Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Life is Fun

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to do a little post today about things that make life outside of work fun. It has been a very, very busy day (at work) so I am only just getting to it now! Anyway...there are the sort of universal things that I think we all take pleasure in...our family, friends, music, good food...there are so many things we all share in and they are always worth celebrating. For this post, I thought I'd just toss in the one thing in particular that has made me feel the fun that is my life most recently.

Feeling Connected

There was a long period in my life where it was hard for me to feel connected to much of anything outside of my immediate sphere. Lately though, I feel myself opening up and feeling like part of the wider world. This is not a very clear thought, and I apologize for that. The result is clear, in any case. I am happier than I have been for many, many years.

A bonus aspect of this feeling of being connected is that it helps me not to worry about the "all alone" aspects of my life. I'm single. My kids are growing up and don't need me in the same ways...I mean, I'm not an empty nester, but things have changed so much since the days when I was herding five kids around with me everywhere. Anyway, sometimes, yes, I feel alone. But because of my connection to the world at large I am able to take a deep breath and realize that I am no more alone than most people. And we are all in it together. Again, I know I'm not explaining myself well. But I hope what I am saying is making some sense.

My life is fun. Note to self: Your life is fun :-)


Anonymous said...

I've always had a phrase that I use with people who talk about not wanting to be alone. You can feel all alone in a crowded room, but feel totally happy and content isolated in the middle of nowhere. It good to know that you're feeling so content as of late.

Sebastien said...

Didn't Huxley say every man is an island unto himself?

But I must agree, life is fun!!! Especially when the hummingbirds are flying around keeping us company :)

Ananda girl said...


My life has changed a lot since I began to blog. Is that part of your world connection?

I'm right there with you in many ways! I'm so glad I found my way here. Big grin.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Yes, that is it exactly. I have definitely felt that...both of those things. Alone in a crowd and content alone (because I am alone, but not lonely). Thanks for your kind words.

Sebastien: It was either Huxley or Paul Simon. haha! And I know John Donne says "No man is an island..."

As long as the hummingbirds don't shoot flames, I am pleased to have them come round.

Ananda: I would say that for sure blogging has something to do with it. Having these conversations is a pretty powerful way of feeling a real connection to people we'd never know otherwise. I'm really, really glad you are here :-)

crazy4coens said...

My life is fun my life is fun my life is fun my life is fun!

I'm so happy for you - feeling connected is something that our society does not encourage - hop in your car, sit in your cubicle, listen to music on your headphones, etc.

I guess when you come to some sort of terms with yourself - the connections to others gets stronger.

Anyway - thanks for sharing.

cube said...

I, too, find that blogging is a nice way of connecting with folks I would never meet otherwise.

Our house is hectic and noisy so I cherish those times when I get some peace & quiet for some 'Me' time.

At the same time, I'm dreading the day when my girls move out because they have been the focus of our lives for so long, that I fear Mr. Cube & I will have to take up a new hobby. I hope it's not basketweaving ;-)

Churlita said...

It's good to have a network. I can't tell you how helpful my blog friends and my real life friends have been in my life. Feedback is always important. Nice post.

Sebastien said...

Hummingbirds shooting flames! Everything is better with flames... time for a drawing :) you are on a roll with these ideas!!!

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: Yes, yes, it is the summer of fun! And you are right, I am at a place in my life and comfortable in a way that allows me to connect.
Thanks for being here to share with :-)

Cube: The internet, in general, is a grand thing for meeting people you wouldn't come across on a day to day basis.
I am used to lots of noise and bustle, like in your place, but it is often quieter these days. I have mixed feelings...
And hey, if you guys take up basketweaving, just send one my way!

Churlita: I was pretty cut off from any kind of friendship for a long time, so I think I really appreciate it now.
Thanks :-)

Sebastien: ha! Everything is better with flames...sounds like a Burger King commercial maybe...
But if you draw some flaming hummingbirds, I will insist on seeing that. If there are stars included, bonus points.

Pamela said...

I missed this one too. Oy vey.

laura b. said...

Pamela: Aw! Well, it is never too late to read a post...that is what the archives are for :-)
Thanks for playing catch up.