Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Non-Vacating Vacation

Today is the first day of my annual traditional "Get the Kids Back to School" vacation. I like to take a few days before and a couple days after they get back to school. It is a little transitional thing that helps me...if not them anymore :-) Anyway, we will have some time to get our supplies together and just hang out before we all get caught up again in our more hectic school year routines. My kids start school next Tuesday, the 25th. Girlie Girl is a Junior and Handsome Lad is in 7th. Un-fricking-believable. The babies of the family! Geez.

I really needed some time away from work, back to school excuse or not. I like my job, but I am tired. I don't take much time off, because I like to let it build up so that at Christmas time I can sell back a couple of weeks and help to fund the holiday. So....these seven days (five that are actual vacation days) are pretty special to me :-)

I do plan to have some down time for my very own self, so I picked out a few books to bring home with me. I've got The Book of the Moon by Rick Stroud, My Little Red Book by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, and Nose Down, Eyes Up by Merrill Markoe. What would I do without books?

Still, I will be around these here parts :-) You won't be rid of me THAT easily! I hope that you will join me in simply relaxing as we enter, what feels for me and others, I'm sure, like the true New Year. In case you have forgotten, here is what relaxing looks like...I'm hoping that some of you will be willing to share with me in comments how you relax. Tips and tricks appreciated. xo


Tara said...

Now that is a perfect picture of relaxation.

Enjoy the bedazzles out of your vacation, LB, you have earned it five, ten times over.

I wish your kids luck with starting a new school year! Girlie Girl is now a Junior in high school? I think the last two years of high school were the best for me.

Just a few more weeks and I'll be on vacation too. It doesn't seem quite real yet.

Churlita said...

I'm kind of glad we don't have the option of trading in our vacation for money. I'm sure I'd opt for the money, but really need the time off too.

Have a great vaca and enjoy the hell out of your kids. I'm sure you always do.

Ananda girl said...

Today I am practicing my toddler sitting zen. It's not very relaxing at this point, but I figure I'll be so pooped at the end that all I'll be able to do is lay in one place and remember when I was young and kept up without the exhaustion. Ha.

Ananda girl said...

I hate it when I hit the post button before I'm done. Sheesh.

Love the photo of those happy kiddos.

Have a wonderful and well deserved vacation. Good book choices... let me know how they are!

AlienCG said...

Vacation time is always important as it lets you regain some little bit of sanity. Have fun with the kids these last few days and enjoy yourself as well.

laura b. said...

Tara: Thanks :-) So far we are really enjoying our little time out from the regular world.
I bet your vacation will be great too!

Churlita: Yeah, I know what you mean. My vacation time seems to build up pretty quickly, so luckily I can have some extra money and time off...but maybe not quite enough of either.

Ananda: Good job on the toddler sitting! I know you made it through...all of you alive at the end :-)
I feel the same when I watch the babies...can't imagine how I did it everyday, but then remember I was much younger then. haha!
And thanks...I will let you know about those books.

AlienCG: I really, really needed it. Thank you!

Sebastien said...

Enjoy your vacation! Let us know about the books :)

And the kids are too cute, although I bet they get up to some mischief from time to time.

crazy4coens said...

I love the kiddies pix. They look like they know how to have fun.

To relax, I like to read, not leave the house and drink lots of water.

Have a great vaycay!

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Thank you and I definitely will.

They've been known to get up to a thing or two. Miss Personality makes a plan and the other two fall right into line.

Crazy4Coens: Thanks, they do :-D

Your way to relax is just like mine! So far, it has been a very kidcentric vacation, which is what I was expecting.

Thank you!