs.  I prefer scrambled, which I know some people consider a waste of a good egg.  And lots of salt and pepper, because I don't like the actual taste of eggs overly much.....

3. You’re going out for breakfast anywhere you want, and someone else is treating! Where do you go and what do you order?  Oooohh...getting treated is nice!  We can go to Marie Callenders and I will have Eggs Benedict, please.  I know it is unhealthy, but it is soooo delicious.

4. What do you have when you need a simple, healthy (or healthy-ish, for those of you who just don’t do healthy!) breakfast?  Oatmeal does the trick.  I do have to dose it up with a little syrup or something, but I still think it is pretty healthy and simple.

5. You’ve been invited to a breakfast potluck. What are you most likely to bring?  I think I will bring some fruit salad.  Nice melons, berries.  Doesn't that sound good?

Tell me what you think in comments or feel empowered to do your very own Friday 5!  Have a delicious weekend, blogging friends!  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They Bought a Round For a Sailor

Choose and Defend Wednesday is here and my brain is all fried.  So, this is what you'll get and like!  Let's say you want a pet.  Just say you do.  But you can't have a dog or a cat this time.  What will you choose as your darling pet?  (Now three choices for you pleasure...ooooohhhhh, luxurious!)




Reptile / Amphibian

Feel free to elaborate in your answer, as much as you like.  Remember, we call this Choose and Defend.  Therefore, please to Choose.  And then Defend said choice to the best of your ability.  Thanks for playing!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello Fudder

I am just going to go on and take that deep breath I've been putting off for a few days now....whew!  It is crazy busy at work and it was a very busy weekend as well, although a lot more fun.  I feel I could go on and on describing my weekend and these past couple of days at work, but there isn't much point to it.  Work is anxiety making right now, so I will just show you some nice pictures of our Father's Day celebration.  I hosted a lunch at my house.  Lovely sandwiches with all the fixings and swimming!  Included in this post is some Talk Talk because it is Tuesday. 

Here is the favorite Father in my life, my son Kick Back Dude. 
Handsome Lad, Miss Personality, and Love Bug took a reluctant time-out from their swim
to have this moment captured for my mother-in-law, also pictured here.

Here is Little Prince looking all surly with his floaties and his little swim trunks. 
In the first two minutes of swimming, he followed Miss Personality in face first and even with
 floaties got a bit too much water for his taste. 
Here is your Talk Talk for this Tuesday:
He didn't float right because his head is too big and heavy.  It wasn't my fault!
-Miss Personality after her ill fated attempt to swim with her baby brother.

Here are the ladies pretend resting in Auntie Girlie Girl's bed. 
They never REALLY rest, so don't be fooled.

It was a wonderful day.  In addition to the folks you see here, I also had Social Animal, my mom, and WTG over.   I had thought Social Animal was going to be out of town, but since he could come over we made it into a birthday celebration for him too.    

Now,  pardon me while I go think calming thoughts....    

Friday, June 18, 2010

From My Other Page, That No One Reads :-)

Poem #49

My middle child

A middle of the day siesta
A middle of the day refreshment
A middle of the day amusement

A middle of the night surrender
A middle of the night reconnaissance
A middle of the night adventure

You are the center of the world
The solar system, the universe
The anything, the everything

Smack dab in the middle of my heart, Cory Levi

Middle, But Not Middle of the Road

Today is Cory's Social Animal's 21st birthday.  Unbelievable!
Here is the Social Animal making a weird face and wearing a shirt that I HATE. 
One of the boys (I don't think it was him), had this shirt years ago and I made it disappear.  Apparently they never forgave me.  haha!

Social Animal is such a wonderful son. Sure, he's had his scrapes, but I will say he takes responsibility.  I think what I might appreciate most about Social Animal is the effort he makes to stay connected to everyone in the family.  He is at an age, and of a tempermant, where there is a lot of doing his own thing.  Yet, I can count on him to show up to family events, even small ones.  He is wonderful with his nieces and are always drawn to him and he seems to recognize that is kind of a privilege.  He is also one of those super thoughtful gift givers, who always seems to get it right.  I'm not sure where he gets that!   He is charming, no way around that.  He has maintained friendships with people he knew as a toddler and makes new friends wherever he goes. 

