Saturday, January 29, 2011

Start Me Up

Saturday Scavenger Shots have been reborn!  Well, maybe.  We'll see how it goes.  ALL should feel free to participate.  Posting photos is fun!  Having a theme makes it even funnerer-er.  This week's word was chosen by Tara at Eclectic Spaghetti.  The word is...START

I thought about the task first thing upon waking this morning...thus you are getting this photo:
Here I am...ready to START my day :-)

That's it for today.  I had a couple of other things in mind...and also meant to get this blogged much earlier in the day...but you know how these things can go.  

I did receive word that I have been tagged to choose next week's word.  Yay!  I'm excited!  The word will be - JAR.  Go on an' run tell dat!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 5 - Unrelated

I like the themeless theme!  Sometimes I throw that in to a Storytime rotation, just to mix things up :-)  If you like it too, thank the fine fellow at Friday 5 and join in by posting your answers in comment or on your blog!

1.What’s your favorite kind of cracker? Oh, glad you asked!  My favorite kind of cracker at this juncture in time are Wheat Thins Flatbread Crackers - Tuscan Herb flavor.  You can doll them up with some hummus or cheese, but they are also divine straight from the box. 

2.What part of your residence gets the best natural lighting?  There isn't much to my residence.  There are two windows facing North, one facing East, and four facing South (the kitchen and bathroom are on that side), none that face West.  In the early part of the day, I can get good light throughout the place.  As the sun moves Westward, though, I get less.

3.What song have you frequently listened to lately?  This is going to be as random as this Friday 5 in general, but what first comes to mind is "Baby Got Back" by Sir MixaLot.  I feel like I hear it all the time, because I think Handsome Lad thinks it is funny and listens to it on his laptop quite a bit.  ~So they toss it and leave it and I pull up quick to retrieve it~  It's catchy!

4.What could you use a little break from? I could use a little break from missing DR.  When I give myself breaks though and decide not to think about it, it feels almost worse. 

5.What’s going on in your town this weekend?  Not much of anything that I am aware of.  My town must be having some quiet time.  I guess the youth basketball games are the 'not to be missed' events :-)

I hope your weekend is random in a good sort of way.  Don't forget to participate in Saturday Scavenger Shots tomorrow!  The word is...START!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cause I Wore Knickers Instead of Jeans

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday.  This week, I thought I'd present a topic of much discussion in the world of books.  Recently, a particular publisher decided to publish a version of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain with some racial terms that are considered very offensive today, changed to be what they consider more politically correct.  I know that the n-word was replaced by the word "slave".  I don't feel comfortable typing the actual "n" word, so I just won't.  I heard they replaced "Injun" with some other term too...I think Injun Joe became Indian Joe or something.  I'm okay with writing "Injun" since my kids are 1/4 Injun :-)

I am curious as to how people see this.  Is it good to provide an alternative that schools won't ban?  Or is it wrong to go back and clean up the past? 

Change Is Good (in this case)

Change is Wrong (in this case)

What do you think?  Choose and Defend!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Muddled Monday Most...I Mean Post!

Here I am, at the start of our supervisorless time at work.  My old boss, who moved up, stopped by this morning to just remind us that she will be handling paper worky stuff and all important decisions.  Unfortunately, she felt the need to say a couple of sort of insulting things about my boss that just left and that made me uncomfortable.  I predict that they are going to be a lot more careful to make sure that they next person they hire to run this department is a virtual clone of my old boss, so there won't be any conflict...and there won't ever, ever, ever be any changes.  This is a very timid organization. 

On the fun side here, we had a big program on Saturday featuring a sled dog team, the musher, all this cool equipment.  It was packed full and everyone seemed to love it.  It went really well and there was a nice write up in the local paper about it.  Apparently not everyone loves the Iditarod though.  Today a letter came in the mail asking us to stop "sponsoring" the Iditarod, as it is animal cruelty disguised as a sport.  Is this true?  I don't know enough about it, although the animals I saw were obviously well cared for and friendly, unharmed. 

Adventure Quest!
 So anyway, life will go on here.  At least everything at home is going fairly smoothly right now.  Handsome Lad had a basketball game yesterday.  It was fun because they played the other team from our city that is in the league...and they won!  All of their games are on Sundays, which is kind of odd, and probably not good for some people.  I like it.  Since I work every other Saturday, I had thought I'd miss half the games, but I needn't miss any of them.  I also think it is nice that Handsome Lad is finally playing a more team oriented sport.  He has been interested in skateboarding, running, and cycling.  All excellent sports, but more individual.  And I can very much understand his interest.  I actually really like the idea of individual sports, where you are really competing against yourself.  But it is nice for him to get the experience of playing with a team I think.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to face the week ahead with fire and passion!  Or at least firm resolve.  Or maybe even righteous resignation?  Whatever it takes :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 5 - Super

 It's Friday and I'm relaxing at home today.  This is the last day of the semester, so both kids get out early.  Big plans for a nice lunch together and who knows what else?  How about a little Friday 5 to pass some time?  As always, it is SUPER!

