Saturday, July 28, 2012

Does He Ever Get the Girl?

One of our longtime Saturday Scavenger Shooters was so PUZZLED by last week's word that she had to make this week's word...what else....PUZZLED!   Many thanks to the lovely Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti for another fun challenge!

I am PUZZLED about many things as I bumble my way through life. Surely there are some puzzles which will never be solved, such as...

Why is this as far as my daughter can get when replacing a role of toilet paper? In many ways she is a pretty competent person. Why? Why? Why? I am PUZZLED.

And how do I get any work done at this desk? I assure you that I do. How? How? How? We are all PUZZLED.

I hope you sail through the rest of your weekend unPUZZLED by the things that come your way.  If life is indeed a puzzle, I am sure that you guys have the brains and intuition to put it together and create a fabulous picture!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday 5 - Five Shades of Teal

I stopped in over at Eclectic Spaghetti and saw that Tara had done this week's Friday 5.  So I decided , hey, why not? It is always fun to think about color and its role in the beautiful rainbow of your life. Or, like, it is cool to kill time, eh? 

1.How many teal-colored items of clothing do you have, and which is your favorite? I am fairly certain I don't have a single item of teal-colored clothing. I tend towards, black, grey, brown and an occasional bright primary in my wardrobe.  DR has a tee that I think would be teal. So I will call that my favorite :)

2.There aren’t many teal-colored foods, but what comes pretty close and how do you feel about it? The only thing that comes right to mind is some kinds of children's punch drinks that are uncomfortably close to teal. haha! It is an odd food color. But those sugary drinks are good in a pinch for a little sugar bump and/or hydration...even when oddly colored.

3.If yellow is the color of cowardice, green the color of envy, and blue the color of sadness, what’s teal the color of?  Teal is the color of cowvyness. Wait, that's not an emotion! Okay...teal is the color of summer dreams. Which is not quite an emotion...but close enough.

4.What’s the neatest teal-colored thing you’ve seen recently? The teal I've seen most recently is only in my mind as I write this post. It is the color of tropical waters. So neat :-D

5.If you had to paint one of the rooms in your house teal, which would it be?  It would have to be the bathroom. Teal would be a challenge as the main color in a room. I'd think of it more as an accent. But I guess the bathroom would make the most sense. I'd do a white, light yellow, or possibly light pink shower curtain and go on from there...

Hope you enjoyed my teal musings. Please feel free to comment about teal or anything else your little heart desires. And come back tomorrow to be PUZZLED by my Saturday Scavenger Shots.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Like the Way You Move

For this Choose and Defend Wednesday, I'd like to give you another gift. But as always, you must make a choice. And, as always, I humbly request that you make an argument for why your choice is the right one for you! So I ask you...if you could control something, what would it be?

The Elements


There you go. You know what to do. Choose and Defend!

Monday, July 23, 2012

In the Red Villa With You

My goodness. Here it is, late Monday afternoon and I am finally getting around to posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots. I should have had that loaded up in my scheduled queue, yet I did not. So here I am today, dragging on in. The word for the week was EXCLUSIVE. It was chosen by me for no good reason. Just trying to come up with something different I suppose. Also, I had this program I was presenting on Saturday on my mind. It was called Evening Extravaganza Exclusively for Tweens and it went very well. But it was a VERY busy day. And Sunday turned busy as well. Fambly celebrating and all that.

In any event, I found this word difficult and have no one to blame but me own self :)

Hows about this?

Here is a picture that I actually did not take, although my dancing bear figure does appear. This is from my Twinkle Twinkle Toddler Time last Tuesday evening. We were playing our instruments and having a bit of a march around the room. It is like we have formed our own very EXCLUSIVE band.

haha! A stretch, but what are you going to do? I have chosen this EXCLUSIVE shot of this EXCLUSIVE moment in time and I guess it will have to do.

Haven't heard from Tara so far, but I am going to try and tag her for this next week's word. Taaaaraaa! 

Thanks all for stopping in to my EXCLUSIVE Saturday Scavenger Shot, Monday edition.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You're Not Her Buttercup

Here I am again with a Choose and Defend Wednesday post. Hoping this one is more pleasing as lately I can't seem to hit upon anything engaging.   Today you are going to receive something...a gift, if you will. And you get to Choose which gift you shall receive.  Then you get to Defend your choice. It is fun!

So, would you rather be given -

The Answer to One Big Question

One Wish Granted

Think it over. Weigh your options. Choose and Defend!  Thank you :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Was So Hard to Please

PROGRESSIVE. Way to choose a very challenging Saturday Scavenger Shots word Jasen (AlienCG) @ Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections!  Not to say I don't appreciate a good challenge...I certainly do. Still I feel my entry here will be a bit lame.

I think my politics are fairly PROGRESSIVE, but I didn't really know a good way to show that in a photo.  Then I just decided to think of the word in the way of just...something moving forward. That felt a little easier, because there is certainly something moving forward for all of us, whether we want it to or not!

Time. It is PROGRESSIVE. Just rolling along.

So, ya know, that is what I got this week. I thank Jasen again for the great word, the great challenge. Wish I wasn't so uncreative. But I am here and playing the game, because it is good and it is right :)

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to post your own PROGRESSIVE photos. Why not?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 5 - Versatility

I haven't done a Friday 5 in quite some time!  Today I thought - Hey. Why not do a Friday 5? So here I am...with your Friday 5.

