Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Long Weekend

Not that I don't enjoy the long weekend. I could certainly use a couple of sleep-in days. I just hope the WTG finds something to do that is somewhere else. Just keep thinking of your children, l.b. .......................

I have had some really good talks with the Swordsman over the past couple of days. When I think of his friendship, I feel elated. Yet in some ways it is the most difficult right after I have seen him, because I miss him and want him with a greater intensity. I just have to wait for it to pass.

Oh, today I went out to lunch at LeRoys with Milly and this guy she calls her Big Black Friend. He is so awesome! A really, nice funny guy. And the tator tots and bacon were, as always, divine.

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone. Mpwat! Yum :-)

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