Monday, May 1, 2006

Apparently This Isn't Meant to be Settled

Looks like it isn't happening with the Swordsman this week..or at least it isn't looking good now. He's very sorry, just as I'm always very sorry. We are two sorry people. Still, I remain open to the possibility of him sometime. Maybe next week?

Reading is going slow. I am still working on my new Daniel Handler, Adverbs. His books have interested me, on a certain level. They are certainly very clever. However, I have not found them to be all that engaging on an emotional level, which I seem to need to really get going on a book. I have been setting this particular one aside to re-read Morgan's Passing. Anne Tyler is, of course, one of the most engaging novelists ever, so I tend to go back to her books over and over again.

Does anyone have any music recommendations for me? I love it when people turn me on to things I've never heard of, or perhaps never appreciated properly. Tell me what you like :-)

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