It is funny, but he has a little bit of a thing about being the only one of our children who was not given a 'family' name.  When he was expected, we were considering the name Cody, but then WTG decided that sounded like a trouble maker.  haha!  I have no idea why.  But anyway, the Coreys were very popular then and we were talking about that sort of jokingly, but then realized we did like that name...simple y ending though.  So that was the name he got and even though he likes it, he also likes to have a bit of a pout about it :-)

I can't wait to see what the next 21 years are like for my Social Animal.  Something tells me it is going to be a very interesting ride.  Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa

It is Wednesday, therefore it is time to Choose and Defend.  I'm thinking about...well, lots of things.  But I narrowed it down to Father's Day.  It is this Sunday, in case you have not marked your calendars :-)  This year, let us say that we are not feeling inspired and we are going to go old school traditional on dad.  What traditional gift would you give your father or a father in your life?  Here are your choices:

A Tie


A Barbecue Apron

Hey, what can I say?   I think these are the Father's Day standards.  I didn't make that decision!  I just show up here and do my thang.  So Choose and Defend.  If you want, feel free to share what you might actually give out on a day such as that :-)    And if it actually is a tie or a barbecue apron, well no judgement here, I promise.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

But It's As Real As the Feelings I Feel

Time for some Talk Talk Tuesday here at Fresh Hell.   I am really enjoying the book version of The Princess Bride, so here is your Talk Talk for today -

This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it.
"Has it got any sports in it?"
"Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles."
-The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure
by William Goldman

Heard any stories about any of the things listed above lately?  Talk Talk!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Begin the Beguine

It is officially summer, I am officially back to work, and it is officially busy!  Whew!  I think we are going to have a very active and well attended slate of activities this summer if today is any indication.  Everyone is ready to do their summer reading and get their prizes and be entertained...   I'm ready for it.  I had a wonderfully relaxing four day weekend and now I'm mentally prepared for all of the work that comes with the next seven weeks.
I didn't do much worth writing home about...or blogging about, for that matter, but it was wonderful to have those four days to myself. 
*I got to spend some time with Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad as they began their summer vacations.  Seems Girlie Girl is going into business with her dad, working the Craigslist buying, fixing up, and reselling cars.  sigh.  Whatever.  Handsome Lad has big plans with his friends and his bike. 
*I got to have a couple of really nice long phone calls with DR.  Our 3 hour time difference, combined with both of our schedules, sometimes makes calling difficult, so the free time was a luxury.  
*I attended Princess Diva's Mt. SAC graduation.  I'm so proud of her for attaining her AA.  Sure, it took awhile, but she also had two babies while this was going on!  I think she intends to take a little time off before returning to school to complete her Bachelors.  I don't blame her :-)
*I watched a few movies...nothing incredible, although I must say I was sooo happy last night with both Breaking Bad and True Blood on.  Le swoon!
*I am reading like a maniac.  DR and I are forming our own little book club.  First up, Princess Bride!

As I read around, I saw many happy weekends out there in the bloggesphere!  Crazy4Coens just did a really cool post about feeling accepted.  You should totally check it out, if you haven't.  Thanks for accepting me....gabba gabba hey!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday 5 - Gestures

It is Friday, yay!  I am on Day Two of my Four Day weekend.  So far, it has been pretty non-productive, but I am still enjoying myself.  I don't have a great need to be productive ALL the time ;-) about some Friday 5 for day 2 of 4?  Great!  Feel free to join in the good times.  That's right, dangit, the good times!

1. What are your thoughts on “air quotes?”  The ruling on "air quotes" is - to be used ironically or for comic effect only.  Any other use constitutes douchery and you will be disqualified. 

