Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And In the Truth When It is Told

It's Wednesday, isn't it? That means it is time for Choose and Defend Wednesday. Thought I'd go for a silly one today...although it is also pretty difficult, at least for me :) Something in your life is going to change. You're about to gain an unusual characteristic. But you have a choice! All you have to do Choose and then Defend your choice. You can do that. I've seen it happen. So, would you rather...

Dance (anytime you want to move from place to place)

Sing (anytime you want to say something)

Give it some thought.  Picture your life either way.  Choose and Defend! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Dream Deferred for TWO DAYS

COMMUNICATION let me down this weekend.  I missed posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots on Saturday and even Sunday.  Here I am Monday evening finally getting to it.  Could have let it go, I guess, but I'm no quitter!!! 

This week's word (last week's word?) was chosen by Mrs Hairy Woman @ The Northern Sky Chronicles and it is a good one. COMMUNICATION.  Let me lay it down for you now, come on.

This is a bookmark I am working on.  It is part of the COMUNICATION that takes place between staff here and the kids who use the room.  This bookmark will help them quickly locate some non-fiction topics, that through COMMUNICATION, we have learned they are inordinately fond of.

We also encourage COMMUNICATION through storytelling.  This is from a couple of years ago at a Halloween program.  I'm preparing for that yet again!  The COMMUNICATION just keeps coming around in a seasonal, cyclical way. 

Music is one of my favorite forms of COMMUNICATION.  I am one of those annoying people who tend to put way too much into the lyrics of a song. This is from 80s Night at the Hollywood Bowl a few weeks ago.  So much fun.  That particular music, from those particular bands, felt like a COMMUNICATION from 80s me to 2000+ me.  We still get along okay :)

Hope you all enjoyed or tolerated this COMMUNICATION from me to you.  Not sure if this game can limp on without Tara participating, but I will leave it to others to make that call.  If it is played, I will come.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As Primitive As Can Be

In honor of this premiere week for the Fall television season I decided to do a TV based Choose and Defend Wednesday.  I was trying to think of similarly themed, yet wildly different shows.  And actually there are quite a few of them...nothing is new after all.  But this one seemed rather fun and interesting, so let me lay it on you.  Who are your favorite castaways?  The ones from -

Gilligan's Island


So, what do you guys think?  Who's your crew?  If you have never ever seen or heard anything about either one of these shows, feel free to choose based on the photos or the titles of the shows...whatever!  All I ask is that you Choose and Defend!  Thx.  x.  x.  x.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey all.  Just wanted to post a couple of quick little things.  You won't need to take notes or anything :)

- On Saturday, one of my co-workers made a joke about my super power being sarcasm.  Now whenever I open my mouth, my weird boss laughs maniacally and shrieks that she knows I'm being sarcastic.  Help.
 - DR has told me he plans to be here before his birthday, which is in November.  Fingers crossed, but as this is the second rejiggering of the original estimate, I remain wary.

- Um, Dancing with the Stars started again last night.  I know, I know...but YOU know I am unalterably addicted.  I have started a new Dancing with the Star page...see up top? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  Maybe someday when you are really bored you will read all of my witty remarks about each episode :-)  Also, please do note that after a few eliminations I WILL be asking you to Choose a winner during one of my upcoming Choose and Defend Wednesdays.  It is tradition!  And I love it.  And you like me enough to indulge me, right?  Right!  Right?

Guess that is it for the moment.  Come back tomorrow to play a non-DWTS oriented Choose and Defend.  And consider posting some Saturday Scavenger Shots this week!  Mrs Big Hairy Woman is blogging again and has chosen the word COMMUNICATION.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I've Tried Patience But You Always Want a War

Today's Saturday Scavenger Shots word was chosen by Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti.  The word she chose is a big one....EARTH.  Our planet, third rock from the sun, the pale blue dot.  Some of us are said to be "down to earth".  Soil is also called "EARTH"...elemental.  However you look at it, EARTH is important.  My photos were taken this morning when I got to they don't look too important or imposing.  Not quite fitting for such a subject.  Yet here we go...some EARTH for you.