1. There are superheroes named Superman, Superfly, and Supergirl. Based on your performance this past week in whatever you do, what would have been your Super_____ name?  This week, you could just call me Super Meh.  I just wasn't feeling much of anything and I'm pretty sure it showed.

2. This week, what has been superterrific and what has been superlame?  Virtually everything has felt superlame to me lately.  I guess the most superterrific thing about this week were a couple of evenings when Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad had me in tears of laughter.  Also, there was a nice, quiet dinner out with Kick Back Dude...that was superterrific.
3. Which of Superman’s abilities would have been the most useful this week?  Can't he fly really fast and reverse the rotation of the Earth and turn back time?  Does it work the other way?  I really just kind of wanted to get through this week...have it over and done.  So I would have appreciated the ability to do that, I guess. 

4. What do you most expect will be super this weekend?  I suppose Handsome Lad's basketball game on Sunday should be pretty super.  Work tomorrow (Saturday) is not a super thought, but hopefully there will be no super disasters :-)

5. What are your thoughts this week about the coming Super Bowl? I don't really have any special Super Bowl thoughts.  I'm not a big football fan, so for me it is just another Sunday.  Maybe I will eat some chips in it's honor or something....

Have yourselves a Super Weekend and please feel free to play Super Friday 5 in comments or on your blog.  Now, for some reason I am craving soup....see you later!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Give Me What I Want and No One Gets Hurt

It is Choose and Defend Wednesday, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how you roll.  We all have our style, but I feel like I've been struggling with mine a bit lately.  What better way to work through something than to compel your friends to disclose their methods for moving through life?  As with all Choose and Defend questions, your options are limited and rather black and white, rather than shades of gray.  But work with me here and feel free to expand upon your choice in comments.   Are you in?  Alright then! 

Which of these best describes you as you make decisions in life?



 What do you think?   Choose and Defend!  Thanks.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day at Work

Yes, the library is open.  For my past 8 MLK days here, we have had to work anyway, but we had an in-service day and were closed to the public.  So, it isn't even that I expect not to work or mind working...but I do mind looking like we don't care.

 I am a great admirer of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I was really pleased when he got an official day of observance in his honor.  Now, I'm not claiming that I would necessarily do something "worthy" if I were not working today.  I love the idea that President Obama instituted...that it should be a day of volunteer service.  Yet, I'm not claiming I would go out and do volunteer service today if I had the opportunity.  What I do feel, though, is that it seems somehow disrespectful to have our library open today.  This is a Federal holiday and it just feels wrong for us to be one of the few government type places just saying - meh, what's the big deal?

Do you have any thoughts on this?  If so, feel free to share...or just tell us what you did today! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday 5 - Expiration

I am so pleased it is Friday.  Been a bit of a rough week at work and I expect next week will be too.  After that however, I have high hopes for it calming down at least a little. 

Thought I'd relax with a little Friday 5.  And if you haven't already been, head on over to Eclectic Spaghetti to check Tara's answers to life's little questions :-)   You can answer these questions for yourself in comments, if you feel moved to.  It's fun!

1.What was the most recent thing to go past its expiration date in your pantry?  Just this morning I threw out the remainder of a HUGE Mrs. Fields cookie that Girlie Girl's friends got for her birthday nearly 2 weeks ago.  It didn't have an actual expiration date marked on it, but I reckon two weeks is plenty long for a cookie to hang out.   

2.When does your excitement about the new year usually expire?  Oh, really quickly.   I get a little excited the first day, getting that "new beginning" feeling...but it doesn't last more than a day. 

3.What valued possession seems to be on the verge of expiration?  When my biggest fear came true and my car expired, I wondered what would be next.  So far, though, me and my valued possessions seem to be holding steady.  *knock on wood*

4.When does your current driver’s license expire?  February 2015.  I got a new one last year and it was fairly painless.

5.What subscription, membership, permit, policy, or other dated document are you most likely to allow to expire next without renewal?  My daughter's gym membership.  I got it for her two Christmases ago, because she really wanted it.  I knew how it would go...and it did.  And when it expires this coming December it will not be renewed.  At least not by me!

I hope you all have a nice weekend of rejuvenation and renewal!  It could happen :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And the Ones That Mother Gives You

My brain is more befuddled than usual today.  My supervisor (the deserter!) asked me to switch shifts with her, so I am working late today (Wednesday), which is very rare for me.  Doesn't take much to throw me off.  So anyway, for Choose and Defend Wednesday, I thought I'd go with a "Would You Rather" classic question.  Yes, there is such a thing.  It is on all the best "Would You Rather" lists.  Choose and Defend Wednesday, sometimes gets inspiration from these lists, if nothing is going on in the life of laura b. that is worthy of debate :-)  Um.  So.  Anyway, here you go....which pet would you rather have?  And why?  (That would be the Choose and Defend)

A Giant Hamster

A Tiny Rhinoceros

Remember, you can't win if you don't play!  Okay, yes, I know...there is no winning...but there is no losing either!  So Choose and Defend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Basketball and Surprise...Me Whining!

