Monday, June 29, 2009

The Libeary is Fun

I just wanted to do this little post for when I am feeling less than good about my job. Note to self: Do not complain about your job. Your job is fun. Here are a couple of reasons why it is fun:

A Saturday at Work

Buster Balloon came to perform for us. Here he is with one of his creations...the balloon, not the kid. The kid is the creation of our Circulation Supervisor and his wife...

It is fun to see people come out for the shows excited and happy. We pretty much filled the auditorium for two shows. Very cool.

After the show, the people come into the Children's Room looking for their Summer Reading Program rewards and seeking their perfect next book. It feels good to help them.

A Monday at Work

It was our company picnic. We all got In-N-Out for lunch. They were actually making the burgers to order off the truck, which was nice...but also meant that I didn't have time to order, and wait, and eat my food at the park. I had to eat at my desk after I rushed back because I was scheduled to be on the public desk. That is okay though. Free burgers are good burgers. This was our last big event for this fiscal year. Given the way things are going, I'm sure this event is off the table for next year. But it was fun while it lasted :-)

Thanks for joining me in a celebration of work...can you believe such a thing even exists? Tomorrow, I believe I will talk about things that make non-work life fun. Let's all remember to seek out and appreciate the fun, shall we? Yesssss :-)


Anonymous said...

It looks like the library is a fun place to work. Entertainment from balloon master, free food, throngs of people milling about. That all sounds great to me except for the throngs of people.

daffy said...

Buster Balloon looks like a lot of fun! Were they pickled onion flavour crisps? They look like our Walkers crisps... I know alot about crisps... I'm an expert. I've eaten enough of the things to be a self-proclaimed expert.
Your place looks lots of fun! I wish it could be my place of work.

Ananda girl said...

What a fun library! The people look happy. It's a great job.

Buster Balloon is a wonderful name for that man, though shamefully at first I thought of Tweedle Dee or Dum... it being a library and all.

And what a good idea to make this post as a reminder of why you love your job. We should all do that for those rough days that leave us wondering why we do what we do.

MrManuel said...

Is that guy doing the splits?!?!

Any day you get In n Out for lunch is a good day.

Churlita said...

i was going to say that too. Not just a free burger, a free In n Out burger. Yum. Your job does look fun. We all have our days, but it's good to recognize the good.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Children's Services is THE place to be :-) People are often surprised at how much noise and how many crowds are involved with library work.

Daffy: Ooohh, if you worked where I worked we would have a very good time :-)
Those are Lay's regular flavored potato chips. They didn't even give us a choice, it was that or nothing. I almost always chose any that over nothing.

Ananda: I love being a part of making people happy.
haha! I can totally see why you'd think Tweedle Dee! He is quite round and bald and something about those baggy pants pulled to chest level just about....very tweedle. But what a sweet, sweet guy :-)
And I definitely need to remind myself of how lucky I am every so often.

MrManuel: I had to look at the picture again and it does kind of look like the splits...something about the way his pants are blending into the background. He's actually just kneeling on one knee. I like the thought of him doing splits though...
And you are so right. A day with free In-N-Out is a very good day.

Churlita: Yes! I was impressed that they were custom making them too. Usually when they bring the truck out, you get the standard burger...which is actually fine with me.
I have felt good lately and I really want to be able to remember it :-)

cube said...

All that fun AND you get to be around a ton of books too! I think I'm going to apply for a job at my local library.

Tara said...

Thank you for reminding me that work can be celebrated! I like that balloon the guy made!

I'm sorry that you weren't able to go to the park and eat the burger. But you're right, a free burger is a good burger.

laura b. said...

Cube: Thanks for visiting my blog! Being around tons of books is a thing of beauty. I am SUCH a reader. The library is a great place to work.

Tara: I don't always feel like work can be celebrated, but hopefully this will remind me.
I was so amazed by what he did with balloons. It is a real talent.
I was anticipating a nice little picnic, but yeah, having it at my desk is not the worst thing :-)

Pamela said...

Glad you are back to enjoying work... does that mean the air is on?

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Those are very good reasons why your job is FUN!

cube said...

Laura B.: Big reader here as well. I always ferret out the library wherever I happen to live.

crazy4coens said...

I would work at the library in a heartbeat - I worked in the stacks for 3 years as an aide. I loved it! Whenever I go to the library I start straightening the shelves. I would work there again if I could make a living (and not have to go to school again!)

Buster Balloon reminds me of a clown in the last town I called home - Happy Bo Bappy - he was listed in the white pages as Happy Bo Bappy.

As work goes, yours looks pretty fun, if not hectic. Remember, it could alwyas be worse!

laura b. said...

Cube: I have always been a fan of libraries and used book stores. Since I started working in libraries about 10 years I knew I'd found a home :-)

Crazy4Coens: Yeah, I could make a better living if I went back to school for my MLS. I can't wait to be able to do that. But I really do love my job and feel pretty fortunate.
Happy Bo Bappy! hee hee! That is a great name!
Buster Balloon is married to another balloon artist named Annie Bananie. They have a balloon artist daughter called Tawny Bubbles. My kind of family.

Sebastien said...

Just ate at In-N-Out for the first time in a long time this past week. Very good...

The balloon guy looks fun, very cool creation.

laura b. said...

Pamela: Yes! The air is working! I'm in heaven.

Mrs: Spending so much time at work, I truly appreciate that it is fun and interesting.

Sebastien: I don't eat a ton of burgers, but I like their burgers more than just about anywhere else.
And he was a truly fun performer. The kids just loved him.