2. If you are the sort to flip someone the bird, what were the circumstances surrounding your most recent flip? If you’re not that type, have you ever, ever used that gesture?  I am not a big bird flipper.  It is kind of a silly gesture.  For genuine anger, I much prefer the Mafiosa type punchy fist bicep grab thing...knowhatimean?  Either that, or the Geller double fist hit.  That one is awesome.  Um., anyway I'm pretty sure the last time I flipped someone the bird was when I was just goofing off with DR.  He probably said something non-complimentary about Nurse Jackie or something...

3.  What’s a gesture you’ve made up, or what’s a gesture made up by (and shared with) your friends or family?  I honestly can't think of anything we've actually made up.  We aren't that clever I guess.  But we are very monkey-like in that we can imitate brilliantly!  Anyone worth knowing is way into calling someone a chicken by using one of the super "chicken" variations devised by the Bluths.

 4. Are there any gestures that have specific, unique meanings in your workplace?  Nah, but we do tend to use the universal finger-circling-the-temple-to-indicate-craziness a LOT.  But don't worry...we are completely discreet about it.  It is just, you know, you get a few wack jobs in the library.  It is just one of those things.

5. Have you ever received an anonymous gesture of kindness or affection?  Hmmm... I guess on this one I will mention how happy it makes me when someone on the road gives me the go ahead wave or the  thank you wave when there is some merging or pulling out stuff going on.  It always sort of restores my faith in humanity.

I hope you all have a weekend full of kind gestures and good laughs.  As for me, I have a community college graduation to get through tonight for young Princess Diva.  So wish us luck navigating a stadium filled with the family and friends of about 500 graduates.  *sigh*  Why am I now imaging lots of birds in my future? ;-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In the Time of Chimpanzees, I Was a Monkey

Well, come.  Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Your chance to tell it like it is and make the rest of us understand!  Today I was thinking about the ways in which people respond to music.  I believe it has been established that people who don't like music have no soul, and none of us fit into that category!  But when listening to a song...what is it that you tend to respond to most strongly?  What are you really listening to?

The Music

The Lyrics

Tell me about it.  What is your particular pleasure?  Even if it is both, see if you can't find one at least slightly more compelling than the other, won't you?  Choose and Defend!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If I Didn't Laugh, I'd Have to Cry

Oh goodness.  What a day.   Nothing awful, just seems to be shaping up into one of THOSE days.  It is my late day, so I had gotten the kids to school, did my voting, finished laundry, and was planning to spend some time just relaxing.  You know how I loves me some relaxing.  Anyway, I get a call from my auto insurance company wanting Social Animal's contact information.  Apparently, he rear ended someone sometime yesterday...and he neglected to tell me.  He is an adult, yes, but he is on MY insurance.  I gave the nice lady his number and then called him myself.  He was very - oh, yeah, it was nothing, I barely tapped them...something, something...  Whatever.  I just told him he should have mentioned it to me and he should have called the insurance company himself right when it happened.  *sigh*  So there was that.  Then I start getting texts from Handsome Lad telling me that if he doesn't pay for a textbook, he won't be able to go on a field trip tomorrow, report card witheld, all that.  Okay, I know that is the policy, but since I hadn't yet gotten a notice or bill, I was rather surprised he was being dealt with like that.  I called the school librarian and asked her how much I owed...$57.50.  I wasn't shocked, I know as well as anyone that text books are expensive.  I did say, though, that I had reported this book lost (when his backpack was stolen from my car) at the beginning of the year and hadn't been billed, that I still hadn't received notice and yet he was threatened to be disqualified for a field trip happening in less that 24 hours.  I felt kind of bad for getting upset.  I know how busy the school librarians are at this time of year.  However, the fact is that if I hadn't called her, Handsome Lad would have been punished for something that really isn't his fault.  Anyway, she agreed to clear him for the trip and I agreed that now I actually knew what my bill was I would pay it.  Humph. 

So, that was a long story about a couple of pretty minor things that just sort of harshed my mellow, you know?  haha!  Let me lighten things up for Talk Talk Tuesday.  I wanted to try and choose my favorite Saturday Night Live catch phrase, but that is a pretty impossible task!  Given my mood, I decided to go with this one...
Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
(SNL - Feb. 1991)

Do you have a favorite SNL character or skit or line?  Talk Talk!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Peaceable Like

Things have been rather quiet lately.  Sometimes...too quiet.  But I am inclined to appreciate it, as we are hurtling towards our busiest time of year at the Library. 

