Thursday, June 25, 2009

Almost Completely and Utterly Random

Oh, I confess. AlienCG has me all caught up in reliving the 80s. Yeah, I'm into it. So, yesterday sitting at the desk here at the library, I put the term "80s" into the iBistro catalog search and this is what came up:

1. Billboard top rock 'n' roll hits of the 80's
2. The elfish gene : dungeons, dragons and growing up strange
Barrowcliffe, Mark
3. Bono : rock star activist
Trachtenberg, Martha P
4. Vintage t-shirts : more than 500 authentic tees from the '70s and '80s
Kidner, Lisa
5. Billboard #1s. The '80s [sound recording]
6. 20th century pop culture : the 80s
Epstein, Dan
7. Retro '80s : authentic transcriptions with notes and tablature
8. The best of 80's rock
9. Corporate welfare: the megabankruptcies of the 80s and 90s
Kallen, Laurence H
10. 80s style, designs of the decade
Bangert, Albrecht, 1944-
11. Generation of swine : tales of shame and degradation in the '80s
Thompson, Hunter S
12. Solo! : the best monologues of the 80's (women)
Earley, Michael
13. Pâté : the new main course for the '80s : a menu cookbook
Cutler, Carol
14. Decoration and design for the 80's
Ferguson, Pamela

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Pretty interesting, right? Or do you have to be a librarian to think so? I don't me this selection just says so much about the 80s... And don't even ask, because I already rushed right over and grabbed The elfish gene : dungeons, dragons and growing up strange by Barrowcliffe, Mark. Heck yeah!

In a bonus 80s moment, at lunch today Milly and I watched an 80s episode of Quincy. It was the one where he gets married and his bride looked quite Victorian. She was all about those blouses that were rather puffy, with big bows at the neck. She had some puffy 80s hair too.

I apologize to anyone who might be over the 80s...but I have to ask, are any of us ever really going to be over them? And this leads me to the question...when you look back over your life, what is the one time or place or event that really stands out for you? I know it is hard to pick just one...but try!


Tara said...

It's the puffy, pirate shirt! G'arrrr.

Anyway, that being said - that is an interesting list! It reminds me of the search engine terms for our blogs, like when people look up "about soup" or "monkey cake".

Sebastien said...

Tales of shame and degradation??!!1 That's what I like to hear about :)

crazy4coens said...

I am very interested in that Hunter S. Thompson book. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for reminding me about the fluffy big hair of the 80's - another reason it was not my favorite decade - my hair is as fine and as flat as runny pancakes!

Anonymous said...

Pate? A new main course? Wha...?

Any book on hits of the 1980's would have to be sold in 10,000 page volumes for each year of the decade. There were way too many one-hit wonders.

Churlita said...

The time and place that stands out for me was when I turned 18 and could finally get away from my horrible aunt and uncle. That happened in 1983, so you know I love the 80?".

NoRegrets said...

what is iBistro?

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! Yes, using the library's catalog is actually just like that. You never really know what you are going to have pop up.

Sebastien: And Hunter S. is just the guy to tell them to you :-)

Crazy4Coens: Ha! There was lots of volume in the 80s. A tough time for the less bouncy haired gal. My hair fit right in after being a disaster in the "ironing your hair" days of the early 70s.

AlienCG: Yeah, I don't have much memory of pate being the new main course of the 80s. Maybe that was some cooking maven's wishful thinking.
And you are so right...was their ever a decade with more one hit wonders?

Churlita: Thank you for answering my little question there! I would say that definitely qualifies as a life changing event worthy of happy memories. Life could only go up from there, right?

NoRegrets: iBistro is a web software package wrapped around a server. It is customizable and libraries use it to display their catalog of materials.

Sebastien said...

Oh yes, Hunter S, read quite a bit of his work, love his energy although I don't have much respect for him. Loved that movie based on his book Fear and Loathing, Depp and Del Toro did such a great job.