Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I <3 U Anne Tyler

I am so happy to finally be reading a book that I am not only enjoying, but loving passionately. Digging to America is soooooo good! I want to write like Anne Tyler. I am convinced though, that while she has her imitators and stylistic runners up, there is no one like Anne (I call her by her first name in my head because I feel close to her - haha!) Anyway this is one of those books you wish would never end. *sigh*

On my desk right now I am looking at another books called Which Way to the Vomitorium?. For some reason the phrases in it just tickle me. I mean, haven't you always wanted to say "Bring me the rats head mixture, my hair is looking thin today" in Latin?
Ah, life can be good I do declare.

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