Monday, June 8, 2009

More Morrissey. I Can't Help It!

Aw, no one wanted to listen to Morrissey. That's okay. But will you read the lyrics?

Let Me Kiss You

There's a place in the sun, for anyone who has the will to chase one
And I think I've found mine, yes, I do believe I have found mine, so

Close your eyes, and think of someone, you physically admire
And let me kiss you, let me kiss you

I've zig-zagged all over America, and I cannot find a safety haven
Say, would you let me cry, on your shoulder
I've heard that you'll try anything twice

Close your eyes, and think of someone, you physically admire,
And let me kiss you, let me kiss you

But then you open your eyes, and you see someone, that you physically despise
But my heart is open
My heart is open to you

He speaks to the adolescent whiner in me. I'm like, "Yes, get it, don't you!" haha! Someday I will be a grown up. That is kind of a long term goal of mine.

My weekend was fine, thanks. Saturday was quiet and Sunday was not. So...that seems fair enough. I will try to pull myself together and have a nice post for you tomorrow if at all possible. For now, here is a picture of Little Prince, a man who loves me when no one else will :-)


MrManuel said...

Never could get into him....

Little Prince is adorable though.

Churlita said...

Awwww. I guess if I only had one boy to love me, I'd be pretty happy if he was that cute.

I've never been a big Morrissey fan. I dated a guy from Ireland who was way into him, and the guy was a douche, so that may have clouded it for me.

Tara said...

Little Prince is so photogenic. Can't go wrong with a photo like that!

Ananda girl said...

Those lyrics touch close to home. Whoa. Beautiful but so crushing.

Don't grow up too soon. I'll be left alone!

I can see why he's the little prince. What a charming guy!

laura b. said...

MrManuel: Fair enough. You say Man U, I say Morrissey. Potato, potahto, right? haha!
Thanks, he is a sweetie pie :-)

Churlita: He has all the other boys I know beat, hands down. Not so bad at all.
Aw, I'm sorry your douche-y boyfriend had to ruin Morrissey for you. He does sound like kind of a dick in real life, but I love his voice and his crazy lyrics.

Tara: Us'ns here and our bad phone photos. He still manages to look good :-)

Ananda: He always writes these really personal and rather crushing lyrics. I am not so far removed from the misfit teens who leave copies of The Little Prince on his front lawn :-)
And don't I said the growing up seems to be progressing at a glacial pace. I don't think I'll be leaving mental childhood anytime soon.
And thanks...he is..."The Happiest Baby in The World". I picture those words in lights whenever I see him.