Sunday, November 29, 2009

Movies and Stuff

Even though I worked on Saturday, I still have the sensation of returning to work sort of fresh. I did still get three days off, so I guess that can do it. Now, only three more weeks until the kids get their winter break. I am taking the week off between Christmas and New Years and I canNOT wait.

Thursday was a nice day. As I sort of mentioned in my Saturday post, we went to my dad and stepmom's house. That all went well and made for a nice celebration. Afterward, Girlie Girl and I went out to a movie with Kick Back Dude and Princess Diva. Kick Back Dude wanted 2012, Princess Diva wanted Blind Sides. I voted for Precious and won! We all really liked it, although it was very intense and had parts that were difficult to watch.

DR came over on Friday and we watched this awesome movie called Anvil: the Story of Anvil. It was so sweet and charming. You don't have to be a heavy metal fan to enjoy this movie. Everyone mentions Spinal Tap when they mention Anvil and that works...but Anvil is so much better because it is real!

Saturday I worked, but that evening DR and I went to this Stooges film festival.
It was held in this beautiful old theater in Glendale. They showed several shorts, including one in 3-D. Some of the Howards were there and apparently stayed around after to talk to fans. We weren't there for that, but it was a really fun evening. I like going places with DR. We are sort of homebodies it seems, but it is nice when we find something we really want to go out and do.

Yesterday, no movies, per say. We just vegged on the couch watching episodes of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Funny :-) We were both very drowsy though and probably missed stuff. Oh well...what else is Sunday afternoon for?

I hope you all had a good long weekend and are ready to face the madness ahead that is the holiday season. Maybe tomorrow I will share with you my thoughts on that particular uh, pleasure. Ciao for now!

This Musical Message is for Our Wonderful World

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We've Been Good, But We Can't Last

First, I need to apologize as this week's tag got a bit fumbled. Dmarks intended to tag Ananda Girl and told me that. I think I was meant to pass that on to her, but didn't and by Thursday morning I was going Uh-oh! I had a quick chat conference with the Alien and he made the executive decision to just put up a word...that word, of course...LATE. Sorry about the mix up guys...but good word, right? Better LATE than never? I think so.

On Thanksgiving, we ended up running a little LATE. Girlie Girl had her regular hair straightening ritual, then we had to go by and pick up both my mom and Miss Personality. It was the four generation girl car. Kick Back Dude had the rest of his family, including Princess Diva's mom who was in town. And of course, before we all set off we had to stop for a road snack or two. So yeah, we were running a little LATE.
Here is my dad and stepmom's house, where we finally did arrive...really only the tiniest bit LATE.

Right before our Thanksgiving meal was served, my dad had to stand and give a little speech. He does it every year and never seems to get any better at it. It starts off kind of like a blessing, but this year devolved into him quizzing Girlie Girl about why the pilgrims came to begin with, talking about soldiers, which I guess is nice, and he always ends with wishing us a safe drive home, which makes us feel like we should be leaving soon.

You can see the little guys just gather around the chips...their lunch was LATE :-)

Anyway, in spite of some LATE activities, it turned out to be a very nice day. Have you been LATE for anything LATEly? Hope some of you get to play, in spite of the LATE arrival of the word. And thanks for stopping by and right on time, too!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful

I am thankful for my children, grandchildren, parents, sister, niece, and nephews. Our blood and our love binds us in complicated ways that we can never explain. There is nothing like this helpless, pure love with its deep comfort and occasional pain.

I am thankful for the family of my friends. Some of them I see often, some of them I have never met face to face. But they give my life! My heart, mind, and soul are so enriched by each and every one of my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enough mush, let's eat!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble it Up and Ask for More!

Special Note: Congratulations to Ananda Girl! You chose Donny Osmond as the winner in Dancing with the Stars and last night he was handed the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy! Congratulations, Donny! I love you! And congratulations to Ananda Girl too! You have won a $25 Target gift card. Email me at and tell me where to send it :-) And thanks very, very much to all of you who participated. It made watching the show even more fun for me.

