Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not to Be Seen, But to See

I think that Jasen, bloggendado de Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections, chose a great Saturday Scavenger Shots word with INSTRUMENT. I like the idea that an INSTRUMENT is really just a means to an end.

All these phrases went through my mind: INSTRUMENT of destruction....of surrrender...of accession...of obediance.... and so on and so forth. And of course there is the musical INSTRUMENT.  Well, that is where I went. Simple and straightforward. And I have pictures :)

Every few weeks, I set out INSTRUMENTs at storytime. It often coincides with times when I don't feel like messing with a craft. We have our little music time as an alternative activity!
The kids get pretty excited to choose an INSTRUMENT. They like being told to play nice and loud! I pick a kid-friendly, rhythmic song and we have a little parade around the room with our INSTRUMENTs.
I've often, although half-heartedly, wished I had learned to play a musical INSTRUMENT. I realize it is not too late, but I'm not sure I'm willing to put in the time and effort. It certainly is not as though I have an iota of natural talent. It would be hard work, as most worthwhile things are. Still, I think about it from time to time and fantasize about looking sexy on a cello or something... 
Okay! Well...let me wish you a Happy Easter, if you indulge and a happy weekend in any case! Keep your INSTRUMENT clean and let's see who Jasen tags for next week.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All My Life You're Haunting Me

It is Wednesday, thus it is time to Choose and Defend! Last week I gave you a toughie. This week I'm going to toss it to you real softly. Sweetly and softly...that's right.  This question comes to you in honor of an upcoming holiday. I am speaking, of course, of Easter. Now, I am not a religious person, so I don't celebrate Easter in the Christian sense. More like the old school rebirth of nature...springtime...thing. And I'm in it for the candy. So, I thought I'd ask - Which do you prefer and why?

Jelly Beans

Show me your sweet tooth, darling! Choose and Defend!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Can Work On Points For Style

As the chooser of today's Saturday Scavenger Shots word, I decided to follow Tara's lead from last week and choose a fun, easy word! This week's word is DOG.

First, please note how Handsome Lad enjoys both sleeping and DOGs -

Here is what I think is a very nice portrait of three of the DOG friends we've had. From left to right - Puppy, Tank, and Sage.

Remember my feline grandchild from last week? Sure you do. Well, I also have a canine one! Little Prince goes to the DOGs.

Now we are just about finished. Why not relax and have a nice hot DOG! Looks like Social Animal is ready to serve you.

That was a DOGgone good post! was okay :)  Hope you enjoyed this muttley collection.  I will tag Jasen to choose for this coming week. What will it be?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Was Never a Part of It

Choose and Defend Wednesday descends upon us again! This week, I am asking a question that is quite common in 'this or that' talks. But, surprisingly, I have not yet asked it here.

Simply put -



Neither one could be seen as a preference I suppose, but with which condition do you think you'd be better able to cope? Feel free even to mention how you would cope.

Choose and Defend and come again soon!   

Saturday, March 16, 2013

And You're No Friend to Those With Noses

Lucky us! Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti tossed us an easy word for this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots. The word is CAT and I had a plethora of pictures set to go :)

First, let me present my little granddaughter Love Bug...she is either cleverly disguised as a CAT or showing off a pretend CAT. Here you go -

Here is the pretty Angel CAT belonging to Love Bug and her family. Isn't she sweet?

This is a neighborhood CAT who hangs around. I got this candid shot from my doorway.

Finally, here is my best bear friend Milly taking a selfsie with her Hello Kitty phone. Hello Kitty is purportedly a CAT of some sort...but she lacks a mouth, which is tres disturbing. Still, she is a popular CAT.

I hope you enjoyed my many CAT pictures! That'll show you! That'll show all of you!!! *Insert maniacal laughter*

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thought I'd Something More to Say

Are you in the mood to Choose and Defend? I hope so. It is Wednesday, after all!  I thought I'd find out how you feel about our habit of changing the clock twice a year. Here in the U.S. we just returned to Daylight Saving Time this past Sunday. I guess it is not the same date everywhere, but does happen at some point nearly everywhere.

So which jump do you prefer, and why?

Falling Back (to Standard Time)


Springing Forward (to Daylight Saving Time)

Perhaps you love them both...but you must love one slightly more...these are not your kids, you know! Perhaps you hate them both...but you must hate one slightly more...these are not your exes, you know!

Now...Choose and Defend! Please. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Relief You Didn't Know You Needed

Lately, I have become aware of what a relief it can be when something you didn't even consciously know was bothering you is removed.

For example, when I work the closing shift on Tuesday and either Friday or Saturday, I get to turn off the Self-Check machine we have sitting on a counter at the public desk. 

It is a fairly substantial piece of equipment and when it is on it makes a sort of hum...just a low level sound that is always there. It is easy enough to ignore and it isn't that it is irritating...but when I turn that machine off and the silence falls, well, it is hard to describe the relief I feel!  I always want to moan a bit with pleasure at the non-sound.

I had that same sort of light feeling of relief, like a burden has been lifted, driving home last night when the sun was still out. It isn't like four or five months of the year I suffer terribly driving home in the dark...but again, I become more aware of how I dislike it when it is gone.

I was already thinking about these things when I did something to my knee this morning. My left knee has been hurting on and off, at very low levels, for the past couple of months at least. Nothing too horrible and sometimes not even there, I thought.  But this morning in bed I stretched and felt a sort of painful pop...and my knee is now pain-free in a way of which I am accutely aware. So weird.

