Monday, June 22, 2009

Fond Rememberies

Having AlienCG celebrating the 80s brings back many memories for me. Yes, it is true. I lived through the 80s! My age is no is right there in my "all about me" thing...I'm 46. So...I graduated from high school in 1980. Greatest class ever, I assure you.

Anyway, this was a busy decade for me. I went to college. Cal State Fullerton. Go Titans! Woo! In a twist of fate that brought me, if nothing else, my superb children, I met WTG. Boo! (Except, you know..the kids!) I had 3 babies in the 80s!
Lived in Vegas for a couple of years. Worked a few different retail jobs trying to make ends meet, but still be home with the babies.

You'd think I wouldn't really remember much about such a packed decade...but I remember everything! The neon clothing. The "I'm really a dancer" clothing The big hair. The assymetrical hair. The music...which over the past 25 years or so has grown oh, so alluring to me.

Since I don't have scanner my pictures from the 80s are all still in actual photograph, in albums. I need to get stuff digitized. Here is one of the few things I have...coming to you from 1981:I posted this on my blog here a couple of years ago. This is me and Gerard back in the day. That is a very bright shirt I'm wearing...and G has some seriously feathered hair, that I assure you he combed much more often than I combed mine. haha!

I'm going to enjoy this week, thinking back to this rather monumental decade in my life. I mean, they all were, really, in their way. But the, brother! Like, gag me with a spoon! Oh my gawd!


MrManuel said...

I have fond memories of the 80s even though I was only 2 when they started. Great times!

thisnewplace said...

I remember pegging out pants and I remember those balloon pants with low crotches!

Ananda girl said...

Hammer pants! lol And mullets. lol
One of the most entertaining decades ever. Too, too funny. My guy was also way more into how his hair looked than me. Guess I should have had a clue eh? ha.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I remember those harem pants and wacky outfits I use to wear.. Thankfully I'm not brave enough to show off those pics..

Cheers to the 80's!

Tara said...

Like, oh my gawd that shirt is like...totally awesome. Totally! :) You were definitely busy in the 80s!

The 80s - well, I graduated from grade school and junior high at that time. I was into playing with my Barbies, hanging out with friends, going to the park in back of me, hanging out with family. Good times.

Churlita said...

I loved the 80's. I worked at the junior's department at the Broadway in the Glendale Galleria in 1988. Talk about whacky fashion. I remember the big thing was distressed leather and acid wash denim and that thing where they mixed neon colored wetsuit material with jeans. Ugh! Can't touch that and don't want to either.

aliencg said...

How so totally 80's. Luckily I didn't have the Flock of Seagulls hairdo at all. Great 80's looking picture, thanks for participating this week.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: Hey, those are very early memories, but happy ones, I'm sure :-)

TNP: Oh boy...I do too. That process of sort of wrapping your pants around your ankle tightly then rolling them up to hold them. Good grief. And Hammer time!

Ananada: An era of fashion...extremes, shall we say? I have pictures of my two oldest sons wearing teeny tiny Hammer pants. Lucky boys. haha!

Mrs: Oh, come now...please be brave and show us the 80s version of you :-)

Tara: You were busy too! Just, with stuff I was doing in that other fabulous decade...the 70s.
Still, for both of us the 80s were some good times :-)

Churlita: Wow, you were where it was all happening! A Valley Girl! Fer shure, fer shure. I have heard that if you are old enough to have worn something the first time around, you are too old to wear it when it comes back around. Couldn't be more thankful for that little rule!

AlienCG: No Flock of Seagulls hair? I'm sorry not to get to see that picture! And I wouldn't miss participating. The 80s were totally bangin'!