Now onward...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and today is Choose and Defend Wednesday. I wanted to somehow give you a Thanksgiving-y choice, but couldn't come up with anything very interesting. Um, well, yes, I am aware that happens quite a lot and I ask anyway. But listen. Let's just go crazy and open this baby up. Instead of giving you two choices the world is your oyster! Or turkey. Or green bean casserole. Whatever.

This week, in honor of one of my very favorite holidays, will you please Choose the ONE thing, out of the many wonderful things in your life, that you are most thankful for. You don't even need to defend your choice this time. Because you just know in your heart what deserves that place of honor. So please, it would make me so happy to read about it...what are you most thankful for this year?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fake Stuff is the Best!

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, accomplished Jai Alai champion and beloved opera singer, founded VMIIUGI in 1997, with one simple mission statement: to apply the values of synergy and human capital to business ventures and other fiduciary instruments as guidelines of the building blocks of corporate foundation as per ventures incorporated and such as.
Now a huge multi-national corporation, VMIIUGI is so big it's like maybe Von Matterhorn is a bad guy from a James Bond movie, except he's totally sweet and all of his body parts work normally.(Some of them above average. What up.) But he's not a bad guy. I mean, he's a little bad, drives a motorcycle, that kind of thing, but just the right amount of bad where he's not boring and maybe the right girl could turn him into a real catch. Boyfriend material, if we're being honest. But she'd have to be something really special. Like 36C at least.
Von Matterhorn is an industry leader in the manufacture of cute shoes, walk-in closets, chocolate, ponies, chocolate ponies, and female orgasms.

DR emailed me that and since I don't watch How I Met Your Mother, I didn't know what he was talking about. Sure, I wanted to meet this Lorenzo fellow, even if he was the creation of a creation. (^.^) Anyway, apparently Lorenzo Von Matterhorn was a Google phenom for a day or two last week :-) Made me laugh.

My other Fake boyfriend is this guy - He's milktastic.

For more fun, please feel free to visit for all you It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans. Hello? Um, okay...guess that's just me. But anyway, fake stuff rules!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Today's Eclectic Holiday is Let Your Freak Flag Fly Day. Did you know this? Well, now you do. I think originally, as the term was used in a song, it was about men with long hair. But since the hippie days it has come to mean anything about yourself that is different or maybe even hidden. Your freak flag isn't a bad thing...but maybe just a bit unusual. Something that, at the heart, makes you YOU. At least that is how I've come to interpret it.

Anyway, since I wanted to celebrate today, I gave some thought to my own freak flag (s) and how I could fly them. What's my thang? I'm not a particularly unconventional person. But then again, even when I was younger I wasn't really the kind of person who cared all that much about being cool...and the fact that I even used the word "cool" probably says something too. After careful consideration, meet my freak flag. Watch it fly.

I think a lot of you have seen this, but it is a something about me that sets me apart a little bit. It is the circus that lives underneath my desk. Coincidentally, a part-time librarian from Reference just came over here, where she apparently never ventures, and had to note how "cluttered" my desk was. Uh, yeah, it is called creativity, beeyotch. haha!

Another different thing about me might be my slight obsession with bears. Especially ones who have been captured and are forced to perform for the crowd. I don't know. I relate. Maybe somewhere in my heart I just want to catch fish and poop outside. Okay, that was gross, sorry.

I hope you all had a freaky deaky weekend and are anticipating a tee-riffic Turkey Day. And don't be me your Freak Flag! Let it fly. I will only respect you more, I promise.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Can Listen to You, It Keeps Me Stable for Nights

My first thought when Dmarks gave us this week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word involved a certain Mr. Ric Ocasak and his band. You know...The CARS. Yes, this week's word is CARS. Gary Neuman sang about them, we drive them (or at least ride in them), and the American industry that builds them has been famously or infamously "bailed out". I live in Southern California, so they are everywhere.

See? This is what I might be looking at on my way to work. CARS, CARS, and more CARS. Yes, I did take that while driving. No that is not so safe, sorry. I refrained from photographing the many lots selling CARS that I pass by each day. So there's that.

