Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday 5 - Baseball Cliches

Thought I'd take a crack at this week's Friday 5, even thought I don't really know much about baseball. I can fake it. Can you?

1. In what way this week did you strike out? I struck out in my attempt to stay out of the personality wars currently raging in my department at work. I couldn't be less accustomed to dealing with this sort of stuff. It used to be such a peaceful place.

2. In what way this week did you hit a home run? I'd say that is an apt phrase to describe the home run home building I've been doing this week. The new apartment is home now, and I would definitely call that a home run.

3. In what way this week did you make a twin killing? I bought a wireless router and installed it! Woot!

4. In what way this week did you make a diving save? I'm not sure I have pulled that off exactly...that sounds so heroic. Maybe some of the patrons I found materials for felt saved though. Maybe?

5. Who saved the game for you in the late innings? Um, okay...I didn't exactly install that wireless router on my own. The game was saved for me by a wonderfully technically inclined friend. Everyone should have such a kind and heroic player on their team.

Baseball been bery bery good to me.

I encourage you to play Friday 5 too. Doesn't even have to be on Friday! Do a post or just play in comments. Don't let me linger here in the outfield all alone!

Thanks for playing, and have a major-league weekend!


Ananda girl said...

1. I struck out when I over-cooked Squeaky's rice and StbX swears that I was evil all week. :(

2.I hit a homerun when I found several old school friends... one all the way back to kindergarten...who knew who wrote "Rebecca Scuddles is Oodles of Funch" on my shoe!

3.I made a twin killing when StbX laid flooring for me and did the dishes!

4.My saving dive happens tomorrow when I go stay at the Bears house and take care of Mikey Sat.-Mon. so that she and Michael can have owl puke collecting trip alone. How romantic! tee hee

5. Max saved the game for me late in the innings... its always Max.

crazy4coens said...

laura - i love that phrase - personality wars - i can so relate - you just want to say, down girl, down!

1. i struck out when i did not sew new pjs for myself. it was on my to-do list and it did not get done!

2. i hit a homerun when i wnet to a friend's house last night to socialize with the ladies. i didn't want to go - but i went anyway.

3. i don't know what a twin killing is. it does not sould good!

4. saving dive....i don't think i did anything heroic like that this week

5. my husband saved the game for me this week by taking stuff into the tax office. i hate going there.

laura b. said...

Ananda: I really enjoyed your answers. You are such a team player :-) I hope you're having a good weekend with Mikey.

Crazy4Coens: haha! I need you to come by the library for a bit and take things in hand :-)

I almost always have to force myself to do stuff and it almost always turns out fun. Glad it worked for you! Score!

crazy4coens said...

laura - thanks for sharing that - i thought i was the only one who has to force myself into social situations