Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Memory

This one goes out in honor of today's Taraday wherein we are encouraged to share a Halloween Memory.

The first time we held hands was under the guise of not getting separated in the haunted house. We were both inexperienced enough that it was thrilling just to be moving through the dark together, bumping into one another, our fingers clasped tightly. Each time one of the scary creatures would jump out at us, I had an excuse to press my face into his flannel shoulder and feel his other hand between my shoulder blades pulling me close. Between the darkness and the excitement of this new physical contact, we were both somewhat dazed when we exited into the cool, still slightly lit evening air. My heart was pounding and I know my face must have been flushed with pleasure and eagerness. We looked at each other...he said, “Again?”


Tara said...

I love that story, LB! Did you say, "Hell yes I wanna go again!"? Hehe. That's awesome.

Churlita said...

Great story. I love the way you write. You put the reader right there with you.

laura b. said...

Tara: We did go again. It was kinda awesome! :-)

Churlita: Thank you. My writing seems to work best with very vivid memories.

k_sra said...

Aw, I remember those times! kind of adorable and pukey at the same time. : )