Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Fictional Dinner Party

I had some time to kill yesterday evening, so my friend Brain and I were emailing each other questions that required interesting or humorous answers. I came up with this one. Well, it isn't an original idea. It is a sort of parlor game or something. In fact, one late night on Facebook David in DC and I played a variation on it. That was different. This one...well, I have to say I amused myself. And better, I amused my friend.

The set up: You are having a dinner party. You may invite any five fictional characters to attend. Who are they and why do you think they'd add something to the gathering?

Here are my answers -

1. Alice the Maid - She could cook, serve, and clean up. But she could eat with us too. She seemed like she might have a few things to say about those Bradys if she had a chance...and I want to ask her what she and Sam really got up to on those dates of theirs.

2. Max Cherry - He's the detective played by Robert Forster in Jackie Brown. He was a consummate professional, but he had this darling crush on Jackie made him go out and buy an album he heard her listening to. I love stuff like that. We could talk about the crazy things love makes you do.

3. Llyod Dobler - Played by John Cusack in Say Anything. Ask any woman of a certain age who they wished were courting their heart and they will give up Lloyd. But, like, if he wanted to, he could just show us some kickboxing moves after dinner.

4. Harriet the Spy - Sure, it is a bit of a hassle having a kid at the table. However, she would be sure to liven up the conversation with sudden rude remarks and she'd probably take great notes about what was going on in case we wanted to remember it later.

5. The Most Interesting Man in the World - You know...from the Dos Equis campaign? Self explanatory, I think.

Now....who is coming to your dinner party? Oh, and if you haven't played yet...make sure you Choose and Defend in my post below. Please?


Sebastien said...

Hehe, Dos Equis guy, just read something about him from aol news. I like MAx Cherry as well, seemed like a nice fellow. I think I'm going to do this one on my blog in the coming week.

Tara said...

Interesting question!! Hmm...Okay, here we go..

1. Lucian from "Rise of the Lycans" - he's a lycan but he refuses to act like an animal and rarely turns into a werewolf. If we keep the conversation light and not mention Victor the head of the vampires who enslaved him and did other really nasty things, he should be able to keep his temper in check. Plus he's nice eye candy at the dinner table.

2. Brenda Lee Johnson - Kyra Sedgewick's character on "The Closer". I think she would be very interesting. She can bring along Fritz, too.

3. Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs - He'd be funny at the dinner table - get him going on a rant and it could be hours of entertainment.

4. Newman from Seinfeld. Just cuz he's evil and interesting.

5. Wolverine - He could carve the turkey, and...did I mention eye candy yet?

aliencg said...

Ringo Langley (X-Files, Lone Gunmen)--I love talking about conspiracy theory, and he was one of the best at it.

Stewie Griffin--Who wouldn't want to talk to the evil genius talking baby?

Yoda--He could easily pass anything on the table with his Jedi powers. I could also tap his wisdom.

Pinhead (Hellraiser)--I've always wanted to sit down and have a chat with a Cenobyte.

Link (Legend of Zelda)--We need somebody with a sword around. Of course, he only seems to yell loudly and never says anything coherent.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Oh, I hope you do! I bet you'd put together a really, really interesting dinner party :-)

Tara: Thank you so much for doing this! I LOVE your list. I would so want to be at that dinner. Can I sit between Dr Cox and Newman? Conversation. But across from Lucien and Wolverine? Eye Candy. Don't mean to exclude Brenda Lee...I'd definitely want to see if she had any chocolate stashed in her purse. haha!

AlienCG: Wow, now that would be a dinner party to remember! These are people that are just begging to be put in the same room for a discussion. The inclusion of Stewie is a stroke of genius for sure. Maybe he'd do his song...Welcome to my sexy party...

Churlita said...

I'm going to have to wait and try to do this when I'm not at work. It's too hard to try and be furtive with something so fun.

Ananda girl said...

Oh, I saw this yesterday and decided that I needed to think on it and never got back. Hope I am not too late!

1.Billy Pilgrim from Slaughterhouse 5.

2. Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.

3. Thor of course, from myth.

4. Loki from Dogma and myth.

5. Louis Wu from Ringworld.

It does disturb me a bit that there are no women on my list, but I have a pig. Oh well.

MrManuel said...

Fictional huh?


Wolverine because he is Wolverine

Seth Gecko from From Dusk Til Dawn because he is bad ass awesome

Agent Sarah Walker from Chuck because he is hot

Chandler Bing because he is funny

Ariel from Little Mermaid because she is hot and loves human men.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Oh, I bet you would throw a kickass party. Please, please do it when you get a chance :-)

Ananda: It is never to late to comment here at What Fresh Hell is This? !!! I have to say, your guest list is particularly intriguing. I especially love that Piglet is coming. Please make sure no one spit roasts him. haha!

MrManuel: Nice mix...a couple of badasses, a couple of hotties, and the comic relief. And then you...a mix of all three of those things, right? :-)