Saturday, June 6, 2009

How Could a Person Like You Bring Me Joy?

What Fresh Hell is This? welcomes you to Saturday and the Scavenger Hunt! The word this week is SIGN and it was chosen by Hot Mom Chulita of Churlish Figure. SIGN, SIGN, everywhere a SIGN. Signals and portents are everywhere if you know what to look for. In the words of Steely Dan - Won't you SIGN in, Stranger?

All of us going around looking a bit android is nothing but a SIGN o' the times. I use my blue tooth in the car only, because it kind of annoys me...but it is also kind of fun being able to talk away while making my commute.

This is my dark bathroom. It is a SIGN that I need to shop because the light bulb burnt out and I haven't got one to replace it. During daylight hours, no problem. It is a nice light room. Night is, of course, a whole different animal. The hall is very bright though, so if you don't mind keeping the door open you'll be able to see where you are peeing in the middle of the night.

This fan and many others just like it are a SIGN that the air conditioning system at the library is still being overhauled. Trust me, it is just not the same, no matter how many fans they set around.

Here, finally, an actual SIGN! Okay, you can tell this picture was taken at my work, with their nice camera. You can actually see two SIGNs...this very nice stone SIGN on the corner of the lot and the SIGN over the entrance of the building is in the background. I'm sorry to say that they are soon tearing down that pretty stone SIGN to widen the turn lane at the corner of Santa Anita and Duarte. The new one is supposed to be nice as well, but I really like this one. I'll miss you SIGN.

Thanks for SIGNing on for this odd little trip into my world of SIGNS. I look forward to seeing your SIGNs and to seeing who Churlita tags for next week :-)


Anonymous said...

I don't like things on my ear all day long, either.

Go buy a light bulb.

I have a fan like that upstairs in the computer room.

I like that sign. Tell the governator not tear it down.

Ananda girl said...

I like the way you sign!

My favorite of course... the library sign which is a sign that readers are happy there in.

I have the same sign... burnt out light bulb... in my hallway. I keep tripping on the cat, who is showing signs of resentment.

Just now as I was downloading my photos for this week into my computer, my camera died... which is a sign that I have to take the time to recharge the darned thing... which is a sign that my post is going to be an hour or so off yet.

Ananda girl said...

My Scavenger post is finally up!

Churlita said...

Nice sign post. I may have to try and do mine later. The storms here have been crazy tonight, and I can't keep the computer on for very long.

NoRegrets said...

All of them are great. But who took the driving photo?? dangergirl.

Jessie... thats what they call me said...

I'm glad my moms in charge of light bulbs and all other shopping or there would be plenty of signs around my house saying we needed to take a trip to the store! I like the Library sign too!! We should start a petition!

Tara said...

Sometimes a fan is a helluva lot more direct and effective than air conditioning, but I am frustrated for you about the AC still not up to speed. Ick. It's difficult to work when it's so hot.

Before I was used to people having those Bluetooth thingies in their ears, I thought people were either talking to me or talking to themselves.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: haha! I bought light bulbs. Yay!
It is a good fan for a room...somehow the effect isn't the same here.
And the Governator doesn't love us, selfish bastahd.

Ananda: Us and our libraries, eh? haha! Your poor cat :-) I guess light bulb buying is in order.
And your post was worth the wait, great job!

Churlita: These storms seem to be making appearances all over the place. I guess a blog post isn't worth dying for...unless it was the best, most interesting blog post EVER. Then maybe.

NoRegrets: That awful photo was taken by Handsome Lad. He enjoys annoying me while I drive. So adorable. Grrr.

Jessie: I like your idea! A petition to save the beautiful library sign! I'm in :-)

Tara: I agree that a fan is often the best thing and certainly more economical than AC. Somehow though, in this big building with all these hot stinky bodies and no open windows....I don't know, the fans just don't cut it.

haha! I still get confused sometimes when people are talking away while walking through the store or something. I mean, only for a second usually, but still...