Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Carried Karats for Everyone to See

Welcome to a lovely GOLDEN Saturday Scavenger Shots post. My arm is all twisty here, patting myself on the back for posting Saturday Scavenger Shots on an actual Saturday. Good job, GOLDEN girl! (I like to kick, stretch, and kick! I'm fifty!) Thanks for Jasen @ Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections for the fantastic last minute word choosing skills :)

Here is what I brought to the party -

Last night, DR and I decided to bake up this Cookie-Brownie Delight mix. Look at the box...You have your brownie and then on top, you have your chocolate chip cookie. GOLDEN delicious cookies standing out against the rich, dark chocolate of the brownie. Nom.

Here is the result. The chocolate chip cookie portion is not so much GOLDEN as it is brownish. Still, the taste was pretty fantastic. I mean, it was a brownie / chocolate chip cookie monster! Not as healthy as a GOLDEN delicious apple. Not as shiny as that GOLDEN medallion you used to wear against your chest hair when you went out to the discotheque. But pretty darn tasty, nonetheless.
I hope you are having and continue to have a magical, GOLDEN weekend full of adventure! Would you like to choose a word? Choose a word. Go on. Choose a word. Do it. Do it. If you do I will thank you in the manner of your choosing....because I trust you not to get crazy :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Pink Flamingos Grow

Why, hello there! Nice to see you here on this Choose and Defend Wednesday post. This week's choice involves a heist. I will leave the exact goal of the heist and all the planning and such completely up to you. If you have a heist in mind, that isn't too top secret, I'd love to hear the details. But what I must know...what all of us here must know is...

Will you execute your heist...


With a Team

As you've probably already gathered there are fairly definite pros and cons to each scenario. But what will you Choose? And how will you Defend that choice?  Choose and Defend!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Repeats (clap clap clap) Or Hesitation (clap clap clap)

Hey, what's going on? This isn't Saturday at all! Looks like....a Tuesday. Yep, definitely Tuesday. Yet here I am to post my Saturday Scavenger Shot.

The word - CONCENTRATION. The person who chose it - me. The reason I chose it - No idea.  Why I am doing this Saturday oriented post on Tuesday - I'm going to have to go with laziness :)

Anyway, here is some CONCENTRATION for you.

DR and I having our way with a very thick milk shake. It was the perfect CONCENTRATION of ingredients. If you check out the straws, you will see that my opponent is winning this race. No doubt it is his fierce CONCENTRATION on the suck, as opposed to my inability to stop laughing.
There you have it. Quite late, but I doubt anything bad will happen...right? Right? Oh geez...
Well, we'll see. Check back tomorrow, if you can, and see if I made it out alive to give you yet another awful Choose and Defend Wednesday post! :-D

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday 5 - Film Flam

Scrivener over at Friday 5 is in fine form today with a really fun one for this week. These questions are based on movies and are quite thought-provoking! Let's give them a go.

1.In The Spectacular Now, the main character is good at making everybody laugh. What social skill do you bring to a large party? I am pretty shy and don't see myself as the life of the party. However, if I can infiltrate a small group, I think I am good at asking people questions to draw them out. I am a good listener. Not a great skill for a large party, but not a bad skill to have, in general.  

2.In The Way Way Back, one character was supposedly there when, at the local water park, one person passed another on the huge water slide. What amazing or strange feat that everyone supposedly knows about did someone pull off in your area (or at your school)?  I can't really think of any amazing or strange feat...what comes to mind is that nearly everyone who works with me at the library at least pretends to believe that the ghost of a woman who used to work here haunts the building. She was an older woman, an administrative assistant, and she died when a car hit her in a bookstore parking lot. She was there picking up something for the library. So, there is this whole legend of the Ghost of Mary who wanders around the stacks at night and all new employees must hear about her.

3.In Austenland, the main character spends a week in a large Victorian-era house designed for fans of Jane Austen. In what book’s setting would you love to spend a week immersed? I want to spend a week in the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie-the-Pooh and those guys. It would be the most lovely, fun week ever! Smiling just thinking of it.

4.In The Heat, two main characters at first have great difficulty getting along personally, but they work unusually well together professionally. With whom have you had huge personal differences while still doing excellent work? Seems hard, to me, to work well with someone professionally when there are too many personal differences. Anytime I've had big personal differences with someone and we have still done good work together, it has been more a matter of both of us acting as professionals rather than working unusually well together professionally.

5.In We’re the Millers, a marijuana-dealer and a reluctant stripper pose as husband and wife in order to complete a job. If you had to do the same for an undetermined length of time, who could pose as your Platonic life partner? If we were posing as partners and it could be platonic, then I think I could make it work with my bestie Milly. We could be a nice lesbian couple and I totally think we could be convincing.

And now you know! Please feel free to post your own Friday 5 in your blog or in comments here. Or just comment. I am very into getting comments. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And We Do It With Flare

No one seems responsive to Choose and Defend Wednesdays lately. Well, not no one! The people who do respond are not to be trifled with! But still....maybe I need to ask less weird questions. Are my questions weird? Too heavy? Too hard? Too boring? It's not me, it's you?

I guess I won't give it up just yet. I'm no quitter. Just ask the nails I've been biting all my life. So. Let me try once again. This week's Choose and Defend will strive for simplicity and good times.