Sometimes CARS make life fun. Driving can give you a chance to think, listen to music, or talk to whoever might be along for the ride. Yesterday, Friday, I went to the grocery store with Milly at lunchtime. We listened to The Chipmunks Christmas CD. Me, I want a hula hoop. It was the first thing that has made me feel at all holiday-ish, so kudos to CARS I say!

Finally, sometimes SNL is still funny. This skit from last week about parents, teens, and CARS made me laugh...

You saw my CARS. You were very well behaved and did not distract the driver, so I thank you. All that is left now, is to see who Dmarks will tag for next week's Hunt :-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 5 - Book Titles

This week’s Friday 5 incorporates one of my favorite things...books, of course! I couldn't pass it up.

Here is the Friday 5 author's comment: Each of this week’s questions is the title (modified, in a couple of cases) of a well-known book. Just, you know, do your best. The final comment was: I’ve got a feeling these will not be received warmly…

But I like them! And I hope you will too. Feel free to blog them or respond in comments or talk to me about your weekend or anything else. I'm here for you.

1.What color is your parachute? It changes. You've seen it
:-) Some days it is a bright, sunny yellow. I prefer that and work on maintaining it. Sometimes the yellow fades to dull, cloudy gray and I have to throw that pup in the wash and give it some tender loving care so it can glow again.

2.Who moved your cheese? The better question would be...who didn't? Everyone I encounter, even casually, has the potential to move my cheese! Um, that just means "change my life" in this context. When I read it again, my mind went to a naughty place and I didn't want y'all to think I'm an easy Earth girl or something...

3.Where’s Waldo? Continuing to fight his banishment for appearing alongside a tanning topless woman at the beach. You must remember, you are the company you keep. *sigh*

4.Are you my mother? Not unless you are one of five very specific people :-)

5.What’s happening to your body? Well, quite frankly I couldn't say for certain. I know it is mine. I'm wearing it. But I'm not sure what is going on! haha! Aw, I'm kidding, sort of. My body has sort of maintained a certain status quo since after my second or third child came along. It is strong and useful and has a certain charm if you are into the rounder side of life, I guess.

I hope you all have a bee-ay-you-tee-full weekend. Tomorrow...CARS! And now...Home, James! Ta!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bearily I Roll Along

My two latest acquisitions from the Sebastien Millon Bear Collection of Fine Ts.

I was so excited to come home from work yesterday and find a)Disc 1 of My So-Called Life, and more importantly, b)a package from the desert wilds of Arizona. Two more bear shirts for me! Today I am wearing the red "Floating is Fun" shirt and everyone here is loving it. I am saving "Je mange les petites enfants" for when I do a storytime or some other children's program. Hopefully someone in there will know some French...although the visual is pretty clear. :-) Anyway, I think that most of you who stop in here also stop in at Sebastien's blog Chronically Sick, But Still Thinking I Think. However, if you don't or if you haven't lately, get on over there and have a looksie. He creates amazing art that is fun in a bit of a twisted way. After you finish here, of'll just take a sec.

Oh, I wanted to mention something about item a), My So-Called Life. Angela was the good girl going over to the dark side with the 'bad' kids a full five years before Lindsey Weir did it in Freaks and Geeks. I hadn't quite put it together before, but since I just recently finished watching Freaks and Geeks again I was able to make the connection. I'm quick like that. Apparently, I am drawn to that sort of thing, as these are two of my favorite tv series. Sadly, I think I am most like the two sort of mildly pathetic, left behind best friends (Sharon and Milly, respectively), wondering how things suddenly changed. I'm one of the most easily flummoxed people I know :-)

One last little tidbit...I know you are all deeply concerned with this, so please note that 3GirlKnight, Ananda Girl, and NoRegrets have chosen the finalists in the coming week's Dancing with the Stars finale. I wish you all the best of luck. Start thinking about how you'll spend those 25 bucks at Target if your "celebrity" "dancer" takes home that coveted mirror ball trophy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Though You've Stopped Me Once Again, That's Not the End of the War

Today is Wednesday. That would be...Choose and Defend Wednesday. And I find myself feeling a little vengeful. But not much. Still, I am interested in the emotion and would like to hear how you handle it. When someone has done you wrong, done you wrong, wrong, do you handle it? Choose and Defend. Do you...

