Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Aren't Going to Be Able to Go This Time

You know why? Because today is the day you have your weekly lesson scheduled...the one you are forced to take for your own good. You'll appreciate it later on! Since it is Choose and Defend Wednesday, you get to pick your lessons though. Choose what you are willing to learn and Defend your choice to the rest of us. You have your share! Yes, it is true that there are only two choices, that's how we roll here. So, fellow bloggers, what are you going to learn in order to better yourself?



Choose and Defend! After you are through, you'll probably get a treat of some sort for your cooperation and hard work. Might just be my thanks, but wouldn't that make you feel good? Choose. Defend. Wednesday. Oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

I will have to say....the piano. I wish I would have taken piano lessons. I wish I had some musical talent besides turning on my mp3 player.

Pamela said...

Piano since I did take lessons as a young kid and thus have a head start...

daffy said...

Oooooh Country Dancing please! *looks to see what's there*
Yeah.... Country Dancing then! hehe

Ananda girl said...

Piano-- I have already failed at it once, but at least I know I can gracefully sit on a piano bench!

Churlita said...

I took modern and ballet in college. They were fine, but I'd rather learn to play an instrument with chords. Then I'd follow up the piano by learning to play the guitar. Thanks for the choice.

MrManuel said...

I would love to learn piano. A good pianist is an amazing person to know. Plus, I don't really have a ballet body.

crazy4coens said...

I choose ballet - I wanted to take it as a child, but my mother - knowing best - had me take piano instead.

I need the exercise, and maybe it would teach me not to trip over my own feet.

(The feet tripping is probably why mom just said no to ballet in the first place!)

Tara said...


I'm not sure if I was clear on my choice, so I'll say it again. DANCE.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Somehow not shocked by your choice :-) I wish the exact same thing for myself. One for piano.

Pamela: Oh, you are so lucky! Very cool. Two for piano.

Daffy: Why I oughta... hee hee! You are such a wacky free thinker, trying to buck the system here. Duly noted that you want to learn country dance...but guess are going to be assigned to be - One for ballet :-)

Ananda: Can it really be considered a failure? At least you had some experience! So you make, Three for piano.

Churlita: Learning the piano is supposed to be very helpful for other instruments as well. And thank you for choosing! Four for piano.

MrManuel: Hey, keep up with that Wii Active and we will see about that ballet body. But for now, you are Five for Piano.

Crazy4Coens: So you already had your piano lessons and on to something new. I like that! Thanks for coming around and choosing :-) Two for ballet.

Tara: I'm not sure I understand...were you saying dance? I think that is what you meant so you'll make Three for ballet.

Everyone: At the moment we have Piano lessons in the lead 5-3 over Ballet lessons. A good race. I welcome more Choose and Defenders. Let your choice be heard!

Sebastien said...

Shoot. This is a hard choice. Funny thing is my gf is a professional ballet dancer and would kill if I didn't choose ballet. Well, she is too nice, she wouldn't kill me. I have to say piano, because I can't play any instrument and absolutely love music. Although ballet seems cool because it is very physical and I love the human form.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Given your girlfriend's profession I can see where you might appreciate ballet more than your average bear. Playing an instrument would be amazing though. You make six for piano :-)