Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back to the Salt Mines

Coming off of a three day weekend is brutal. Just when you get the beginning stirrings of relaxation, its over! It was nice, though. Saw a couple of movies...one for the littles - "Kicking and Screaming" starring the lovable Will Ferrell...and one for Me - "Crash" starring a whole ensemble of good actors doing what they do very, very well. That was really a very moving and involving story. It made some strong statements about race and racism, both overt and subtle in Los Angeles today. Lots to think about, which is something I LOVE in a movie.

Finished the book I was reading, As Cool As I Am and mostly enjoyed it. I also read the most recent issues of Spin and Rolling Stone. My little bear friend, Milly, turned me on to this series of books called 331/3 The one I read was about The Replacements album "Let It Be" and was written by The Decemberists' Colin Meloy. I will definitely check out the others in the series. I am particularly interested in "Meat is Murder" because I have a star crush on Morrissey. And don't say a word, I don't care, and anyway ALL star crushes are unrequited...or they aren't star crushes! Yeeargh!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Cool Link to Cool Article about Cool CD

I meant to link to this article about this CD that I am enjoying these days. I am certainly above the target deomographics age, but I am still that gawky girl pining after the pale, earnest boy. Check out The Decemberists "Picaresque" if you haven't already, 'kay?

She Blows It!

Yes, its true. And it was great. haha! Just a smidge of juvenile humor there... Anyway, I already departed from the good intentions I had to be consistant with my blogging efforts. I drop a tiny note Wednesday, followed by a fat NOTHING on Thursday. Ah, well. Oh, and to top it off...that secret mission on Wednesday? The one I promised you details on? Not gonna happen. I decided to keep this secret mission really secret. I can say, however, that the mission was a complete success thanks to the amazing efforts of those who participated. Thanks Team C.

Okay, on to new business...is there any? Not much, I fear. It is a nice quiet Friday at work. I am looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend that officially begins when I walk out of this building at 6pm. Such a treat to have 3 days off in a row! I am hoping that I can really use the time wisely, doing important things such as sleeping, sitting in the sun, watching movies, eating, and reading. I think I am going to try As Cool As I Am. Fingers crossed! The bad part about long weekends is the extra time away from my long distance love. It is all about the email for us, really. Since I don't use the internet at home, we are out of touch. Thinking of him brings me great pleasure, so at least I have that...and I like to imagine that he is thinking of me too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Secret Mission Today

Wish me luck on today of all days. I will be on a secret lunchtime mission. Details to follow...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lunch @ LeRoys

My best girlfriend, Milly, and I are making a concerted effort to become regulars at one of our favorite close-to-work restaurants. Our schedules often do not coincide, but when they do, we have lunch together. We switch it up occasionally, but THE place for lunch is LeRoys on Huntington. Here is what someone random has to say about LeRoys
They are only open breakfast and lunch hours. I ONLY eat breakfast there. As a rule, I don't care all that much for breakfast, but at LeRoys at lunchtime it is a dream divine. For about $8 (including a drink and nice tip) I can get a couple of scrambie eggs (not a huge egg fan, but theirs are good!), bacon (apparently they just grab a handful and drop in on your plate), a MOUNTAIN of crispy tater tots (I always have, like, half leftover), and two pieces of toast (of which I can eat one w/grape jelly). Something about the place is just so cool. The people that work there truly make the difference. They are so friendly and accommodating! Plus, there is all that delicious food at reasonable prices.
So, if you are ever in the Arcadia/Monrovia/Duarte area have breakfast or lunch at LeRoys. Tell them the Librarians sent you!

Monday, May 23, 2005


I ended up having a rather horrid Sunday. I was pleased when it was bedtime and I could just let it go for the night, wake up and have another hectic week start. The busier I stay, the less time I have to worry about the retardedness of my life. I began a new book on Saturday evening. For those keeping score, this one is called Drives Like a Dream
More tomorrow, pinkie swear.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Which Napolean Dynamite Character Am I?

Her name is LaFawnduh....

