Monday, October 6, 2008

You Used to Be Cool, Man!

Little Prince gets his sleep on.

Ugh, I just cannot catch up on my sleep! I need to go to bed earlier, but to have any sort of evening at all, get some things done and have some down time where I am not unconscious, it gets to be around 11:30 or 12 before I tend to shut down. During the school year, I need to get up around 5:45 to get the morning going on. I guess I'm getting just isn't enough. But I think my perpetual state of slight to severe tiredness isn't helping with my moody-ass nature. Maybe I will just have to give up reading...but I'm not sure the rest would be worth it.

Anyway, I had a weekend. It was my Saturday to work. Sunday my dad and stepmom came over. Some of us went out to lunch as sort of an early celebration of Secret Agent Man's birthday. Then a smaller some of us decided to go to a movie. Since my dad was paying I suggested some movies I knew they might enjoy. They aren't too into indie films, you know? So we ended up seeing Lakeview Terrace. It was well acted, but it was one of those movies that I kind of felt I'd seen it before. It must be really hard thinking up original movie plots.

Later, I babysat the three babies while their parents were enacting some sort of little personal psychodrama. I didn't even want to ask. I was suckered in by the idea of it being a one hour visit, but it was really three hours. Not that I don't love the babies, but by 9:30 on a Sunday evening I am feeling less tolerant of diapers, bottles, and endless games involving stuffed animals and action figures going to the park and then becoming sick and having to be offered medicine in various flavors...yeah, don't ask. haha!

So now it is Monday, one of my late days, so I don't get out of here until 9. Girlie Girl was home sick today, although she says she feels much better now. Handsome Lad was home one day last week, so I am hoping they've now both had whatever this is...and that I'm not going to get it. Wish me luck.

I hope you all had a good weekend and that you have a great week ahead. Don't forget to pass the word of the week around, since our buddy Evil-E is on hiatus. The word is FACE. Pass it on.


Anonymous said...

As I said at the Northern Sky, I will see that movie on DVD.

I hope you get some sleep as it is necessary. You won't catch that illness, you will be fine.

Tara said...

My poor mom has been sleeping on an inflatable mattress for a few weeks now due to a few of my brothers coming in with their families. It saves them money on hotel costs, but my mom needs her bed and her rest. Now she's got her place back to normal and can sleep in her own bed.

daffy said...

Im so sorry you are so tired (and mildly grumpy) but look and the cute babe! Too cute!
My google reader says I have 11 of your entries not read? ELEVEN? My word, I am so sorry and I will catch up tonight when my husband thinks I'm job-hunting! :o)

Churlita said...

My daughter caught that bad bug twice. So far, I haven't gotten it too badly. Just a sore throat and a little extra tired I hope you escape it too

laura b. said...

AlienCG: It is definitely one that can wait, so good call.
Thank you for your reassurance. I now have every reason to believe that I will NOT get sick. Yay!

Tara: Oh, what us moms are willing to go through for our broods. Your mom is probably way nicer than me...I know my mom is!

Daffy: Yes, their little faces make lots of stuff worthwhile.
And don't worry, I feel certain you haven't missed anything important :-)

Churlita: One kid got it twice for both of them, eh? That was good of her and I hope her sister appreciated it. It always amazes me to watch an illness run through the family. And my "amazes" I mean "panics". haha!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

sleep deprivation is the only word in my vocabulary these days.. I can totally understand where you are coming from.. These days LHM is up and at it between 4;30-5;30 am.. and I tend to go to bed later.. so I know I should go to bed earlier, but I will miss some t.v time..

Hopefully you get the much needed sleep.. No sleep makes us a cranky

laura b. said...

Mrs: Your little guy is a crazy early riser! Moms always need more sleep than they are able to get. *sigh*

NoRegrets said...

I have no desire to see that movie. I can't face it.

Viki said...

God he is so cute!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: hee hee! Don't show your face at that theater.

Viki: Isn't he? We feel so lucky to have him :-)