1. Among people you know, who has the most diverse range of talents or abilities?  Not sure how much credibility I will have with this answer, but the truth is that DR is one of the most diversely talented people I know! I am always surprised (and a little jealous) at how good he is at everything he tries. I could go on and on about his many talents :)

2. Besides its intended use, what are three things you’ve used a paperclip for? Oh goodness. Well. Nothing about this is going to make me look attractive. I've used them as toothpicks, to clean under my fingernails, and as impromptu office jewelry.  I am such a sexy beast, ain't I!

3. What item in your pantry is the most versatile?  I guess beyond the basic spices and things like maybe flour and sugar, I'd have to go with pasta. It is quick and can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. And I loves me some carbs.

4. What implement related to your work seems to be the most useful in different ways?  Can I say the books? Can they be considered implements related to my work? Oh, why not....sure. I'm going with books. They are useful for education, enlightenment, entertainment, and escape. They can also be used as paperweights, doorstops, and to make you look smart when piled on your desk ;-)

5. What’s an item in your home that seems to have one (and only one!) use?  Although I know this item could be use for other things, so far I have only used my melon baller to, know...ball melons. Yes.

Thanks for sharing Friday and its 5 with me.  Feel encouraged to participate in comments or on your own blog.  Please stop by tomorrow for a PROGRESSIVE Saturday Scavenger Shots... and may your weekend be wonderful in a great variety of ways!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Hey all you hotties on this hot, hot Wednesday. Due to the heat and my fried brain you shall have another simple foody type of Choose and Defend for this week. I am feeling so tired and overwhelmed, which is not unusual at this time of year. Perhaps this Choose and Defend Wednesday will cool us all down and cheer us all (or me) up :)

This week, there are two large chains offering a free beverage for a very limited time. If you could only have one of them, which would you Choose and why? Defend your choice!  Would you get...

7-Eleven Slurpee

Starbucks Refresher

Aaahhh! Cool!  Don't mean to be a corporate shill or anything. It's just nice to get free things. FYI - 7-Eleven is giving away free Slurpees from 11am-7pm today (Wed. 7/11) and Starbucks is giving away free Refreshers from noon-3pm this Friday (7/13).  So for reals, get both....but for HERE Choose and Defend!!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was a'ight. I was off on Friday, so I went with DR to visit with his mom and sister. We ended up going to Newport Beach for lunch and some walkabout. DR's sister kindly treated us all to lunch...eating out is a rare treat these days! After lunch we walked down the pier. Here is what we saw -

That pelican had a whole scam going with the fishermen.  He probably hasn't caught his own fish in ages :)  He would even let people pet his head...but I still didn't care to get close enough to do that.

I love looking out at the ocean. There is something very soothing about it. This is not to say that I would enjoy being out at sea with nothing but water all around me. That doesn't seem soothing at all! But looking out from dry land, yeah, that is good.

I enjoy being around DR and his family together. They seem very close, which is nice. His sister has one of those challenging marriages and they all seem inordinately annoyed all the time with the youngest boy in the family....but aside from that I am very comfortable around them.

Anyway, that was a fine, fine day! I'm keeping that one on the books :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Don't Play Rough

It is a busy Saturday, but I wouldn't want to miss out on Saturday Scavenger Shots! This week's word is FLIMSY and it was chosen by Silly Rabbit @ Down Silly Rabbit's Hole.  I am not a well to do sort, so plenty of what I have purchased over the years has turned out to be pretty FLIMSY. Yet, how best to illustrate this word?  I decided to go with our little stage set at work. One of my very talented co-workers set up these decorative fronts for the Information Desk and the Prize Desks here in the Children's Room for our Summer Reading Program. The theme is Dream Big - Read!

Here is the Information Services Desk / Bed. Paper is rather FLIMSY, but it looks pretty cool.

Here are the Prize Desks. The bigger one is for babies through kids entering 3rd grade. The smaller one is for 4th-8th graders. Both are a popular library destination during the Summer Reading Program.  FLIMSY, yet powerful! :)

The effect is very nice and people are impressed and excited when they enter the room. Yet really, these little structures are quite FLIMSY. Several mornings I have come in to find pieces that have come loose or collapsed onto the floor. But they can be repaired and live to look super for another day...or....three more weeks at this point :)

I hope you are all having a nice sturdy Saturday and that the only thing FLIMSY is your little warm weather outfit!  Thanks for stopping by and we will see who Silly Rabbit chooses to pick the next word for Saturday Scavenger Shots...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stuff Yo Face for Freedom!

Thought I'd put up a quick little Independence Day Choose and Defend. It is still just Wednesday in the rest of the world after all :) 

Today's Choose and Defend involves food...because that is always fun. Before the big fireworks show tonight, you might want to have a barbeque. If you could only serve one of these traditional favorites which would you Choose?


Hot Dogs

Of course, along with either hamburgers or hot dogs, you may have as many side dishes as you like! That should be some consolation. Feel free to mention anything you'd like at your dream long as it doesn't include both hamburgers and hot dogs :)  Because this is Choose and Defend Wednesday! 

Thanks for stopping by...Happy 4th!