Monday, September 29, 2008

Many Posts Wrapped in a Single Sloppy Package

Welcome back to the working week, my free-yends! I've been checking around and it seems like everyone had a pretty good to effin' awesome weekend. Mine was on the pretty good part of the scale, but no complaints believe me.

When I was over at Eclectic Spaghetti earlier trying to think up October Taradays, I realized I hadn't actually done any in awhile. So, I looked at September and saw that there were a whole bunch of very cool ones right here at the end of the month. Sooo, then I decided, why not just do a few at once? Why not pump up the jam and all that?

I give you my Super Taraday Edition Blog Post. Yay!

9/26 - List Your Hobbies
1. Reading
2. Blogging
3. Playing Brickbreaker on my phone
4. Giving birth (ret.)
5. Collecting take out menus
6. Updating my tivo
7. Seeing how long a single pair of comfortable shoes can last before falling apart

9/27 - Watch a New Show on Television
Okay, I didn't watch anything new on Saturday. I did, however, watch a new show on Sunday. I can slip it in here, under my new by-laws. I decided to give Little Britain USA a look-see. It was quite funny, I thought...very over the top and crude, so if you enjoy that sort of thing and have HBO, check it out.

9/28 - AlienCG is Six Months Smoke Free!
Dude. Alien. You rock. Way to go!!!!

9/29 - Interpretive Dance Appreciation Day
Hm...Well, here! This blog could use a LOLCAT, right?

9/30 - Silverware Appreciation Day
It is actually still the 29th as I write and prepare to post this. But I figure, meh, it will the tomorrow soon enough. Let us celebrate the utensils that allow us to eat without dirtying our lovely phalanges! Good cheer, noble Sir Fork! Huzzah, dear Lady Spoon! Oh, courtly Knife, we applaud thee! How's that for some fancy appreciatin'?

Ah, I enjoyed this. Good times, good times. Thanks again for gathering all of our demented thoughts together each month, Tara! You make blogging more fun than it already just naturally is :-)


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is quite the blog package of good things..I think you might have inspired me to do something similar later on..awesome post..

Tara said...

Aww, you are so cool, LB! Thank you! You're better than I am, actually, I haven't been celebrating those days as much as I should. Putting those bunch all in one post like you did, makes it look like a very eclectic meme!

Gotta love that interpretive dance photo.

Churlita said...

That's so cool. I agree. Alien rocks for not smoking.

And what holiday doesn't deserve a LOL Cat.

MrManuel said...

Very cool! I haven't done one of her holidays in a while. I am such a bad blogger friend.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Thanks! It was fun to do, so I can definitely recommend it :-)

Tara: We all need to respect the calendar ;-)
I wasn't sure what to say about interpretive dance, but the photo pretty much says it all, right?

Churlita: I admire the Alien's determination. I couldn't even stick with not biting my nails.
LOLcats are great in controlled amounts...

MrManuel: You are still a good blogger friend! Maybe one will come up soon that will pique your interest :-)