Saturday, August 22, 2009

For You I Bleed Myself Dry

Last week's tag and choice went so beautifully! NoRegrets tagged AlienCG first thing Saturday morning and he quickly came up with this week's word...YELLOW. Good job, you two! Very efficient. I like the word, too. It makes me think of that Coldplay song...uh, YELLOW...which I loved in the day and still love! I also like how YELLOW can be used as a way of saying someone is cowardly. It is more fun to call someone a YELLOW bellied cur than to just straight out say, "you coward!" Plus, of course, I like the color YELLOW. Everything from a barely YELLOW cream to a deep buttery YELLOW to screaming neon YELLOW. It is all good. YELLOW feels warm and energizing. But let me get on with it here...yes, I hear the sighs of relief :-)

Here is my YELLOW:

This YELLOW vase is the very first thing that Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad, and I bought that was meant especially for our new place about 15 months ago. We found it at the thrift store. Girlie Girl picked it up and said that we could decorate our whole new home around it. She liked the YELLOW and the nice blue stripe around the top. We all agreed it was perfect.

Here is where the YELLOW vase lives in our new new home. It is on the kitchen window sill and I gaze past it as I wash the dishes. We never did exactly decorate around that vase, but it still fits in perfectly. And it will always be special to me. Almost like a symbol of me...or the kids and our new happy freedom.

I am looking forward to seeing what YELLOW means to the rest of you. Also looking forward to seeing who AlienCG will tag and what will come next!!! Look at the stars...look how they shine for you.


AlienCG said...

I like that vase. It looks like it would fit in with just about any neutral decor. I like your use of the word in the paragraph above.

To keep up the trend of quickly picking words, I tagged Ananda Girl who promptly picked SHADES as the word.

Ananda girl said...

Hi laura b! I see you have all sorts of SHADES of YELLOW for a smooth segue into the next hunt! Ha. How fun is that? I love this game.

Your vase is wonderful. The lines of it are very fem and fertile. It says a woman of good taste lives here and she is full of great ideas.
Well that's what I think anyway.

I love to use yellow that way... You yellow bellied gutter snipes!
It feels good to say it.

Tara said...

I love that vase, it's so cheerful!

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Thanks...I am glad you like my YELLOW. And thanks also for tagging someone so efficiently :-)

Ananda: Love the new word, thank you very much!
I also thank you for your very kind words about me and my vase. It is funny how an object can have all this meaning attached to it, as this vase does for me.

Tara: I think so too :-)

Churlita said...

I love blue and yellow together. That vase is a wonderful thing to build your home around.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I guess everyone needs a starting point and that turned out to be ours.

this new place said...

i have a piece like that from when I got divorced and bought my own home. That's what it signifies, my own space. Now that I share it with my guy, it feels like my own space still but with a present in it.

laura b. said...

This New Place: Yes, there is always going to be the great meaning attached.
And that is a sweet way of putting it...I really like that...your own space but with a present in it.