It is almost autumn. Why not make a little fire and get your s'more on? You even get three, three, three choices this week, as I ask you.....What is the best part of a s'more?

Chocolate Bar

Graham Cracker



 Which is your favorite ingredient (Choose) and (Defend) why? Thank you in advance for your participation.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

That Old Familiar Tweet Tweet Tweet

Everybody's heard about the BIRD, because that is this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots word. Chosen by Jasen @ Swamp Gas & Moonlight Reflections, BIRD is a word to be reckoned with. I mean, you could definitely go simple and straightforward with this. Which, okay, yes, is what I did :)

Come fly with me...or float...or maybe just stand around...

These ducks at Legg Lake have one thing on their BIRD They very aggressively encourage anyone who ventures anywhere near the water to provide them with something to eat. Honestly, I know it is silly, but these BIRDs always make me a little nervous.

This beach BIRD is a pelican. He knows how to hang out on the pier at Newport and coax food from people. Are you sensing a theme with the BIRDs? They would prefer to have food handed to them rather than hunting for it. Well...I mean, I feel the same.

Finally, a photo of my youngest son with the Most Interesting Cardboard Man in the World. Handsome Lad took this opportunity to flip the world the BIRD. Because apparently that is what teenage boys do. At least ones whose parents don't raise 'em right :)
Now, back to the book mines. It is very busy today and I have a program to present soon, but I didn't want to miss out on being the BIRD with the word. What's next? Can't wait to find out.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hi Choose and Defend Wednesday-ers! This week's came to me suddenly and is inspired by various social media postings. Today is, of course, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001.

So, let me just ask which you think is a more useful strategy on a day like today.

Remember the Past

Look Towards the Future
How do you roll? Probably a little of both. But if you had to Choose....and you do....
Choose and Defend!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm Winking at You

Saturday Scavenger Shots! Here! Here! Here! Now! Now! Now! Today's magic word is POCKET. I picked it, but I'm not sure why. I think I just like the sound of it. Say it. POCKET. Sharp, isn't it? Sounds like a game of ping pong, right? So. That's cool.

Anyway, since I didn't have anything in mind, I had to think. It was awful. But I remembered this book that I love.  Check it -

The book, A Sock is a POCKET for Your Toes by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon, has lots of cute, different POCKETs. It rhymes! "A POCKET for a bird is a nest, a bed is a POCKET for a rest."
Aw! Love POCKET!
Do I have anything else in my back POCKET?
No, sirs and madams, I do not.
That is all I have to say about that! What's in your wallet? No, no! What's in your POCKET!
I tag back Jasen @ Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections because we're the only fools who still play this once proud game. However, if you want to toss in a word, I'd be more than thrilled to play it and ever so grateful.
See you later! Don't forget your POCKET protector, ya nerd ;-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday 5 - Topically Unrelated

Here are some fun, random questions dreamed up by scrivener at Friday 5 for this fun, random week!

1.What’s something you think you could have been good at, if you’d started at a young age? That is a tough one for me. I've never been particularly gifted at anything, so it would have to be something I started young and also worked hard at. I do wish that I had learned an instrument, so let's say that if I'd started young and worked hard I could have been a good musician of some sort. I have a fondness for the cello.
 2.What TV show’s theme song do you really like? There have been a lot of iconic theme songs over the years. Some of them I like, just because they bring back happy memories. Recently, I watched the full series Southland on DVD. The first two seasons had a really striking instrumental theme song called "Canção do Mar", a Portuguese song by Dulce Pontes. After those first two seasons, they changed to something that just sounded like "Generic Theme Song". I wonder why?

3.What’s the dumbest dare you ever took, or what’s the dumbest dare you witnessed someone taking? I have never been a very daring person, especially as an adult. I'm not trying to be discreet or coy when I say I can't think of any real dumb dare I've ever accepted. Just dumb, as in ding dong door ditch know? As for being a witness, it sort of carries over in that I tend not to be around people indulging in risky behaviors. I'm incredibly boring!

4.What’s the most exotic thing you’ve eaten? Please note, once again, that I am incredibly boring. This extends into the gastronomic world as well. I am a very non-adventureous, one might even say picky, eater. Sometimes I can't get past the way something looks or how I perceive it or the texture. For example, I don't like mushrooms because they remind me of ears. I know. *sigh*
5.What was the last thing you changed the batteries for? Um. Let's go with the tv remote. It's better for all of us that way.

Thanks for coming along with me on this journey to the renewed recognition of what a dull, dull person I really am. It isn't something you actually forget, but it never hurts to have it hit home every once in a while. Please feel free to post your more interesting answers in comments or on your blog! I would love to read them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We're the Song Inside the Tune

It is Wednesday already! It snuck up quickly because of the holiday. And because I can't keep track of days. But anyway, it is indeed Wednesday so it is time to Choose and Defend. This week, you get to choose a companion. Someone you are thrown together with, say, 8 hours per day. Which type of person would you prefer to work and/or socialize with in the long term?

Someone with a Poor Self-Image

Someone Very Vain 

You may be one or the other of these types as well. How would I know? haha! But, this is about someone else. Who would you prefer to deal with on the daily? Choose and Defend!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This Musical Message is For You're an Animal

Because I can't get this video embedded and no one listens to my Musical Messages anyway :)