This past weekend was nearly motionless.  I had planned to go out with a newly formed Supper Club on Friday evening, but ended up babysitting Little Prince instead.  The little girls and their mom and dad went out to see Marmaduke, but Little Prince isn't yet ready to sit through a movie.  He and I had a fine time though.  He showed me the right way to work a phone and I watched Wall-E again.  One of my favorite movies ever.   Saturday, I was a little under the weather, and was glad to have nothing to do.  I watched "This is Spinal Tap" and "Waiting for Guffman" and did some reading.  Sunday, guess what?  Another quiet day!  I felt better, but stayed quiet.  In the evening Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad, and I went out to Panda Express for dinner, then to see Get Him to the Greek.  We happened to run into Social Animal and a couple of his friends at the theater, seeing the same movie, so that was fun :-) 
This was a movie that DR and I had talked about right about the time he decided to go back to NC.  It was the first movie we agreed to see on our own turf and then discuss, because we both liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall.   Unfortunately, he didn't get to it this weekend.  I'm glad the kids and I went though.  We liked it.  It is one of those movies you probably find either funny or stupid.   I vote funny, but I can see arguments for stupid.   haha!  I like Jonah Hill and I like Russell Brand, in spite of myself :-)  I thought Sean "Diddy" Combs was surprisingly funny, too.

Now I am starting a mini work week.  Three days!  I took Thursday and Friday off, as Thursday is the last day of school and, therefore, Friday is the first day of summer vacation.  Aaaahhhhhh....looking forward to that.  What are you looking forward to?

Friday, June 4, 2010

What's Next?

Yesterday evening after work, I went to a little school event for Handsome Lad.  All the kids who had maintained a 3.0 or above for three quarters (as fourth quarter grades aren't yet in) were invited to an award ceremony.  I was so proud of him.  This year has truly been an exceptional year for him as far as school goes.  It makes me think that I had the right idea when I attributed most of his academic struggles to lack of focus and immaturity.  But whatever was going on in the past, was not going on this year and he has really shone at school. 
Handsome Lad with his Academic Award.  Why is he in front of the boys' restroom door?  The world may never know.
Anyway, it was fun to go to a Middle School event.  There is something very touching about kids that age.  They are almost universally awkward and incredibly self-conscious.  Even the children who you can just tell are going to be beauties tend to be all jutting elbows and sort of lurching walks at 12 and 13.  Even though Middle Schoolers have a notoriously difficult reputation among teachers and parents, there is also something that is still sweet and earnest about them.   Made me sad that my youngest only has another year before he's off to the wilds of High School.  After the ceremony , I stood around a bit with WTG and Handsome Lad and then we went our separate ways.  As always, it was hard to watch Handsome Lad walk off with WTG.  I just felt very alone at that moment and jealous, as I always am, of how close the two of them are.  But I know that Handsome Lad is well and happy and I remind myself that is what matters, not how I feel.  

Tonight I had planned to go to Supper Club with some friends from work, but when Kick Back Dude called and asked if I'd babysit for a while, I decided I'd rather do that.  Feeling like I need some love more than I need Dave & Busters.  Dave & Busters!  I really don't have a lot of desire to go to a Chuck E Cheese for adults.  Maybe next month they will choose somewhere more tempting and then I might have to say yes to Supper Club and no to babysitting. 

So what are you saying yes to this weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope it's great!

PS- I am still doing my poem a day, but I have moved them to a separate page.  Check them out if you feel inclined.  Thanks.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dinner Party Extraordinaire

AlienCG spent the past couple of days putting together a guest list for a dinner party.  Anyone can have this sort of dinner party and you can invite anyone you want, dead or alive!  Imagine the possibilities.   

I did something like this about a year ago.  HERE is the link.  Mine was for five fictional characters and some of you even participated and put together your own guest lists. 

