Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey There. I'm Kool and This is My Gang.

I don't have so much to say today. I just wanted to show you the Super Fun Happy Puppy Bow Wow Time part of my weekend. Based on a Japanese variety show, um...maybe. Anyway, bad pictures of cute people. Okay, three cute people and moi.

Here is Little Prince communing with his giant pretzel. He only has two teeth, but he can gum stuff with the best of them. In back of him, you can see one of Handsome Lad's old decks. For some reason the little guys like to get those out when they come for a visit.

Love Bug is reading Green Eggs and Ham. I read it to them several times, but she seemed to prefer her more understated narration. Claims I'm way too into it.

Here is a shot of Miss Personality and I together. I just had my hurr did by Missy, so I am probably looking unusually well groomed. She kept going into the bathroom to get a bit of water in her hands to smooth me down...at one point she came back and started smoothing my hair and I smelled...not water, but my delightful coconut lavender body lotion. Bee-ay-you-tee-ful.

As long as their parents don't ask me TOO often, I have the best time with my tiny little friends :-)


Ananda girl said...

They are so cute! And so are you now!

Anonymous said...

What adorable little childrens. I like that giant pretzel, now I want to buy me some of those. Green Eggs and Ham was a literary dynamo with much hidden meaning understandable by children. I see a hair stylist in Beverly Hills in the making.

Tara said...

That is one cool haircut, I love it!

Isn't it ironic ("dontcha think?) that, to soothe hair that usually acts up with moisture, can be solved temporarily with...moisture? I love the photos.

Churlita said...

You and Miss Personality are adorable. It's a great photo of both of you and your did hurr.

daffy said...

Well your new hair do is very kool!
What a bonny set you are! Love the pics.. :o)

laura b. said...

Ananda: Aw, thank you.

AlienCG: Thank you :-) Those Bavarian pretzels are so delicious. We try to keep them on hand. Green Eggs and Ham is a true classic, I agree. As for a career, it will either be a the beautification industry or possibly Hollywood stunt woman.

Tara: No haircutting was involved. I'm going to save that for after she turns 10 :-)
I guess it is the old fighting fire with fire theory. My hair definitely gets out of control...

Churlita: Thank you... us'ns do have a good time together.

Daffy: haha! Thanks Daffy!