Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday 5 - Ugly

U! G! L! Y! You ain’t got no alibi! I'm feeling all moody and emotional today, so why not get a little ugly too? :-) If you'd like, I invite you to play Friday 5 with me. You can post it on your blog or just answer in comments. Or comment, but it doesn't have to be about Friday 5! Just say hi...I always like that and could use the company.

1. What’s so ugly it’s kind of cute? I don't know...a lot of things actually...usually animals. And maybe this tiny man on YouTube named Ping Ping that Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad like to watch...

2. What’s the ugliest article of clothing in your wardrobe? Probably the tie dye shirt that I wear EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. It is my comfort shirt...but I'm pretty sure it might be ugly from the outside.

3. What’s the ugliest car on the streets today? I am not into the aesthetic of cars all that much, so I'm not sure what is considered ugly. The ugliest environmentally are probably, like, those huge Dodge Rams that get under 10 mpg.

4. Under what circumstances are you most likely to whip out your ugliest behavior? Usually when my feelings are hurt. If I get weird and ugly on you, please realize I am hurt...not that it is an is a reason, I guess.

5. Which of the United States of America has the ugliest shape? This question made me laugh. I had to look at a wikimedia map showing the state outlines. Then I decided Maryland kinda freaks me out. haha! I also thought about how soothing it might be to live in one of those really square states, like Wyoming or Colorado :-)

Thanks for playing, and have a beeeeautiful weekend! I am really looking forward to visiting everyone's personal XANADU tomorrow.


Sebastien said...

I am not a fan of those box shaped cars, Scions I think they are called. Usually I like boxy, but it's too much for me :)

laura b. said...

Sebastien: There is boxy and then there are actual boxes. Scions approach the latter :-)

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I picked Maryland too!

laura b. said...

Kerri: How else could we really answer a question like that? Thanks for visiting and come back anytime.

AlienCG said...

1. That is one oddly ugly dog.

2. All of my clothes are pretty normal. Maybe my jeans shorts I wear for yardwork since they've got rips all over.

3. The Nissan Cube.

4. When I'm really, really pissed.

5. Kentucky. There is a small part of the state not connected to the rest.

cornbread hell said...

1. i plead the 5th. besides, it's REALLY personal.
2. there's this one article of clothing i scratched a hole in...yes, i still wear 'em, but only if i haven't done laundry in a while.
3. are there still any orange gremlins on the road? they were pretty ugly back in the day.
4. see answer @ # 1.
5. lemme see now...the state of depression?
oh wait a sec. you meant usa states? i think they're all beautiful. in their own way.

Ananda girl said...

hahahahahaha... I love this guy! Ugly he may be, but I happen to have an "Ugly collection!" I made a copy of him to add to it. Thanks laura b.!

I'll be back in a bit with my list.
I like this one... it's fun.

3GirlKnight said...

1. When one of my little girls gets really really mad.

2. A pair of shorts I keep wearing, even though there's not a line of stitching that isn't separating.

3. Anything with spinner wheels.

4. When I'm tired and frustrated.

5. I dunno. Louisiana kind of looks like it's flipping everyone off...

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I hope I don't ever get on your bad side :-) And what is up with Kentucky, all discombobulated like that?

Cornbread Hell: You can only imagine what happens when I am forced to draw my own conclusions. I assure you, it is not as pretty as Al Franken's United States...tres kewl.

3GirlKnight: Oh man, the spinner wheels...awful.
Ha! Okay, had to have a look at Louisiana...and it is definitely showing us something...not sure it's a

laura b. said...

Ananda: Oh! Didn't mean to ignore you there! I'm glad to help with your ugly gallery :-) And yes! Come back when you aren't all, like, datey, and do the list!

this new place said...

"so ugly it's cute" is one of the most hilarious descriptions ever!

Anonymous said...

Ugly! yet cute!


laura b. said...

TNP: Isn't it great? And it really applies to a surprising number of things...

Daffy: hee hee! That definitely qualifies :-D

Tara said...

Whoa that dog looks like it was not only hit by the ugly stick, but it looks like he/she fetched it too.

I think I'll do this meme, I need to get back on the blogging saddle.

Churlita said...

I grew up in Arizona and the rectangular shape is kind of comforting.

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! I like that...fetched it too :-)
Memes and the Eclectic Calendar have saved me countless times when I feel off my game. Go for it.

Churlita: Yes, for some reason I can kind of see the reasoning behind that. Your boundaries are clear :-)