Seek Vengeance

Let It Go

Now is your chance to tell everyone how you handle your sh!t! Inspire us to greatness with the defense of your choice! I'm ready. Go.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random is My Middle Name

It is! Really! Anyway, here is some random stuff.

Looking up pictures disguise a multitude of flaws. Awesome.

* Yesterday, my dad was so rude to me on the phone that I started crying at work. My stepmom, who is always on the phone in tandem with him felt so bad and kept trying to make it better. I told him I was upset and was at work and needed to get off the phone. Since then he's called back a few times, but I haven't answered. I will call him back, but I need to decide how to handle it. He's not an easy person to talk to.

* Today I am feeling particularly unlovely. You know those days? I dislike being made aware of my physical self. Mostly I go around looking out my eye holes, you know. But sometimes I suddenly look at myself and just go, "Good gawd!" It passes though, fortunately.

* Tomorrow is "Album Sides Wednesday" on 100.3 The Sound. They play actual album sides and old people like me get super pumped to hear those crackles and pops. I am so going to listen at my desk...even though I don't have much time at my own desk on Wednesdays. There is the drive too, of course.

So, there you have it. My past, present, and future. All random. And okay, okay, I give up! My middle name is not really Random. It is Slappy. There, glad we got that settled.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Separated at Birth

Another Camper Twin spotted.

Another weekend over already. My, how they do fly. I watched a lot of movies and ate quite a bit, so I feel pretty good about how I spent my time :-) DR and I watch a lot of movies, but on Saturday we managed to take our act on the road. We saw Men Who Stare at Goats and Michael Jackson's This is It. I had been wanting to see the former and I really enjoyed it. I don't do movie reviews, but you can walk away from my blog today knowing I liked it :-) The latter I hadn't been so enthused with, honestly. Not that I don't like Michael Jackson...but I don't like Michael Jackson, I guess. I'm glad that I saw it after all. It was really interesting seeing how he worked. The film included mostly footage shot towards the final stages of preparation for his comeback or final or whatever kind of tour it was going to be. I will say that it would have been a spectacular show. And it was interesting to see how well he seemed during that time before his death. Worth seeing for even the casual fan, I'd say.

Sunday I babysat Little Prince for a while. We had a nice time hanging out together...he's the most mellow little guy. Later that afternoon we all went out to eat and got those two people for $20 deals at Chilis. So. Much. Food. I was okay, but I think DR might have hurt himself. haha!

I finished the book I found on my quest last week, Pursuit of Other Interests. I liked it so much I decided to go back and read an earlier book of his called The Rich Part of Life. I have sometimes found that going back in someone's canon can be a mistake, but I am hoping for the best. I like this guy's style.

Anyway, it was a good weekend...should be a good week. This week, I am choosing to focus on finding balance in my life. I think everyone struggles with this. I know I do. I just want to put a little time into remembering to, oh, every so often change the focus of my thoughts...I can get very caught up in my head, as you poor darlings have experienced time and again. Know that I am working towards clarity and towards feeling more comfortable with uncertainties. Wish me luck :-)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Matter How Hopeless, No Matter How Far

Hello, faire pilgrims! Welcome to my QUEST. QUEST, this week's word for the Saturday Scavenger Hunt, was chosen by me, laura b! I was thinking about the nature of the QUEST...setting off in search of something, finding it, and bearing it proudly home. Sounds kinda old skool, but we all do it! Come with me now...on my QUEST for...something to read over the weekend. :-)

The QUEST begins by leaving the office...I must venture out into the stacks to find what I need.

Down the hall, my QUEST continues. My target is in sight.

