Monday, December 1, 2008

My Minutiae

I thought I'd just do one of my awful little "what I did every single day that I'm sure you're just dying to hear about" posts. Lucky for all of us, I didn't title it like that! Anyway, let me tell you about my weekend. Broad strokes, promise.

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling like Death's less attractive cousin. There was something going through the family, so I wasn't entirely surprised. Still, it was unpleasant. I called in sick, went back to bed and slept for the next ten hours. I staggered out of bed around 6 that evening, watched a little tv, and few hours later went back to bed and slept all night. All that sleep did the trick. Yay!

By Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, I was actually feeling quite well. I called people I wasn't going to see to wish them a happy day, then took my mom and daughter out to my dad and stepmom's house. Kick Back Dude and his family were there too. It turned out to be a really nice, relaxing day. The food was wonderful and I wasn't expected to do a thing but visit! My dad always does these weird, awkward livingroom speech/blessings before we go sit down to our meal on this particular holiday. He means well...and aside from that it really was a pretty perfect day. It even worked out to where WTG was serving his family meal later in the evening, as both Secret Agent Man and Social Animal had to work. I was able to drop Girlie Girl off on our way back in, just in time to have a second meal with that sector. Yay!

Friday I had to get up early and go to Kick Back Dude's place. Both he and Princess Diva were working, so I'd been asked to do baby duty. I got there around 7:30 and stayed until Princess Diva came home about 4. It was a long day, but I did have fun with the kids. They are busy, busy, busy of course, but also so enjoyable with their little personalities. When I am with them, the three of them try to stay within about a six inch radius of me at all times. Makes things kinda claustrophobic at times, but it's rather sweet and flattering too. Yay!

Saturday was my day off I guess. I really didn't do much all day. Girlie Girl and I watched some TV. I drove Handsome Lad around and watched him skate awhile. He spends so much time at the skatepark, he is gaining some mad skillz. In the evening Girlie Girl went out and I spoke on the phone to a guy I met on PoF. Let's call him ML. We were having such a nice conversation that we decided to get together the next day. Geez. Finally a man willing to get off the computer and phone and DO SOMETHING! I was impressed. It doesn't take much...I'm not unreasonable, but yeah, what is the point of all this 'meeting' if it doesn't involve actual meeting?!?! Yay!

Sunday, around noon, I headed over towards ML's place. It was a bit of a drive, but not unreasonable. His oldest daughter was in town and had his car, so I didn't mind driving. From his house we walked to a nearby pizza place for a bite to eat. Then we decided to go to a movie. We ended up seeing Transporter 3, which probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but it was still fun. I know you actually aren't supposed to go to a movie on a first date, because you can't talk...but we had talked a lot and I have to say that it had been a long time since I sat in the cozy darkness of a theater with a man I actually liked! We walked around, talking some more. It was one of the best days I've had in awhile. I needed to get home, it was almost evening and I knew some of the crew would be waiting on me. When I drove ML home we ended up making out in the car a little bit. Okay, a lot...left me all sighing and melting. Yay! Then I went back to my real life. Aw!

PS- For those keeping score, The Activist and I are still emailing. Seem to be settling in as copacetic pen pals who may get together if there is some event we're both interested in. The Guy? Remember the Great Talk Guy? Nothing! haha! Ah, those talkers.

And that my fire-ends, is that! Are you glad you stuck it out to the end? I am.


Tara said...

Oo, a date ends well with a great make-out session in the car! That's awesome!

I'm glad that you got to recharge yourself by sleeping off the sickness, and that you had a great time on your Thanksgiving weekend!

aliencg said...

Now that's what I call a full weekend. Glad to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving. It's also good that the dating scene is opening up for you.

laura b. said...

Tara: It was, hands down, the best way to end the day.
Thank you :-)

AlienCG: Thanks! I am trying to get out there, but it isn't easy.

Churlita said...

Hurray for making out. I'm so glad you got to have that day with him. I did a little/lot of making out myself this Saturday. I just can't talk about it on my blog because a boy who wants to date me reads it and I don't want to make him feel bad.

Anyway, I think spreading it out between a few different potential beaus is a good idea until you find the ONE. That way you don't obsess so much over one who may or may not call you back.

laura b. said...

Churlita: That's kind of you...I take it you do not want to date this particular boy. Is it because he is a boy?
You're right, the last thing I need is to get fixated on anyone. I tend to get sort of attached unless I specifically make sure not to.