Saturday, September 6, 2008

~/o ONE Voice, Singing in the Darkness...~/o

Yes, that's right. I am singing a Barry Manilow song. What of it? Defensive? No, of course not, I'm just saying...
hahaha! Ah. Today's word, chosen by cool new playah, K-sra, is ONE. Let's see what I have to offer, shall we?

When it is 11:11, a time made up entirely of ONEs, you are supposed to make a wish. Couldn't hurt!

I have three grandkids, but only ONE grandson. For now. By next year things could be entirely different. Ai-yuh.

I have five kids, but only ONE daughter. That won't change. Final score 4-1.

Alright! Saturday Scavenger Shooters are number ONE! Thanks for stopping by my may be boring, but it's the only ONE I have....


evilesb138 said...

Very good use of the family members for this one.

11:11 is a great way to get some ones in there....

daffy said...

*sings* Oh Mandy well you came and you left ladadeedaaaaa...
oh sorry, I was just singing me a bit of Barry Manilow there.
I saw what you did there... you slipped another pic in of that beautiful grandson of yours! Fantastic.
I have ONE of each and there will be no more!
(My dad used to say he had three of each. *rolls eyes*)

aliencg said...

Now that's a post of ONES. 11:11 usually means almost lunch time or bed time. You are totally proud of your grandson and your kids.

Cricket said...

How clever! My favorite time is 1:11 and it didn't even occur to me.

Always special to post your lived ones, huh?

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Love the pics.. Good way to work in the family for this weeks hunt.. Well done..

laura b. said...

Evil-E: Lots of ones are nice, because they don't feel so lonely anymore ;-)

Daffy: Go ahead and sing your Manilow proudly! haha! I can always work the babies in, even if I have to use a clumsy device :-)
I like the sound of your dad!

AlienCG: 11:11...time for lunch, bed, making a wish! And yeah, you could say I'm a little proud of the fam.

Cricket: A fan of the ones, eh?
I can't help but work these people in...everywhere I look, there they are ;-)

Mrs: Thanks you. I can't imagine a word I couldn't somehow bend around them, but I'll try to switch things up in the coming weeks :-)

Tara said...

Ah ha! Nothing like those girlish surprises! I'm the only girl of five kids too. And the youngest. Imagine their surprise when a female joined the team!

These are awesome photos. I had no idea about making a wish when it was 11:11. I've been missing out on wish opportunities!

Churlita said...

I always make my co-workers wish at 11:11. And one of them always, says, "Well, it didn't work. I'm still here." It's funny every time.

k_sra said...

I always say a prayer of thanks at 11:11 which I call "perfect time." On a face clock, 11:11 forms a right angle.

These are great shots, laura b. Thank you for sharing.

*Renee* said...

Very good examples :) of *ONE*!!! I LOVE how you posted about 11:11! I actually have wished on that number many times & some of those wishes came true. The morning one happens to be more lucky than the evening hour of 11:11 for me. Great pics - all in all :)!

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! I've seen the pictures...they got very into having a girl :-)
Now you can start wishing two more times every day!

Churlita: hee hee! Doing your part to instill fun into the workday. And some things never get old!

K-sra: A prayer of thanks is even nicer than a wish. Love it :-)
Thanks for being here, K_sra!

Renee: How cool that you have had enough success with wishes to have a luckier 11:11.
Thanks, Renee :-)