Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Eight Days Week

Is not enough to show I care. It is looking like one of those weeks. Yesterday was sort of crazy. I only came into work for about three hours, then off to a useless seminar about our duties as possible Emergency Workers. Should some sort of disaster arise, city employees can be called upon to work in whatever capacity necessary. Yes, right...if something that disastrous happens I am going to leave my family and run to the city where I'm employed and be at their disposal. Uh huh. At any rate, it was incredibly boring. Thank goodness there was coffee, but only enough for me to have one cup. I could have used more...much more. I was sitting right next to one of my bosses, so I had to attend to things to some degree. And directly across from us were these two men who were extremely into the whole thing. Teacher's pet types, sucking up to the women who were training us. Those two can't wait for disaster to strike.
Feeling a little blue, still or again. Part of it is simple hormones and part of it is just simple loneliness. For now, though, the way my life is structured, feeling lonely seems practically mandatory.
On a positive note, I just finished a very good book called Alternatives to Sex by Stephen McCauley. I had a feeling I'd enjoy it and I did. Now I need to find something else. I do have a long weekend coming up and don't want to have to depend on magazines exclusively for my reading needs. Finding something good will cheer me up and tomorrow I may go on Amazon and order another cd or two. That always helps, too. Not like I am one of those who shop for comfort or pleasure, exactly. Music is just nice to have more of....

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