Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Go Through the List, Just to Make Sure

I guess this will have to be one of those clearinghouse posts. All I have a little dribs and drabs floating around my brain right now, so that is what you get!

1. WTG had the nerve to call me Thursday evening when I was trying to eat my dinner to tell me that I am neglecting Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad. He dislikes the fact that I work 8 hours a day. We can't all have those loser jobs like him where you set your own hours, but don't really make much money or have benefits or anything. Since he has pretty much written himself out of the picture at this point, I don't see that he has a say in the matter. When I suggested he might help out by picking them up from school and doing things with them in the afternoon when I'm not there he suddenly lost service on his phone. Um right.

2. I saw Team C on Friday. What can I tell you? It was great to see him, as far as that goes...and that is as far as that goes.

3. Saturday was a very peaceful day. I mentioned in the comments over at Churlita's how I feel like a chauffeur so much of the time nowadays. My kids are now at a stage where my best use for them is simply to feed them and get them where they need to go. So, make that cook and chauffeur. Some days all that is required of me is that I be on standby for assignments. I try not to begrudge them that when I am available, since there are all those after-school hours when I am not available to them. Still, sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for myself sitting around waiting for someone to want to go somewhere. Boo hoo hoo. Poor mom!

4. Sunday we went to the park with Kick Back Dude and the gang. Little Prince slept the whole time, but the girls kept me busy wanting endless time on the swings. Good Grandma pushed while everyone else lolled about at the picnic table waiting for the ice cream man to come by. Oh well, at least Miss Personality and Love Bug enjoy talking with me. I know now how brief this time is :-)

5. Came in to work today to find that the substitute Librarian had called in sick. So, all of our schedules had to be rearranged. That's okay, people get sick. But I am looking at my week ahead and I am not smiling...the bright side of this? I am getting pretty darn indispensable! haha! Well, at least I can tell myself that.

Thanks for bearing with me as I cleared out my tiny brain. You are appreciated.


evilesb138 said...

1. as far as Wtg goes...replace the words "the Browns" that I wrote in bold letters in my early post with WTG!!

2. from what I can gather, Team C sightings are usually pretty good for you.

3. I always do the driving and prefer it that way...I like the control

4. chauffeuring and swing are the industrious one

5. Indispensable is a hard word to deal with...synonyms are usually "whipping boy/girl" "strong back" "old reliable" and so on...maybe indispensable is not so bad.

there I think that covers each point

Anonymous said...

1. WTG needs seriously to grow up.
2. Looking forward to hearing more.
3. The kids are going through that phase that we all went through. They'll find out that Mom is pretty good at giving advice.
4. You are the good grandma. Enjoy the young'uns while they're still young.
5. I hope they remember this at the time that raises come out.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

1. WTG is an idiot.. Lost phone service.. That's what happens when you have a loser job..(sorry).. far as it goes.. Team C is lucky to have you in any capacity..

3.I don't drive.. So they can take a

4. You are an awesome Grandma.. You know how to spread the love..

5. It's nice to know you are wanted and needed at the same time..

Tara said...

Where does WTG come up with those totally ridiculous theories? People work 8 hours a day, is this news to him? He should try it someday soon.

Churlita said...

man, it seems like WTG and my ex were separated at birth. I love guys with weird entitlement issues and expect us to do everything and then criticize us when it isn't to their liking...Or maybe I don't.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: Thanks so much, you are right on on every count. I especially appreciate your views on WTG...and your very apt synonyms for "indispensable".

AlienCG: Thanks for you insights, Alien. I agree with you all over the place here. Except for that last thing...not anticipating any more raises beyond puny cost of living things.

Mrs: You have the right attitude, Mrs Hairy Woman! And you are so right, I do appreciate feeling wanted and needed.

Tara: Oh, the stories I could tell about WTG's wacky work schedules. Oy. He is a spectacularly frustrating person to deal with on a reasonable level.

Churlita: haha! That is funny. Again, it is one of those things where you better laugh, because it beats crying hands down.

MrManuel said...

Hey, what is wrong with jobs where you set your own hours?!?! lol

Seriously though, how dare he? Horrible...

laura b. said...

MrManuel: You're right...I shouldn't be so general in my complaints :-)
And I also agree that he is horrible. Ugh.