Friday, December 19, 2008

The Time, She Flies, No?

Girlie Girl and her friend ready to take over the Spelling Bee world, one letter at a time.

Please to enjoy my little bits and pieces post today.

I still live on the academic calendar and today was the last day of school before Winter Break. I am beyond excited at the thought of getting to sleep in a bit for the next couple of weeks. I am even taking some time off between Christmas and New Years. Honestly, can you believe 2008 is almost over? I find it stunning.

Last night, Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad, the Kick Back Dude family, and I took a drive out to this one kind of distant neighborhood to see their extra special holiday light displays. I wasn't sure it was going to be worth driving, because really, there are lights all over the place. This area was very nice though, and clearly has become a destination spot. They block off the streets so that you must park and then walk through these blocks to see the houses. Some people clearly weren't real go-getters, but some of the displays were amazing. Some of the residents set up little stands at the ends of their driveways, selling hot cocoa and churros and other snacks. We came with hot drinks already in hand, so they couldn't tempt us with their overpriced styrofoam cups of Swiss Miss. haha! Kick Back Dude has a nice camera and took photos. He is supposed to send me some. If he does, I'll share, but one never knows with him....

This evening I am meeting the Activist at one of his vigils and then we're going to get something to eat. Luckily, I don't think there is anything I can do to this guy to throw him into turmoil and soul searching. *whew* Just hoping for a nice meal and some interesting convo. Wish me luck.

I believe this weekend will be devoted to all last minute Christmas shopping. I still have a few more things to buy, although the majority of it is in hand. I have had a great financial break this year, between my longetivity bonus and having an opportunity for the first time ever to sell back some vacation hours. I have more than enough and they seem to accrue so quickly. I was able to get an extra paycheck and still have plenty of vacay time on the books. Taxes, smaxes, I needs to get paid! Anyway, all that helped to make this holiday much less stressful than I had anticipated.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Don't forget to show your LOVE tomorrow! xoxo


Tara said...

I love vacations, extra money and time to sleep in!

That's a cute photo of Girlie Girl and her friend. Those sweatshirts are perfect!

Have an awesome time this weekend and on your time off, LB!

laura b. said...

Tara: Yeah, all good stuff :-)
Don't they look cute? And I admire anyone entering a spelling bee, as that is not my best skill.
Thanks...I hope you're having a great weekend Tara.

Churlita said...

it all sounds great. I'm glad your Christmas is turning out so wonderfully. Date details, please.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Date details are coming right up...