Monday, June 15, 2009

What the....What?

Here is this random message that I got on a social networking site that I belong to. I've mentioned it before...TeeBeeDee. Kind of a Facebook with more discussion forums and fewer applications.

But what? I wasn't sure what to do with this... Um, could have ignored it, but that is no fun. Okay. Here is the message I got:

Okay, I will give you a little information on me. Never did the on line dating thing, before, but I have been in relationships pretty much non stop since I was 16.

Just ended a 10 year gig.

I raised my daughter from my first marriage and she is a attending Rutgers in NJ. I am gone a lot(2-3 weeks a month), traveling the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, The Orient and Europe.

A full time, relationship may not ever work for me , but I enjoy a good time and good company when home in the OC but simply do not have the time to meet anyone without help

Here is my reply:

Thanks for the message, Frank.

Honestly, I don't know how anyone meets anymore, between work and family commitments. It does sound like it would be difficult for you to be in a relationship with all of your traveling...yet you have done it one way or another for the past 30 years or so.

So, what do you see as the next step for yourself? I guess since you've been in so many long term relationships, and you now are not, it is the perfect time for you to be trying this new internet dating thing. I am not sure how people meet without the internet at this point! It is kind of THE thing now. You could potentially meet someone new each time you come back into town, if you timed things right. It would take some planning, but you strike me as organized.

This seems to be a particularly good place to meet people and the fact that it is more of a social network than a dating site helps a lot, I think. you've met to speak. See how easy? I'm not sure what I could do to help, as I am certainly no expert. However, I do know at least one or two people around here who are quite the little matchmakers. I bet there are many women, although quite a few of them might be married or in a relationship, who would like to just hang out once a month or so providing some good times and company. Could be very convenient! Let me know if you want an introduction or two...I'll see what I can do.

Best of Luck,

I didn't want to be overtly hostile...but I was hoping to be just snotty enough to knock him down a peg. I mean maybe he didn't know how he sounded. Maybe he didn't know it was a weird message to send to someone he'd never before talked to. Maybe now though, he gets it.

What do you think? Was I too mean? Too nice? Please don't say I should have ignored could I, really? Okay, you can say it if you want. Maybe I was too subtle after all. I don't know...WWYD? (What Would YOU Do?)


Ananda girl said...

Geez. I don't know what to say here. It sounded to me like he believed you were in the market and so he'd give it a try as long as you didn't expect too much.

But some folk are bad at communication. Myself included here. I often blurt out things that are beter left unsaid or not at all appropriate. lol

I thought you were very diplomatic considering his odd tone. Well done!

Churlita said...

You were very nice. I never respond to those guys. I always want to say, look dude. I'm a girl. I can hook-up any time I wanted. You're not doing me any favors by showing me a "good time". They have these things called escort services for exactly that purpose.

Seriously? How presumptuous!

Pamela said...

You were way too nice. I mean, you dont' know him at all, right? His email doesn't make sense. "but simply do not have the time to meet anyone without help." What does that mean??? and so cavalier - 'just ended a 10 year gig'. odd odd odd. I would have written - hey, best of luck!.

Anonymous said...

Can I say KNOB on your blog? he's a knob! I think you were way too polite but to be honest, I think he dserved the polite but subtle reply.
Good for you girl!

Tara said...

You were very polite! He should count his blessings that he got a nice reply back, if any, to his random message.

Sebastien said...

I would have slowly backed away from the email message, silently saying the word psssyychooooo within my mind. No, no I wouldn't do that, that was very nice of you. Your kind message, energy, thoughts are commendable. I live by the idea that you treat others the way you'd want to be treated.

laura b. said...

Ananda: I really did figure he didn't know how he sounded. I hope he does now :-) I'm sure there is someone out there looking for exactly what he's offering, lame as it may be.

Churlita: You are surely right not to respond. For some reason I just couldn't leave it alone. I was mildly offended, but mostly kind of amused...I mean, what a prize.

Pamela: All I know about him is what I see on his profile...all he knows about me is what he sees on mine. I am assuredly not seeking a good time. haha! I did wish him luck...maybe should have left it at that :-)

Daffy: Anything goes round here...yes, knob is a great word for him - haha! I guess if nothing else, he gave me a funny blog post.

Tara: I'm not sure if he's considering himself lucky. He might have preferred nothing to that, but hey...send out a message, you might get a reply...

Sebastien: Aw! Thanks for seeing it in a positive light. I was a bit cutting, but I really did think he needed to think about how he was sounding. Just here to help the humans :-)

crazy4coens said...

I bet he didn't take any offense.

Did he contact you and ask for your help? It seems like he would take you up on your offer - wanting to hook up especially with your married friends.

Or maybe he didn't even read your response - thinking "too many words - me hungry."