Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Double 2 for the Secret Agent Man

Secret Agent Man has been caught on camera sitting with his grandma at his birthday lunch this past Sunday.

I canNOT believe that my little guy is 22 today. Paul Secret Agent Man came into the world at 4:02 am and was the smallest of all my babies at 7lbs 8oz. He joined the family when we were living in Las Vegas, thus becoming the only child born outside of California. He came home to a puzzled 14 month old brother and two still young and relatively inexperienced parents. And I assure you that son #1 did nothing to prepare anyone for son #2. He was sooo of those new babies who every evening had to cry and cry just to release the pressure of the day. Good times.

Secret Agent Man was always a good student. I never had a worry during his school career. He did his work competantly...and does to this day as a college student. He has a crew of friends that seem to sort of circle in and out of his life. You won't see someone for a while, then all of a sudden, there they are again! He's had his scraps and made a bad choice or two, but I will say he has always handled his knocks with stoicism and acceptance. I admire that. I don't know yet what path Secret Agent Man will ultimately take with his life...he is still a student, working part time at a supermarket...he still lives at home with his dad...but I know that he is brimming with potential and when he finally decides on a goal I feel confident that he will achieve great success. He has that quiet determination that will serve him well. I have always felt that Secret Agent Man is vulnerable in some unclear (to me) way, but I also have felt his fortitude. I love my Secret Agent Man.

Happy 22nd Birthday!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You did a good job, Laura B. Happy Birthday to your son.

Tara said...

No doubt he got his impressive stoicism and strength from you. I agree with AlienCG. You've done a good job with that dude.

Churlita said...

A 22 year old guy with a good head on his shoulders? You did do a great job. Happy birthday Secret Agent Man!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Sorry I'm late.. Happy Birthday to The Man.. Secret Agent Man.
Hope you succeed in anything you choose to do in life...

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Thank you, Alien, I appreciate that!

Tara: I hope he got something good from me. Thanks Tara :-)

Churlita: That is nice to hear. Thanks Churlita :-)

Mrs: Thanks so much Mrs Hairy Woman! All we want is for our kids to achieve their dreams, right?