Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Am Such a F*ck Up!

That is what I found out upon returning from my long weekend. I had a very important publication that I had prepared for the department, thought is was perfect and left it to be printed and off I went. I came back this morning to be told (very kindly) that there were many, many weird mistakes on this one page...an extremely important page listing the sponsors for our Reading Program. They had to go in an completely fix this one page, which was quite difficult since apparently no one else here knows how to operate Quark. I felt like shit, I assure you. When I looked at the copy of what I'd done, I could see the errors so immediately that I couldn't believe that I'd missed them. Even though my supervisor was totally understanding, I felt rather humiliated. I like to think that I am a competant person, at least at work, and right now I am so not feeling it. I will just have to do better and attempt to redeem myself. Also, I need to learn from my mistake here and then just put it behind me. It isn't going to do anyone any good for me to wallow in feeling like an idiot....I spend enough time on that in my personal life! :-)
More later about my long weekend....

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