Monday, May 15, 2006

Sweet Instead of Sour

Ah well, Mother's Day turned out to be quite nice after all. I did end up putting together a simple luncheon for my mom, WTG's mom (who is usually nice, unlike WTG), my sister (and nephew), and the oldest son's little family, as well as my two youngest children. My second oldest even stopped by briefly with a couple of friends. I just set out some good meat and cheese, condiments, different kinds of bread for nice sandwiches. I also made a pot of chili and a carrot & raisin salad. For dessert I had a cherry pie and a strawberry cheesecake. WTG's mom brought some candy and a gallon of sweet tea. The little family brought some cookies. The weather was very warm, but pleasant on the shade of the patio. It really turned out to be a relaxing day for all of us mums. I was very surprised and happy that my second son, who can be so quiet and hard to know, gave me a sweet card along with his gift of a picture frame, some yummy bath stuff, and a bottle of my favorite mocha frappaccino :-) My third son, who was unable to attend lunch because of an invitation to an Angels game, did eventually come home bearing candy and balloons for me, and later we watched Sopranos together as our special Mother/Son activity. My oldest son gave me a cute card and later on got me Chinese food for my dinner. I'm glad now that I decided to go ahead and do the gathering, because I think everyone really appreciated it.
Even this morning was nice, as it was my late day in to work. I did my chores, then I watched two of my very favorite shows that I had tivo'd from the night before: Big Love and Grey's Anatomy. OMG! They are both soooo good! There is a two part season finale for G'sA tonight and I am way too excited about a tv show...Still, it feels good to feel good.

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