Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poetry in the United Kingdom Floats

I found out from Daffy @ Almost There that today is National Poetry Day in the U.K. Even though I am not in the U.K. I couldn't pass up participating. The theme for this year is apparently WORK. I actually wrote and posted this little piece sometime last year, but since it fit with the theme I decided to put it up again for all to "enjoy". haha!

In the Conference Room

In the Conference Room we gather
Coffee cups in hand
The more organized among us
Bring pencils and pads
But most of us know
That will just make it harder
To peel a banana or destroy a donut

In the Conference Room we gather
The Director speaks first
She is quiet and humorous
But her word will be law
Each Assistant Director speaks
They are equals on the flow chart
But any fool can see who rules

In the Conference Room we gather
Let us go around the table
Gleaning knowlege from one another
Will it be about work?
Mostly no
But some people do take
Some mighty fine vacations

In the Conference Room we gather
Eyes on our watches always
Must she ask another question?
Did he have to bring that up?
Will this meeting ever end?
Finally it does
And we are released for another week

By laura b @ My Boring Life

You too can write poetry! You don't have to be British or even, as the above example proves, talented. Just do it :-)


Anonymous said...

First of all....this is fantastic.
Poetry is for everyone, I love how we celebrate it. Last year was a better theme, I think it was dreams... anyway, this is fantastic!
I love the word, 'Gleaning',
I even know it's meaning!
Now I can't stop rhyming,
what perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

I was the first to comment!

Tara said...

Happy Poetry Day to All!

I love that poem, especially the part about wondering why she has to ask so many questions. I could relate, I've worked with a few people like that.

Churlita said...

Great poem. I didn't know you were a poet. That's great. I love to read it, but I don't understand it well enough to attempt to write it right now.

VP said...

That bought back some memories - particularly of a certain conference room in Boston!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

very well done.. Happy Poetry Day to all..You are a poet and didn't even know it.

Flighty said...

That brings back memories of when I worked full-time!
I've added this post to my entry as a linked mention. xx

laura b. said...

Daffy: Woot! First!
I have always loved poetry, reading and writing it.
Others love it too
Still others are deriding it. ;-)

Tara: Thanks! I think we all know that think things are winding down then you watch in horror as their hand goes up....

Churlita: Thank you. I am totally a poet! Anyone can be a poet...if it requires understanding then I am just breaking the rules and doing it anyway.

VP: Thanks for dropping by! I hope that your memories of the conference room in Boston are mostly dormant now ;-)

Mrs: We all know you are an awesome poet! I dabble :-)

Flighty: I am jealous of the part time and stay at home people, even though I actually like my work.
Thanks for the link, this was fun!