Here are some Children's non-fiction books about EARTH. 
There is a lot to learn about our very own planet.

Here is the globe that stands by the Children's Information Desk.  It is a representation of planet EARTH. 
It is not terribly imposing when we scale it down so very much. 
Kids love looking at it and finding different locations around the world.

Thanks for joining me for this little celebration of EARTH.  Maybe I can persuade Mrs. Hairy Woman @  Northern Sky Chronicles to choose a word for next week?
I hope your weekend is heaven on EARTH :-)  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Gave Me Love For Free

I feel like I haven't posted that much lately (for me).  I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, not only at work, but in general.  It isn't all bad, but I have to say that some of it definitely is.  So I'm a bit Stressy von Stressenhoff.  I'm sure one day it will explode on your computer screen :)  Until then, let's play a little Choose and Defend. 

Looks like me sweet tooth is calling to me.  I have a delicious choice for you to make.  I can't handle the heavy stuff I tells ya!  So which of these candies (which I am convinced, sometimes work in cahoots to fool people) will you choose for your snack today?



There you go!  All you have to do is Choose a treat and Defend your choice with as much enthusiasm as you can muster when it comes to candy :-)   Sweet!!! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

There Always Seems to Be a Catch to Anything You've Ever Said

Saturday for a few more minutes here in the wild west, so let me quick get my Saturday Scavenger Shot up for you.  Would have gotten to it sooner, but it was a day full of...what else but....BAGGAGE.  That stuff we carry with us as we travel.  Everyone, every adult has some emotional and physical BAGGAGE.  And of course, you may have a nice set of matching Samsonite as well.  It's just more BAGGAGE.  I'm here to show you some of mine.
Oh, these folks again!  My BAGGAGE.  They come with everything you'd expect and more.  When it comes down to it, I suppose I wouldn't change a thing.  How could I when I see what I have now?  Sure, there is BAGGAGE in my life, but it isn't a burden but a great gift.

Ha!  Well here.  This is my dark little cupboard under the stove where I keep my reuseable shopping / toting stuff around bags.  A simpler sort of BAGGAGE.  I haven't got any, like, actual suitcases...if I go somewhere things are stuffed into the cheap BAGGAGE I've collected.  And that's how I roll.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my BAGGAGE.  I hope yours is light and brings fun things with it.  I can't wait to find out what happens next...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Us That Made This Mess

Have you come prepared to Choose and Defend?  I sure hope so, because today is the day...Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Today I am asking you to make a lifestyle choice. 

Would you rather live the life of ....

A Pet

A Wild Animal

So, what would you Choose?  And can you Defend that choice?  Also, if you'd especially like to live the life of a particular animal, feel free to share this in comments!  Remember, there is rarely such a thing as too much information :-)

Choose and Defend!  Thank you.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lay Back, It's All Been Done Before

Today is a COMPLICATED Saturday, according to this week's themestress, Tara!  It is a good word for Saturday Scavenger Shots because so many things in life are COMPLICATED to the core.  Then there are things that only appear COMPLICATED.  Further, there are things that need not be COMPLICATED, but we make them that way through our own ways and means. 

So, what have I got to show you that is COMPLICATED?  Let me see...

Here is Girlie Girl's self portrait of her first day going off to college.  I was already at work when she left, so she had to be the photographer :-)  College is a COMPLICATED time of change and growth.  I have a lot of confidence in my daughter, though.  She managed to negotiate the COMPLICATED channels of financial aid and has covered her tuition and books.  Yay!

Who is this guy?  Sometimes it seems very simple and other times it seems painfully COMPLICATED.  After 16 months of doing the long distance shuffle, it almost seems normal...and that kind of bothers me too!  Real COMPLICATED or just me making it COMPLICATED?  I remain unsure.

So, once again, I am a people person.  But let's face it, people are the most COMPLICATED creatures around.

I hope your weekend is good, simple fun!  Nothing COMPLICATED about that!  Next week's word will be BAGGAGE.  What do you think of that?