Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey There, Slick!

Here is something fun to do, if you ever get bored. It happens to me on occasion. So, here I am hanging out in a fancy cocktail lounge in the early 60s. I think I am about to get the Don Draper treatment. Nice.
Mad Men Yourself. But only if you aren't afraid to be the cat's pajamas.


Ananda girl said...

What a hoot! I will have fun here.
hee hee

MrManuel said...

That was fun, thanks! I always do those Simpsonize/M&M yourself type things. They are fun!

AlienCG said...

I did this and I have the picture to prove it.


I thought I chose a background, I guess not.

laura b. said...

Ananda: Definitely try it :-) It is fun.

MrManuel: Oh, I do too! I love this stuff :-)

AlienCG: Sooo cute! Forget the Don Draper treatment...I'm going Alien hunting. haha!

Churlita said...

How very swank of you. I just made a friend of mine a swanky cocktail music CD with Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darrin and Dean Martin on it, so I'm feeling it.

dmarks said...

I first saw this yesterday. It looks to me like the style of Bill Cosby's Little Bill show.

Pamela said...

Hmm... will have to play it.

Hey, talk sometime about how the move went and how it's going in the new place. Or did you and I missed it?

laura b. said...

Churlita: That is the vibe :-) Sounds like a hep, swinging CD to me.

Dmarks: ha! I didn't get that at all, but yeah...why not? Dyna Moe vs. Varnette Honeywood. It's on.

Pamela: It's fun!

I talked a bit about it in THIS post.

It has definitely turned out to be the right thing to do. Thanks for the encouragement.