Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Fresh Start!

It is New Year's Eve! Awesome. I feel hopeful that 2009 will be good for all of us. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I am all about believing in the best.

As for tonight, I am planning a very quiet celebration. Quite possibly a solo event. I haven't made plans with friends, although something could come up. Girlie Girl will be out with her friends, Handsome Lad with be at his dad's house. For me, I am thinking a movie and some bubbly. Also, I might go out and meet another Personals guy. So far, we've only written and spoken on the phone briefly, but he is going to be practically down the street at a party tonight, so we are going to try and meet up at some point. Maybe it will just be a quick hello, maybe it will play out a bit longer. I have no idea. But I will let you know, as I'm sure you'll all be curious. Just humor me here, thanks.

Okay, now, it is Wednesday and yes, I am going to ask you to Choose and Defend. As always, you have your two choices. I acknowledge that other choices exist, but they are not on the table! Here goes:

It is New Year's Eve. How would you prefer to celebrate?

At a BIG party, with lots of people, music, dancing, drinks...

At a quiet evening with a few friends, family intimate gathering, as they say...

Remember, it doesn't have to have anything to do with what you actually are doing...although you are welcome to share that, too. But what would you CHOOSE to do, given those two choices? Choose and Defend! And happy 2009 to you all!!!!


Churlita said...

If I had a wonderful boyfriend, I'd rather spend a quiet night at home with him. Since I don't, I'm going the party route.

Happy New Year! I can't wait to hear about your possible date.

NoRegrets said...

I would prefer the intimate gathering.

Let me tell you, althoughI chose my pathetic evening, as I sit here contemplating bedtime at 10:15, I'm feeling a bit pathetic... oh well.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer the intimate my terms that means me, my husband, and an early night.

We got back from a few days in Marrakech yesterday evening, so, including Christmas we'd been away for a week, pretty much. And we dumped the case, put the kettle on, drank tea, ate Pot Noodles and went to bed just before 12.

That, to me, is a perfect NYE!

Sad or what?!


PS - Happy New Year - 2009 is gonna be great! Librarians shall take over the world...I can feel it!

laura b. said...

Churlita: I hope you had so much fun at your party night!
I will post about my little date :-)

NoRegrets: Oh, I felt the exact same way by around 9 last night. It had other years beat, but yeah, I was feeling a bit pathetic myself.

Soph: Hey! I miss reading your blog! All private and all...
I don't think your NYE sounds pathetic at all, especially considering it was proceeded by a trip to Marrakech. Awesome.

And I'm with you! 2009 is our year for sure :-)

Everybody: So far we have three straightaway preferring an intimate gathering (no matter what they actually did). I hope more of you will throw in your two cents!

Tara said...

Eek, I'm late - I don't think I have ever gone to a huge party for New Year's Eve, so I'll pick a huge party as my decision. But I did enjoy celebrating new years on my own this year.

I hope you were able to meet up with the personals guy and you both had a great time!

laura b. said...

Tara: No such thing as late here :-) Your NYE sounded nice to me...but yeah, a party might be a fun change. And the big party needed to get on the board here too!

Anyone else want to weigh I said, it's never too late!