I guess this all just goes to show...something. Not entirely sure what, but am willing to hear theories :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Send a Copy to My Lawyer

Mail is still coming on Saturday for the next few months, but I doubt very much that anyone has sent me a LETTER. Yes, LETTER is the Saturday Scavenger Shots word for this week. It was chosen by Jasen, ruler of Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections.
When I got word of the word my first thoughts were postal, I'll admit. Nowadays a hand written LETTER sent snail mail is a rare and wondrous thing! But I've decided to go with a couple of quick snaps of LETTER "art" that I have around my desk at the library.
The LETTER "L" is for lion...and love...and lust...and laura...and lablahblah.
The LETTER "L" looms large in my life :) 
This LETTER "G" came off a long ago cup of coffee. My best bear friend placed it on my 7-Eleven coffee. We call 7-Eleven coffee Gucci coffee because it is so fancy! So, this "G" is for Gucci. It might be counterfeit.
Thank you for coming by to see my LETTER post...not postal. Now, who will Jasen chose to chose? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet You All the Way

Ch-ch-ch-choose and Defend Wednesday is slipping past me! Better get on this now. How about this?  You are going to be immortalized. How do you want it to go down?  Which of these possibly, but not necessarily, complimentary things would you prefer to happen?

Hit Song Written About You


Main Character Based on You in a Best Selling Novel

What will it be, you superstar, you? Choose and Defend! Your reward will be my eternal* gratitude.

*until next Wednesday, at least!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Party, A Reminder

Hey all. Haven't done one of my just random talky posts in awhile. It is partly that I think I am a lot busier at work and partly that I just don't seem to feel like I have much of interest to say.  Not that this will be particularly interesting, but I do have a bit of time to kill :)

Thought I'd ruminate on a nice party DR and I went to on Saturday. Since DR has been here in California the vast majority of our socializing has been with my family...sometimes his family...and occasionally my friends. Not that we do a great deal of gading about. However, on Saturday we went to this gathering specifically to see an old friend of his who was in town for a brief visit. It was kind of a family gathering. I knew nobody, even remotely, besides DR. He knew his friend, his friend's girl friend, and a few others peripherally. People from his high school days, which he spent partly in CA.  It turned out to be a nice party. The people were friendly and DR was so happy to have time to talk to his old buddy. He quite deserted me, but I had gone expecting that and ended up having a very long talk with this Cheyenne guy, a few years older than me. He was super drunk and could spin quite a yarn. He actually reminded me a bit of my ex father-in-law. When we left, DR kept saying what a good time he'd had. He was so happy. I was glad he was happy, but also felt kind of bad because it made me aware of how much he is missing....not sure how to put this....HIS kind of people. Hard to explain. Let me give an example though. No one in my family smokes. None of my friends smoke. DR does, and when he's around us he slinks off like a criminal every hour or so. At this party EVERYONE smoked. I mean, it was outdoor smoking, but lots of it. It is more than that, but again, hard to explain.

I was glad he had that afternoon and evening to feel so pleased and relaxed. What I took away from all this was the reminder of how different the two of us are in some ways. Sometimes it is hard work to bridge the differences, but I think it is worthwhile.  I hope it is worthwhile. Yeah, it probably is.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Let Me Know That You're Mine

Even though Saturday got past me, I thought I'd go ahead and do my Saturday Scavenger Shots. It's never too late for such things! This week's word was chosen by my sistah of the blog Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti. The word is SHOUT. So...let's see if I can work up a SHOUT.

There are a few things that make me SHOUT in a good way. Here are a couple which I am willing to share on a public blog...

It is a lot of fun to SHOUT encouragement at sporting events. As a bonus, you can horribly embarrass your children at the same time!
There is nothing like SHOUTing and singing along at a concert. One of the best feelings ever.
Hope you enjoy my SHOUT out to the SHOUT. Like a scream, but without the horror movie baggage attached ;-) SHOUT it out! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday 5 - Lights

Made it to Friday, so I thought I'd reward myself with some Friday 5.  As you can see, this one is all about lights. Let me at them there questions!

1.Where’s a good place to check out some pretty lights? Locally, the best, best thing to do is take a short drive up Glendora Mountain Road after dark. Find a quiet spot facing east. Then you can just sit and enjoy the beautiful lights of the the San Gabriel Valley. It is very peaceful. 

2.How well do you sleep with the lights on? I can sleep okay with the lights on, but I do feel like a corner of my consciousness remains aware that the lights are on.'s not ideal.

3.What’s your favorite song with the word “light” or “lights” in the title? I am a huge Smiths fan, so I am going to go with "There's a Light That Never Goes Out" - And in the darkened underpass /
I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last / (But then a strange fear gripped me and I  / Just couldn't ask)

4.What “light” version of some food or drink is as good as (or better than) its regular version? Honestly not a fan of most "light", or more annoyingly, "lite" versions of foods. I guess the one thing I'm now accustomed to is non-fat milk. I worked my way down...2%, 1%, and now non-fat. Now full fat milk and even 2% seems rather rich.  

5.Which light in your house seems to need changing the most frequently, and which the least? It seems like the ones that needs to be changed most frequently are in the livingroom lamp. It has five heads or arms or whatever and one or the other is always burnt out.  As for least frequently...probably the ceiling light in the little hallway. I may not have ever changed that one yet, and we've lived there almost 4 years. 

There! Now you know all about my innermost hopes and dreams concerning light. Feel free to address your own light issues in comments or play along on your blog. Friday 5 is for everyone :)