Monday, October 13, 2008

Moon Madness? Nah, Probably Just the Regular Stuff.

Spooky, eh?

I think the actual full moon was last night, but the loony stuff is still bouncing around. It has just been one of those weird, out of sync days. Actually, come to think of it, I believe it has less to do with the moon and more to do with fire. There is a big burn not too far away, there is wind, and there are the regular Autumn spores in the air as well. It is all combining to make me feel pretty stuffy headed...and therefore, weirder than usual.

I did have a nice quiet weekend though. It seemed like Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad were in hanging out kind of moods. The weather was more moderate than it has been in quite some time, although I do hear the heat is returning.

My car was out of commission all weekend, but I did have Secret Agent Man's car. He was very patient. Possibly mostly because he worked both days. I gave him a ride to and from, so he was okay. Several hundred later, I have my car back, again. Please automotive gods, take pity on me and grant me some relief from repairs until after the holidays - at least!

I hope no one minds, but I put a little thing in my sidebar with the Saturday Scavenger Word of the Week. I thought it might be nice to have it somewhere easy to see until Evil-E is back from his hiatus. So anyone who wants to play can just stop in here if they don't regularly read around to all the players and see what's up. And I figure if I sidebar it, you don't even need to read my posts if you aren't into it...just check for the word and you're golden, man!


Tara said...

Nobody should mind that the Saturday Scavenger Hunt word is up in your sidebar. It's a perfect idea!

I'm glad you have your car back again. It's nice that the mechanic my mom and I use now is just down the street from my mom. She lets me use her car when mine is being worked on, and I help her when hers is being worked on. Nice people too. And a cat. How much better can it get? ;)

Anonymous said...

May the automotive gods smile on you for a long time. Thanks for posting the word of the week.

Cricket said...

Great idea posting the word. Maybe we all should do it? Maybe have a link to E-E's SS page that lists everybody? I use the heck out of that page.

But then, I'm a nuisance.


Churlita said...

I think there's bad car juju out in the universe somewhere. EVeryone I know is having auto problems.

I'm hoping the car gos smile on both of us and cut us some slack here.

Anonymous said...

ooooh Laura, enlighten me...was it this?
I'm really interested in this kind of thing. The effects of the seasons on our minds...
Sorry about the car. (you can virtually share mine whenever you need to... :o)
I love it when the kids just want to hang out. I always feel like the cool mum when mine hang with me.

laura b. said...

Tara: I just didn't want to seem like I was placing myself in charge or something. :-)
Your mechanic sounds nice...he must be if he has a cat at the shop! Where would we be without our peeps to help us?

AlienCG: From your keyboard to the a.g.'s ears...or eyes!
And you're welcome :-)

Cricket: Yeah, I think the more people that post it, the better...and a link back to Random Crap and all the particulars is good too.
Keep on nuisancing! ha!

Churlita: I am going to go positive and say that our luck will change. Automotive quietude is on the way. Mark it.

Daffy: I feel like the seasons, the weather, and yeah, probably the moon too, have an effect on people's moods and behaviors.
Thanks for the virtual generosity! I would love to take a spin in your gorgeous new car!
And with the kids, I do appreciate feeling like more than just a handy chauffeur and cook :-)