Here we see the gold standard for my QUEST. A "new" book. Among my favorite sections library wide.

My QUEST has been successful! A new and interesting looking book to read! Huzzah!

I am always on a QUEST for good reading materials. It was nice to have company this time. If by nice I mean a little embarrassing. I hope your QUESTs are just as awesome and inspiring silly and pointless as mine. Then I won't feel quite so silly and pointless :-) If I can get his attention, I am going to try and tag dmarks for this coming week. So join me in rattling his cage and seeing if he's up for it, will you? I thank you gude sirs and ladies.

Welcome the sixte, whan that evere he shal. For sothe, I wol nat kepe me chaast in al.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 5 - Shapes

Welcome to another fabulous Friday 5. This one, as you can see, is all about shapes. Feel free to participate in your blog or in comments. Or just comment about anything. Nice day we're having, eh? And it is Friday!

1.What is your favorite shape of pasta? I like something hearty that holds the sauce, so I'm gonna be bold and go with penne.

2.Which of the Lucky Charms marshmallows is (or was) your favorite? Can't go wrong with a classic Pink Heart. Also, the Rainbow is very nice. I still love me some Lucky Charms, by the way. I didn't stop eating them when I "grew up". haha!

3.Of people you know who are older than forty, who’s in the best shape? As far as I can tell, one of my blogging friends has anyone I know IRL trumped. Churlita takes the cake here...or not cake...she takes the prize!

4.What shape is one of the more interesting scars on your body? I have the kind of light skin that doesn't really scar. My little belly button scar from my tubal is kind of like a, fascinating?

5.Of a human’s internal organs, which you think has the most interesting shape? The brain, baby. That thing is all full of folds and creases and it just looks important. And guess what? Turns out, it is!

Thanks for participating, and have a ship-shape weekend! I look forward to our QUEST tomorrow!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, DR!!!

Here is a picture of DR taken by Miss Personality last weekend.

Today is DR's birthday...I can prove it! It is on the Eclectic Calendar, so you know it's true. :-)

I haven't had a healthy, loving relationship with a man in years and years. Now, having DR in my life, I feel something like amazement every single day. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that there is no reason I can't have this...have him. There is always a balance of letting myself feel the joy this brings me, without burdening our relationship with unrealistic expectations. My relative inexperience can make it hard for me to balance like that, but I work on it every day.

Happy Birthday, DR! I love you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shout Out Your Numbers Loud and Strong

I thought I'd attempt a special Veterans Day edition of Choose and Defend Wednesday. I was sort of stymied as to what choices I could offer. Being a bear of very little brain, I had to think and think and think this over. Sadly, this is what I came up with. If any Veteran should stumble upon, sorry...and thank you for your service to our country.

What would you rather do on Veterans Day? As always, Choose and Defend!

Watch a Band of Brothers marathon
Go to a Veterans Day parade

I'm sure you have a myriad of activities going on during this special bonus day off...but if you had to choose one of these...which would it be and why? Choose and Defend. Uncle Sam wants you! (to Choose and Defend)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Identical? Fraternal? Any Other -al?

We have photographic evidence that Camper is actually a twin to two other people in the library...we expect that number to grow.

Sorry about yesterday. Seems like I sounded upset or like I had a bad day. Really, it was just a very busy day. Last week I was having an issue or two, but I am feeling much less anxious now. So, there may be more angst to come, but not today:-)

I had an excellent weekend. DR came on Friday evening and we went to have dinner and hang out with Kick Back Dude and his family. Girlie Girl took Miss Personality to our house to spend the night. The next day we all went to the park and had a late lunch together. Sunday was a quiet day. DR and I slept in and lounged around, did some shopping, and ate sammiches. Every small thing is better with DR around. I love him so.

The only thing marring my happiness right now is that Handsome Lad is following his dad's lead and has reacted to me being involved with someone by withdrawing. It hurts me...I know it hurts Handsome Lad too. But I also know that he will come around. He's my baby and that will never change. The past few days, he has thawed a bit and I feel confident that his dad's influence isn't the only thing he feels. I do put myself in a position of looking almost uncaring, because I refuse to make things like this into a battle for Handsome Lad's affection. I won't tug at him. I wait, because that is what works with him. And it is working.