Here is Handsome Lad holding up his new basketball jersey.

Yesterday, Sunday, Handsome Lad had his first game in the new basketball league he joined.  They don't seem terribly organized just yet, but so far he is enjoying it and they won their first game with a score of 40-31.  You go, Hornets!  I have to apologize to Handsome Lad...although I would never actually say this to his face...he seems to have gotten his athletic abilities straight from me.  That is, he seems to lack some of the natural grace of the other children.  However, he is enthusiastic and I think that can go a long way in learning a new skill.  He is currently very devoted to the Lakers and to shooting endless baskets and dribbling lefty to strengthen that neglected there you go. 

In other news, I was surprised last week to learn that our supervisor, who has been here only about 18 months, is leaving us for a library closer to her home.  I know she had a long commute, so I can certainly understand.  Still, I am a bit disheartened.  We are going to once again be short handed in the department while they meander their way through the hiring process.  We will once again have to get used to a new supervisor.  This will be my fourth supervisor during my time here.  I guess that isn't entirely unreasonable in 9 years, but sometimes it feels unreasonable. 

In selfish me news, I am feeling a little disgruntled.  It can be so hard to keep in touch with DR sometimes.  His cell phone reception is very poor, so there are times when I will text and not hear back and it is just because he never got the text.  Or, if we want to talk, he has to go sit out in his garage.  I mean, he does have a house phone and we use that at times, but then he is always uncomfortable with his mom sitting right there.  Unlike me, he is not used to having nearly everyone of his moments monitored by someone else.  We can't IM, because he has dial up and it is nearly impossible.  We rarely email, although when we were first getting to know each other years ago we emailed a lot.  I don't know.  I'm trying to be patient.

Alright!  I'm sure the week ahead will be filled with happy dancing tiny furry bunnies and rainbows and the sweet scent of orange blossoms.  Thinking positive!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday 5 - Winter

Howdy, Friday people!  This Friday 5 is all about winter, a season some of us were sick of before it even started :-)   I am well known to not be a fan of cold weather, which is pretty much what winter is known for...but let's see if we can find the fun side of winter!

1. Where have you been that could best be described as a winter wonderland?  I haven't been up to the snow this year, so I guess most recently my Xmas Eve Tour of Lights would be the closest thing to a winter wonderland.  Otherwise, with lots of rain, this winter has not been terribly wonderland-y.    

2. In what way might you describe this as the winter of your discontent?  I'd say most of my discontent this winter comes because of the contrast to last winter.  Last winter I had DR with me, this winter I don't...that simple.  Otherwise, It would be harder to describe this as the winter of my discontent. 

3. What was the last wintergreen-flavored thing you tasted? 
Just popped a wintergreen Altoid, baby!

4. Is there anyone in your life who could be nicknamed Old Man Winter?  haha!  Not by temperament exactly, but I guess maybe my dad is starting to look a bit Old Man Winter-ish :-)

5. Now that the holidays have passed, is there anything good about the winter that remains?  Oooohhh...I guess my birthday!  I always enjoy that and it does seem to be a winter celebration, whether I like it or not.

Hope you all have a super chill weekend, doing things you enjoy.   

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rich Gentlemen Have It, Boys...

I thought we'd do something quick and dirty for our Choose and Defend Wednesday this let's just get right to it, shall we?  We're hungry and we're just looking for the basics, nothing fancy.  So, what should we get?



As always, make a choice - Choose.  Next, make a passionate, yet cohesive argument in support of your choice - Defend.  Simple!  If you follow a particular diet, feel free to think of something along these lines that you could enjoy with us :-)  Everyone can play Choose and Defend!  Yay!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Adulthood Day to My Darling Daughter

Once again, I am left flabbergasted that my kids just keep getting older!  Good thing I don't.  :-)   My one and only Shelly Girlie Girl is 18 today.  She says she's going to go buy a bunch of scratchers...I guess there really aren't that many priveleges that come with 18, but there are least in theory.  But as far as being responsible, I don't worry too much about Girlie Girl.  She is a very responsible person as a rule.  She is also, extremely social and funny.  I am always amazed when we are out in the world together at how easily she talks to anyone she comes across and she always leaves them smiling.  I know that things aren't always easy for her.  As I mentioned, she does have a lot of friends and we live in an area where the average income is....considerably higher than ours, lets say.  So she has to do without some of the things her friends are given.  She seldom complains, though, and I appreciate that.  I hope she will someday appreciate the things  she had to work a little harder for.  In the picture, she is shown between her two BFFs (BFsF?).  It was Bad Xmas Sweater Day at school and they are hard at work in ceramics.  Happy Birthday, Girlie Girl!  Can't wait to see all that you will get to experience in the boundless life ahead of you!