Monday, December 15, 2008

Is It Over Yet?

I spent the weekend trying in good faith to get into the properly festive frame of mind for the coming few days. As I mentioned, I went out shopping with a vengence on Friday. After the endless outing with my mom and sister in the morning and early afternoon, I was forced out again when Girlie Girl got out of school. I admit I was bit cross by then, but I did take her out to pick out her stuff for the babies.

On Saturday at work it was crazy packed. We had a "gingerbread" house making program and apparently anyone who is anyone had just been waiting for a chance to make a pretend gingerbread house out of a little juice carton, graham crackers, frosting, and candy.

Saturday, Girlie Girl spent the night with a friend and Handsome Lad was with his dad. I used my time constructively to wrap a few of my recent purchases. I'm very proud of being so on task, thankew very much.

Sunday, was a quiet day. I took Handsome Lad to the skatepark, went grocery shopping, picked Girlie Girl up from her friend's house, took her out to get another friend a birthday present (which she doesn't need until Friday, but I was on a gosh darn roll!) Then we went home and watched two episodes of Celebrity Rehab that we had tivo'd. Shut up.

This morning, after getting the kids to school and before I went to work, I put together this year's Christmas tree sort of thing. I'll take a picture of it, so that you too can share in the joy of a tree made of plastic and lights. Quite awesome if I do say so myself. I was just not up for the mess of a live tree this year. But it is something at least. I demand points for that! Right.

Now, it is almost time for me to get out of here for the night. I'm hoping it isn't raining on the drive home. My car is still leaking. It didn't magically get new weather stripping...what's up with that? Car fairy is slacking again. And geez, one of my workmates is listening to Christmas music. Not to be Scroogy, but for me, a little goes a long way. *sigh* Alright then...many happy returns and all that.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It is good that you are prepared for Christmas.. we haven't done a gosh darn thing.. it's a tradition to wait till a couple days before to get stuff done.. this year will be a quiet one for us... You are an awesome Mom..

Anonymous said...

I love the gingerbread house! Too cute.
You sound really peed off. I wish I could help... make you chuckle maybe...
I still have a little bit to do, not loads. Money is tight though so it'll be lean here! Thank goodness good cheer doesn't cost anything! hehe xxxx

Tara said...

You ARE on the ball - doing errands, taking kids here and there, doing some shopping...That damned car fairy should see all the work you're doing and completely fix any car problems you have.

Churlita said...

See? I do stuff like get sushi for me and the girls while we decorate our tree. So, the holidays are better just for the sushi eating excuse. Of course, I haven't even started shopping yet, so I might get really crabby here pretty soon.

laura b. said...

Mrs: I would say at this point I am semi-prepared. I like to strike a balance between doing stuff last minute and almost too late :-) A quiet Christmas sounds nice.

Daffy: Oh, and here I thought I was getting good at concealing my nasty moods...not so much, eh? haha!
Money can't buy happiness, but it sure doesn't hurt ;-)

Tara: I'm trying to be on the ball, but I do tend to feel overwhelmed at this time of year.
Yeah, that car fairy is such a slacker!

Churlita: A spoonful of suger makes the medicine go down :-)
I am just not ever a very happy shopper. I always say I am going to do it all online...but then I don't.