You are Kip Dynamite and you love technology.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Best Friday Ever

Yesterday was my day off and I have to say it was a pretty great day for the most part. It was my baby's birthday...okay, he's not a baby, he is 8 now...but will always be my baby (poor thing) It was fun sort of making a special day just for him, where his little wishes were granted. He loved his presents and seemed to really enjoy the entire day.

I did get some time to myself, though, while the kids were at school. I ended up spending about 2.5 hours on the phone with my long distance man. He is the greatest guy! We haven't yet met IRL, but have spent a great deal of time emailing each other. It isn't the very most ideal way to get to know someone, but it has its good points. We can talk back and forth fairly quickly, but in written form you do have some time to make sure you are saying what you want to say. Still, things don't always come out right and sometimes moods are very difficult to read.

Anyway, what I was going to talk about was how great it is to talk on the phone with him! This was only our second phone conversation. I would love to be able to talk to him more, but between our differing time zones and schedules, and my relative lack of privacy, it can be a challenge. It is amazing, though, how comfortable and happy I feel talking to him! He is like an old friend, in all the best ways. I guess I am here to testify to the fact that long distance relationships are not impossible. They can work. It is all about honesty and making an effort to keep that feeling of being connected in a real way.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Book of the Film of the Story of My Life

That is the title of the book that I started on last night. It seems to be a good'un.
Not much else to report. I am feeling a little in the eye of the storm. It is quiet and calmish at work and at home. I want to go with it and enjoy it, but tend to focus on the fact that it can't last. Negative Girl...not just a Steely Dan song!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What "Flavour" (how Brit!) Am I?

What Flavour Are You? I taste a bit like Almonds.I taste a bit like Almonds.

Mmm, the taste of almonds - anathema to many with nut allergies, and a bad sign for many more, as my taste is not unlike that of cyanide. Am I good or am I poison? A risky thing to guess about. What Flavour Are You?

Pirate Reader

I finished my little pirate book today. It's only a tiny scrap of a thing, but so much fun crammed between the covers! Now I have to think about what I want to read next. It is inconceivable that I be without something to read. Honestly. I try to remember to bring something home from work, I have a couple of magazine scripts, I read two newspapers each day, I have my collection at home awaiting the in-between new book rereads. I'm sure there is some addictive component to my personality that causes the compulsion to read...and there is an obvious desire to escape reality. I guess there are worse compulsions. After all, its not like I miss work to go out on reading binges...I've never blacked out...possibly I am just a social reader! Yeah! Well, no...I guess it is not such a social activity. Works for me, as I am not a spectacularly social person all in all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Typical Tuesday

Here is what I have done today...

Got the chillens off to school.
Came to work.
Checked my email.
Did some busy, busy work.
Tried to make up a cutting edge name for M's clothing line...but was unsuccessful as I no longer know what constitutes 'cutting edge'.
Ate peanutbutter crackers and started reading The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe (hilarious!!!)
Did some desk time (boring!!!)
Checked my email again.
Wrote in my blog.

Don't be jealous that you aren't me! Struggle against your very natural wish to duplicate my day in the course of your own day tomorrow. It just wouldn't be the same, you being you and all.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Turning over a new leaf

Yes, it's true. I am turning over a new leaf, metaphorically, here at my blog. Going to make every attempt to post my allegedly fascinating thoughts on a regular basis.
Lessee...it is Monday, just coming off a nice weekend of hot hot heat. It was like summer! I even went in the pool, so you know it was hot!
I wanted to get to the movies this weekend, but didn't. I didn't even get a chance to watch the DVD I had intended to watch. I felt like I spent a lot of time either eating or getting food for others. Weekends can turn into all day eat-a-thons, what with everyone's wacky schedules.
I will be fasting this week...well, after lunch today with my girlies :-) Me and the CCs at Leroys. Nothing much better than that!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Record time between posts?

Wow, this blog is even worst than my last few! I posted once! Then, I sat back for almost two months to...uh, think deeply! Yeah, thats it. I was deep in thought, like Jack Handy. So, you are guaranteed quite a post at this point! bwahahahahaha! There are no guarantees in blogging, you fool!