Saturday Scavenger Shots

The Saturday Scavenger Shots word for Saturday, December 28 is CAR

The word was chosen by Cindy on Twitter @twindy5

We invite anyone who would like to participate in Saturday Scavenger Shots to do so! Simply post a photo, or multiple photos, of something that reflects the weekly word. How you interpret the word is entirely up to you!

You can post your responses on your own blog, Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter page...or any other forum in which you post! Just drop a comment to let us know you've posted so that we can check you out and enjoy what you've done :)

If you'd like to choose a word of the week, we also welcome that. Just let us know what you want to do and it WILL happen!

Hope to see your Saturday Scavenger Shots soon!

laura b. @ What Fresh Hell is This?
Jasen @ Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections

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