Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Cool. So Hot. Oh Baby.

Wednesday Choose and Defend is here and it wants to know if you can come out and play. Go ask your mom. We'll wait. Yes? Yay! Alright then, lets get down to it... It is almost officially summer, and as of Friday here, it is certainly unofficially summer. Maybe you are celebrating. Maybe you are in mourning for winter. I don't know. But you can sort of clear that up for me, can't you.

Tell me...tell us... What do you enjoy more?

Trying to Keep Cool in Summer

Trying to Keep Warm in Winter

Both have things to recommend them. I bet you can pick your favorite though. Feel free to take it a bit further and tell us about your favorite method of cooling down or warming up. Your pleasure is ours. Um...hey. Does your mom have any kool-aid? Or hot chocolate? Just asking...


Anonymous said...

While I do enjoy summer so much, I do like keeping warm in the winter. Bundling up under my covers to sleep at night is always welcome. It's also easier to keep warm during the winter.

My choice: Keeping Warm in winter

Ananda girl said...

This is a tough one for me. I do not like humidity. It gets humid in summer here. But I love the air conditioner. I can fish, hike, play.
I do so much more in summer.

Yet, I guess I have to go with getting warm and cozy in winter. Nice heavy blanket on the sofa next to the wood stove... cup of chai tea... good book... aaaahhhh.

3GirlKnight said...

Another Keeping Warm in Winter'er here. For some odd reason, I enjoy being out in the cold and snow, as long as my long-johns and wool socks are up to the challenge. Coming in out of the cold is also very enjoyable.

Of course there are all sorts of things I enjoy about summer, but trying to keep cool is not one of them.

Tara said...

Keeping warm in Winter - it's much easier to do that than to cool down in the Summer.

Churlita said...

I love, love, love Summer. I hate being cold and having to walk to work when it's 20 below zero and my eyelashes freeze. I'm going against the grain and saying keeping cool in the Summer. I love to swim, so immersing myself in water is one of my favorite ways to keep cool.

Sebastien said...

Love trying to keep warm in the winter. Specially bike rides when it's freezing, gets your blood flowing, and the air is so crisp.

Pamela said...

Keeping warm in winter, for sure. It's just so nice to cuddle. And the early darkness makes you want to do it even more.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: You make a snuggly argument for keeping warm in winter. So it shall be.

Ananda: Ah, it is hard to fight the power of a wood stove, a book, and chai tea...winter warmth it is.

3GirlKnight: You make a good point about the choice...people seem to like summer, but not the keeping cool part. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by here :-)

Tara: That is to the point, exactly. You are in the vast majority it seems!

Churlita: Thank you for going against the grain. I don't feel so alone in my summer love now :-)

Sebastien: Ooh, you do make it sound invigorating. Getting the blood rushing around, as opposed to all these cuddlers :-)

Pamela: Winter and it's short days is definitely hibernation time. I can appreciate that.

Everyone. Well, are a great bunch of snuggly, cuddlers! With a couple who enjoy the challenge of actually moving around to keep warm. Churlita sees the beauty of cooling off, the refreshment. And I will throw my vote in for cooling off in summer...shivering, being cold, makes me tense and unmotivated. I prefer getting languid in the heat for my unmotivation.
Count at this point: 6-2, Keeping warm in winter in the lead. Any other votes, either way, are more than welcome!

MrManuel said...

Stay warm in winter easily. It is so much easier to do.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: You join the majority here. Keeping it warm!