Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Going to Hate Myself in the Morning

Actually, I'll probably hate myself even sooner, but I have to do an American Idull (heh heh) post. I apologize in advance. I watch faithfully, I confess. I know it isn't even remotely cool, even in an ironic way, but I do it anyway. I find Up until this year though, I never really had a contestant that was MY contestant (which frankly, I have always thought seemed a bit insane). This year, though, maybe mostly due to the choices, I found myself really rooting for Elliot.

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Probably mostly because he was a bit of an underdog and he seemed to treat his mom with such love and respect. I'm a sucker for that. Anyway, off he went last night and I even felt little tears spring to my eyes. Now anyone who reads this knows I am a sad, sad case :-) I'm okay with that.


Erin said...

I watch American Idol too. And I vote. I wasn't feeling Elliot though.

l.b. said...

Were you an Ace girl? :-) I think maybe being a mom with boys only a few years younger than Elliot made me feel fond of him, because he seemed so sweet to his madre. And he has a good voice. Is he a looker? Not so much :-)

Erin said...

No, I liked Chris. Ace was pretty but a little too cheese for my liking.