This time, we are going for real people, past or present.  Anything goes, as far as I know.  So, here is my list:

1. Anne Tyler - One of my favorite authors.  She has had a long, steady career, which I admire and she writes about the little daily joys and pains so beautifully.  I can't help but want to get to know her!

2. Albert Einstein - A bit of a cliche maybe, but aside from his genius, he has always struck me as a bit of a character.  From what has been written about him, I'm not sure I'd want to live with him or anything, but as a dinner party guest, what could go wrong?

3. Freddie Mercury - I love Queen; I LOVE his voice.  He seems to have been a kind and fun loving guy.  I think he'd certainly have some great stories to tell. 

4. Jon Stewart - He is a comedian, of course, but I have watched him hold his own in arguments with seasoned politicians.  Funny, smart, and cute.  The perfect dinner guest.

5. Roald Dahl - You can't tell me that guy did not have a sick sense of humor.  Okay, clearly humor is important to me.  And I'd like to hear what he thinks of the movie adaptions of his books. 

6. Johnny Depp - He and Roald could discuss that last point perhaps.  I had to have Johnny, because he is handsome and brooding and makes some very interesting choices in the roles he takes and in the way he portrays them.

7. David Sedaris - Okay, yes, I like funny men who can spin a good yarn!  I think he'd sort of draw people together, too.  He seems like a good host type of person.  What do you say, David...want to co-host this party with me?

8. Queen Latifah - Simple.  I have had this HUGE girl crush on Queen Latifah for years.  If I had a chance to get her at my table, yeah...

9. AlienCG - Representing for the bloggers.  I got to go to his party, he gets to come to mine.  He's been a true friend and I know that he can participate in a discussion about anything under the sun.

10. DR - I thought about different family members, and they would each bring something special to the mix.  But the corny truth is that everything is better when DR is around, so he has to be around for this.

I hope you enjoyed perusing the guest list and I hope you may feel inspired to create one of your own.  It's fun!  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Gonna Show Me Later

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Time once again to make a choice and make a stand!  This week, I thought I'd ask how you could best get by.  There is the reality of what we all  But the alternate reality is that we all want to be able to do something that makes us happy.  Today, which would you Choose?

A Job Digging Holes with a Shovel for $100,000 Per Year
A Job Playing Your Favorite Sport for $30,000 Per Year
There you go!  Let's hear the what and the why, please.  Choose and Defend.  Thank you :-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, It Had to End Sometime

 But, all in all, it was a lovely long weekend.  It was unfortunate that it was my first weekend in several months without DR, but that is going to be a fact of life for the next little bit, so I am getting on as best I can.
 Here is my latest Sebastien tee.  
It says, "Look at all these little rabbits. 
They've come for your soul."  
Love Bug made a game of giving them all names.

Saturday, I went and saw Iron Man 2.  It was like a long distance date, because DR went and saw it too, so we could talk about it later.  I wasn't as enthused about it as I was about the original, but it had some great moments for sure.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at the park with some of the kids and grandkids.  It was such an incredible weekend weatherwise.  Family stuff is good right now and I feel so thankful for that.

Monday we centered the day around gathering to eat.  For lunch, my mom took a whole crew of us out to McDonalds.  I know, fancy!  But their fillet o' fish IS bomb diggity.  Or, I mean, it's okay...   Then for dinner WTG had everyone over for BBQ.  It was quite a feast.  I even baked a couple of pies!  And by baking, I mean I took them out of the freezer and put them in the oven for a little over an hour.  Hey, you have to keep an eye on those things! haha!

And every evening, DR and I have a good long phone talk.  He's not online yet over thar, and I have never been much of a phone talker, but I find I am enjoying that part of my day very much.  Sometimes being side by side, you let conversation slide, but now I find we have plenty to say and I also find that I appreciate that more than I would have guessed.

And look is already Talk Talk Tuesday.  Of course, I will be confused all week, but I can surely keep up with my little blog situations :-)
We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, 
and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.
  -Robert Lewis Stevenson

I hope you all had a great long weekend and that your lives are filled with honest friends.  Talk Talk!