So, I am happy. Things aren't perfect, but they seldom are in real life. But I am happy and lucky and I even have tomorrow off work for Veterans Day. Awesome. Now, I have to try and find an outfit that Camper would possibly wear and put it into rotation for my special surprise Twin day. haha!

Monday, November 9, 2009

You Can't Tell Today, But I Like You

It has been one of those days when between my day and my obstinate work computer, I have been unable to put together a nice, friendly post for all y'all. In related news, The Eclectic Calendar says that today is "Chaos Never Dies Day". Yeah, I am feeling that.

Tomorrow I will attempt a reasonable post. For today, know that I love ya and blame it on the chaos...which never dies.

Tagged! I am *IT*. But Then, You Knew That...

haha! Oh, I kill me. Thank you for the tag, Tara! Our word for this week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt is....QUEST. Do what you will :-)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yet Can Anyone Stand the Wisdom I Bring?

Welcome to Saturday, Scavengers! How was the Hunt for you? Let us all thank Eclectic Tara for the word CONCOCTION. Don't you love it? I know I do. And guess what? I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. Okay...I'll show you mine anyway. Here you go:

I call this DR's CONCOCTION. It is also called S'mores Cake and we made it last weekend. Well, DR made it. I helped, kind of. It was like cooking with a kindergartner (for him, not me!) 'Do you want to add some of the chocolate chips? about some more marshmallows?' I am so lame. It was really fun though...and so delicious and sweet.

I hope you enjoyed my CONCOCTION. Please feel free to help yourself to a square or two. I am good to my guests like that :-) I am excited to come around and see all of your CONCOCTIONs and also to see who Tara tags for next week. Eat up!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday 5 - Fall Classic

Meet the latest incarnation of the library hamster, M.C. Hamster. Can't touch this. You can't see it in the photo, but there is a word bubble over him with the words to Can't Touch This on it...My, my, my...

This week’s 5 over at Friday 5 honors the World Series. Not that I know anything about this, but luckily knowledge of the game isn't really needed to answer the following 5 questions. If I can do it, you can do it!

1.According to the cliche, if you “spare the rod,” you “spoil the child.” Who in your life was probably spared A Rod while growing up? I guess I was. My mom was not a punish-y type of mom at all. I wasn't particularly naughty and didn't push many boundaries so it probably didn't spoil me. Probably.

2.In how many directions this week did you feel you were being Yanked? Oh, I think we all tend to feel "Yanked" in countless directions every single day. This week was certainly no exception. I just felt a bit less able to cope with it than usual.

3.On whom have you depended for relief this week? You guys, for sure! Plus, DR, Milly, Girlie Girl, Kick Back Dude, and the 3 Musketeers that I work with. Looking at that long list of dependable people makes me feel lucky :-)

4.Who deserves a standing ovation this week (or even a hip-hip Jorge)? I'd like to applaud some of our blogging friends. Let's hear it for Churlita, who just bought a house! Give it up for AlienCG, who is very successfully participating in NaNoWriMo! And finally, show some love to Sebastien, who is producing art like a maniac and putting it on the most awesome t-shirts ever! Yay for you three!!!

5.When did you last have a taste of Champagne? It has been years and years. I couldn't even say exactly when it was. And it probably wasn't genuine Champagne, but rather a sparkling wine :-)

Thanks for participating, and have a grand slam of a weekend! I look forward to seeing tomorrow's CONCOCTIONs!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Busy, But So Undistracted

Love Bug getting her hurr did.

