Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Shine On, You Crazy Lemon

I wrote that on an ecard that I sent to Milly yesterday because we like lemons and shiny things and it just made me laugh....okay, we're just strange is small, unobtrusive ways like that. Anyway, since then I have had the Pink Floyd song running through my know the one with the similar title? Follow me now. Thinking of Pink Floyd made me think of a)Junior year of high school, when The Wall came out (movie and album) and b)this guy I dated a couple of years later, who really got me into Pink Floyd...especially Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. Follow me a little further...this guy, Steve, was 28 and I was 20 when we dated for about a year. He seemed older to me, in some ways, than anyone has ever seemed before or since. I mean, he was so much older than me, or at least it seemed so at the time, and I was fascinated by that. Still, we got along fine, because he wasn't (I realized this later looking back) all that mature :-) He was and may still be, one of those very "boyish" men. We worked at Gemco together. He was in the Patio Dept, I was a cashier in Records and Books at the exit of the store. He was only the third man I'd ever had sex with and he was very sensual, as I recall. As with most relationships that end, for so long you only remember the end and the whole thing ends up seeming bad. But this was a nice relationship for the most part. He introduced me to a lot of good music, most notably Steely Dan and he also sort of set for me a loose blueprint for the type of man I am, to this day, attracted to. Are you clever and verbal? A compact sort of guy? Are you imaginative and rather quirky in some way? Your my sort of guy and you can thank Steve for that - haha!
Thanks for following my train of thought here. You may disembark.

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