Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day? Bah!

I am not feeling very festive about this coming Mother's Day. I had fully intended to put together a little get together for my mom and my sister, and of course the kids at home. I know that neither of them will have any special plans...if I don't entertain in my family, there is not entertainment, lets put it that way. Today, though, maybe it is just Friday dragginess, I am not feeling like it. And since it is MY Mother's Day, too, why should I have to? Well, obviously I don't have to do anything...I know my mom wouldn't mind...or my sister. But I might end up minding being so ungenerous to two moms whom I love. I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow...probably better, couldn't be worse (wishful thinking!)

I finished Digging to America and it was just wonderful. I enjoyed it so. I had to get something else for over the weekend, so I chose a couple of short story collections. One is Mothers: Twenty Stories of Contemporary Motherhood, in honor of our big day. I also picked up Like Life, in honor, I guess.

To those of you who are mamas, have a very happy and relaxing Mother's Day. To those of you who are not (and even those who are) be sure to thank your own mum :-)

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