This week has seemed busy to me. My days at work are full and productive. I shouldn't have much time for introspection. But somehow it creeps in there. At the moment, it just isn't a good thing to be thinking too much. I know that the answer to pointless speculation is to distract your mind with other things. Keep busy! That's the advice, right? It's not working for me. Apparently I need to be unconscious to not be thinking about things that nag at me. And I think tiredness isn't helping. It just makes me feel more emotional and defenseless. So, I need to be busy, but not to the point of exhaustion. It is too fine a line for me. I am rambling, because...

a) I'm worried about stuff I can't really do anything about.
b) I'm undistractable.
c) I'm tired.
d) I use the word "I" too much, demonstrating my extreme self-centeredness.
e) All of the above.

The answer is:

e) All of the above.

Did you guess correctly? If you did, award yourself one gold star and a stiff drink. You could use it after reading this, right? Right :-)

On a more positive note, isn't Love Bug cute? Yeah, she is. Aw!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Put 'Em In Your Mouth and Suck 'Em!

It is Wednesday, so it must be time to Choose and Defend! It is Wednesday and I am not only tired, but also hungry! So let's roll with that, shall we? Nothing like a snack is there? And of course, there are different snacks for different times, different moods. Still, you probably have a default snack food. Something that almost always hits the spot. Let's talk about it. Choose and Defend!

Will you have...

A Sweet Snack

A Salty Snack

Justify your love. And don't even think about those awful times when you get sucked into a sweet / salty / sweet / salty snacking cycle. Focus on your favorite. You can do it. Choose and Defend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go Ahead - Put Me In Your Little Box!

You Are a Girl or Guy Next Door

You are as all American as apple pie, and you're so normal that you belong in a TV sitcom.

And really, that's a pretty great thing. You're a solid person, and you pride yourself on being quite down to earth.

You value your friends and family, and you don't need much in life to be content. You feel grateful for what you have.

You are honest and you have a great work ethic. You believe in giving back as much as you can.

Um-hm. Blogthings calls it again :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Back

First order of business...please join me in noting how weirdly similar Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert's cd covers are. What is up with that?

Okay, moving on...did you have a good weekend? It was kinda cool having Halloween on a Saturday, wasn't it? My weekend was pretty quiet, all things considered. DR came over Thurday evening. We weren't sure what the plan was for the weekend exactly, with everyone else's stuff going on...but there ended up not being that much other he just stayed the weekend. Awesome. I had Friday off, so we had some time to just hang out. We do things like laundry, and grocery shopping, and watching movies. It is deeply comforting to me to not have to do everything by myself, as I have for many years. Hard to explain.

Saturday was a work day. Apparently the people of Arcadia had alternative activities besides hitting the library, so it was quiet-ish. Yay! I wore my costume, sort of...the cape part. My friend Milly dressed up, because she was going to a party right after. One of the shelvers dressed up too...but that was it. Everyone else was not fun. We had thought we'd maybe trick or treat around with the babies, but I found out that my M.I.L. was going with them....uh, pass. So we had a nice evening at home. Girlie Girl went out to a party and Handsome Lad was in 'ignoring me' mode, out in the care of his dad. Only one little family ventured into my little complex. Luckily I had some candy on hand. Oh, alright. I always do. haha! Anyway, Girlie Girl and her friends came in late and loud. And apparently they had attracted the attention of some guys who were partying across the street...old men, though, in their 20s. Even after the girls came in, I could hear their voices outside. Girlie Girl handled it though. Opened the door and yelled, "Go home!" They did. And the girls settled down quickly.

Sunday was the great sleep in. Even with the time change...or because of it? I don't know. DR said it was Veg Day...but I did give him a mean look when he wanted to take a nap that afternoon. At least he says I did. But we stayed conscious all day, watching many, many movies. I even managed to cook a meal, which is one of those things worth mentioning. I get frustrated is like people think I CAN'T cook, when in fact I just don't WANT to cook. Geez. Big difference.

Then Monday came and it is back to the salt mines. Got Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad off to school. Talked to Handsome Lad's Resource coordinator...what a great guy, seriously. Made a dental appointment for Social Animal. And another week begins...
Hope it's a good one, for all of us :-)

PS - I have a question nagging at me. But I'm not asking it. Because when you ask a question, you better make sure you are ready to hear all possible answers. I am not sure I'm ready for that.