Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Argue with a Twelve Year Old

You might come out on top, but you'll feel like crap. haha! I know...after five kids I should have known. I do know. Still sometimes Handsome Lad and I just have to duke it out. He is a VERY emotional kid.Here he is enjoying a giant icee in happier times.
I get it...I am kind of emotional too. Presumably, though, I've learned to take better charge of my emotions. Sometimes it works that way...mostly it does, but not always. In the end though, it didn't do any damage. We both said what we wanted to say and I think he was reminded that people outside of his own head have feelings too. We all forget that once in awhile.

Other than that little bit of bad mommy-ing my weekend was good enough. I worked on Saturday with my new boss. She had this great idea to split our desk time down the middle of the day day. She asked if I would do 10-2 and she could do 2-6. Usually we do 1 to 2 hours on the desk at a time and alternate with whoever is here. But I was all over this idea. She was giving me the less insane 4 hours...and also giving me 4 hours in a row free! Well, not free...still plenty to do, but not public oriented. Anyway, I thought it was fine, but I'm not sure if she'll ever ask to do it again :-)

Saturday night both Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad were out, so I just hung around on Facebook. It gave me a chance to catch up on my many, many gifts from my friends (Randall, do you ever read are the champion!).. I let them build up for awhile, but they accumulate suprisingly usually once a week I go through my request list accepting things and sending things back because I am a good Facebook friend like that. There is almost always someone to chat with there, too. Facebook on a Saturday night. Don't be jealous.

On Sunday, I slept in. It felt like heaven. My son, Social Animal, called and invited me to come have pizza at the park with he and his friends.This is the company Social Animal works for as an EMT while he is going to school.
I'm not sure what inspired him to throw a pizza luncheon, but it was nice to be invited. When I got there, it was Social Animal and four of his friends sitting around just talking and eating pizza. I joined them and it was fun to talk with them...and to just sit quietly and listen to them talk. They are all young men on the brink of adulthood...Social Animal will be 20 in a couple of weeks...but they are still so sweet and childlike in some ways. After lunch they decided to go on a hike, so I excused myself and went on home to watch the last episode of Six Feet Under, season one. I am making my way through that series again on Netflix. So far, it is just as awesome as I remember it to be. Also watched the season finale of Breaking Bad. Oh. My. Gawd. That show is amazing and very dark. Again, I can't recommend it strongly enough.

I also got a phone call and invitation from my friend The Activist. He wants me to come out to a screening on Thursday evening in Echo Park. I am not clear on all the details, but it seems to involve some sort of video and speaker...and the subject is monorails. Well, yeah, why not? What the hell else do I have going on? Nothing wrong with learning more about a clean, quiet alternative form of transportation. And we do stuff like this for our friends, right? Right.

....Yikes...just now Princess Diva texted me and told me she had taken Miss Personality to the doctor for a rash and it turned out to be scabies. Ew. I know it isn't that uncommon, but I am a little grossed out...I can't help it. Sorry Miss Personality. I still love you, but I'll see you guys when this is aaaaallllll gone. Add bad grandma to my resume, s'il vous plait.

Um, hmmmm...well, now it is Monday. Let's see how it all goes, shall we? Talk back is welcomed, as always :-)


Ananda girl said...

OH where do the similarities end?
I rave about Breaking Bad and can't get a soul to watch! It is sooooo good. Thank goodness someone else out there is watching. But they don't like my Dexter either. Geez...

I too enjoy the company of my sons friends. They are so funny and full of ideas and enthusiasm. Girls are fun too, but different. It is nice for a change.

What a sweet son too!

MrManuel said...

Sounds like a pretty nice weekend.

When you said your son was 12 and then showed that picture, my first thought was, "He looks a lot younger than 12!" Then I read the caption.

Scabies?!?! Eww!

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew what my rash was... I'd settle for scabies too!
Hehe Bad Grandma! I don't think so! Your weekend sounds kind of cool. I should get back into facebook, I deactivated mine a while back... if I do I'll look you up as I don't think I have you as a friend.
As for the sorting out with HL, it has to be done and it's healthy... It's better to have a good clear out like that than to let things fester.
Hope the work things keeps going... sounds like it is making things more workable! (for you)

Tara said...

My mom and I have a few arguments now and then. We used to have them more frequently when I lived at home. My problem is that I always feel like I should apologize to her after our arguments, even though she threw out some hurtful or frustrating things too. Last night we had a frustrated argument, but by the time we got off the phone we were fine. I did not apologize, either.

Churlita said...

Yeah, kids. god love 'em. I didn't know you could have the same issues with boys as you do with girls.It must just be that age.

I am kind of sad about the fact that I'll never have a boy, but I have two healthy girls, so I just have to be happy with that. I think it's so cool that your son calls you just to hang out with him and his friends.

Sorry to hear about the scabies. I don't think it makes you a bad grandma to protect yourself from that.

laura b. said...

Ananda: Yay! Another Breaking Bad fan! Isn't it awesome?
There are definite differences between boys and girls. When I listen to my daughter and her friends talk they are much more knowing little creatures somehow :-)

MrManuel: That picture isn't that old though...he does look young for 12.
And yeah, scabies, lice...the stuff that kids pass around tends to be rather nasty.

Daffy: Is the glutten free diet doing the trick?
If you get back on FB, we must be friends!
And you're right about not letting things fester. He and I get so emotional that I do often put off talks when I probably shouldn't.

Tara: There are always those recurring arguments between parents and kids I guess. I know you and your mom have a good relationship, so those little arguments are just there to clear the air. I'm glad you didn't apologize just because you felt obligated to...and it worked out anyways!

Churlita: Yeah, it seems to be more of a personality thing than a boy or girl thing. Some people are just more driven to rachet things up it seems.
You do have a couple of really extraordinary daughters. And just think...someday you will probably have sons of a sort :-)
Yeah, I am not into getting scabies. Somehow I avoided it with my own kids, so I wouldn't mind keeping my record clean. haha!

Anonymous said...

Other than the unpleasantness of the argument, it sounds like you had a pleasant weekend. Pizza in the park sounds good if it could stay dry for a day.

That picture of HL looks like me when I have brain freeze.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: It was a pleasant weekend for the most part...and I think pizza in the park was my favorite part.
haha! Brain freeze! That explains it...I couldn't think why he was pulling that face :-)

Pamela said...

Scabies, yucky. Sorry, I kinda tuned out towards the end. I was on my way out the door for a break and decided to stop by... a leetle too long a post for me today. Is honesty bad?

laura b. said...

Pamela: Honesty is honesty...usually good. In this case, extremely hurtful though. haha! Just kidding...I appreciate the effort. You could just read my once-a-day tweets :-)